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Photo Gallery

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions in school, there will be less whole school events for us to share in this Photo Gallery. Please do have a look in the Archive Photo Gallery at the bottom of this page for past events that have inspired our whole school community.


Photos and information about events and learning happening in each of our year groups can be found via the following link:

Bannister House Celebrate


As we approach the end of Spring term, it is time for the special reward to all of the children in the house that earned the most house points. All pupils can earn house points for their particular house by earning certificates linked to our 6Rs Learning Values, as well as through participation in our various house competitions. This term’s winning house is Bannister. The children and staff in this house showed much effort in incorporating much blue into their clothes as part of a special non-uniform day! Well done to all of Bannister house for the achievement this term, as well as all of the pupils in the other houses who offered their congratulations on this day of celebration!

Comic Relief


To help us mark Red Nose Day this year, we decided to bring a bit of laughter into school by asking children to share their favourite jokes! Please watch the video below for many of them. We hope they make you laugh!

Westacre Jokes for Comic Relief

Still image for this video

Children's Mental Health Week


As part of Children's Mental Health Week 2021, pupils and staff at Westacre shared photos or videos of themselves that they felt best expressed their personality and interests. It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself. We hope you enjoy watching the video we created!

Express Yourself

Still image for this video

Christmas Lunch


During their year group sittings, children enjoyed a special Christmas Lunch in the school hall. Alongside Christmas Jumper Day, this brought a real festive mood to school!

Autumn Attendance Reward


To congratulate the children in school who've achieved 100% attendance this term, we invited them into the hall to enjoy a festive doughnut and a glass of squash. As part of our current Covid-19 risk assessment, children sat on tables with just their classmates and each year group had a different sitting.


Dozens of children in each year group have achieved this impressive milestone this term (we would also add that any Covid-19 related periods of isolation do not count against a child's attendance) and we look forward to hopefully rewarding even more children during the Spring term for 100% attendance! Well done everyone!

Author Video Talk


As an alternative to our usual visits into school by famous authors, classes across school have taken part in a live video talk with the author Catherine Doyle. As well as hearing about some of her most famous books, children found out more about her passion for reading and writing (and Christmas!). This was another great opportunity for the children - it will inspire them with their own reading and writing in and out of school and has given them a useful insight into the career of an author (linking with our Aspirations curriculum driver).

House Knowledge Web Quiz


To coincide with the launch of our new Creative Curriculum Knowledge Webs, we held a knowledge quiz in one of our virtual whole school assemblies. As part of this, all children in school were given 15 questions to answer (5 from the Year 5 Knowledge Web, 5 from the Year 6 Knowledge Web and 5 from the Year 7 Knowledge Web) and to earn house points for their respective house. Well done to everyone for taking part and to the following children for being the top scorers in each class:


5MK - Max Cartelet & Frankie Harrison

5JR - Sophie Oliver 

5CD - Olivia Watson

5RM - George Turk

5AU - Jessica Blackwell


6MP - Connor Lloyd & Eva Townsend

6BP - Poppy Hewitt & Lexy Steele

6GE - Isobel Stringer

6RA - Penelope Ginns, Hannah Reeve, Dominik Lawski, Jayden Chard & Amy Blakemore


7LM - Leona Jones

7BD - Fin Griffiths & Jayden Farr

7FH - Theo Goodman

7PC - Rishi Sharma, Edward Beavan & James Hale


Every correct answer scored a point for their house and the overall results are as follows:


1st - Attenborough - 522 correct answers (receive 100 house points as winners)

2nd - Bannister - 507 correct answers (receive 50 house points)

3rd - Turing - 480 correct answers (receive 25 house points)

4th - Bronte - 423 correct answers (receive 10 house points)


Congratulation to everyone for taking part and of course to Attenborough house for being crowned the house quiz champions!


Well done also to the following children for being the top scorers in their year group:


Year 5 - Sophie Oliver & Olivia Watson

Year 6 - Poppy Hewitt, Lexy Steele & Isobel Stringer

Year 7 - Rishi Sharma, Edwards Beavan & James Hale 


A final well done goes to Mrs Underhill for being the top scoring member of staff in the quiz!

Laying the school wreath for Remembrance Day

World Mental Health Day


On Friday 9th October, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. All the children and staff wore yellow for the day to raise awareness of the #HelloYellow campaign by Young Minds. The children spent the day learning about their own mental health and how to develop strategies on how to look after their wellbeing. The children had lessons about how the brain works, learnt grounding techniques, took part in yoga sessions, did some mindfulness colouring and even had a feel-good dancing session on the playground! We are so grateful to all of our families for the amazing food donations for Droitwich food bank that were sent in on the day.

Head Boy and Girl


Here are Head Boy Jayden and Head Girl Evie. They have been chosen to take on these vitally important roles for the 2020/21 school year. They will work alongside the other pupil-elected MPs in the Westacre Pariliament but will also work closely with Mrs Evans, Mrs Doolin and Mr Barber in making important decisions about school life. Well done Evie and Jayden for your appointment- we are sure you will be amazing role models this year!