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Piglet - The Librarian Dog!

Hello everyone, I am Piglet and I usually spend my time looking after Mrs Phillips.

However, while she is at home trying to find lots of fun things for you to do, I have decided she needs some help so I am going to be Piglet, your virtual librarian!



Look out for all the extras I will be posting on here.  So far I have

PIGLET CHALLENGES - a weekly challenge that is book related,

PIGLET RECOMMENDS - links to books you can download from Worcestershire library and take quizzes on (to keep Mrs Phillips happy!)

and PIGLET PAW POINTS - I'll be awarding these for completed challenges, taking quizzes and words read (and I'll make sure Mrs Phillips gets some prizes for you smiley )

Don't forget, you can send me any messages via the school office - I look forward to hearing from you.

Woof, woof!