We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Religious Education / Ethics

On Thursday 25th October, our year 7s had the opportunity to be involved in our faith day in school. As part of this, pupils had the chance to practise calligraphy and design geometric patterns that are a key part of Islamic artwork. Alongside this, pupils visited Birmingham Central Mosque, giving them a chance to ask questions based around our upcoming topic in Ethics, 'What are the advantages/ disadvantages of being a teenage Muslim living in the UK today'. The maturity of the questions asked and the exemplary behaviour on show made all staff exceptionally proud of the year group.
 In RE we aim to develop pupils knowledge and understanding of religions and beliefs which form part of contemporary society. Through lessons, pupils are challenged with provoking questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs and God, the self nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.

Year 6 Faith Day - Tuesday 16th October

Today, all of Year 6 spent the day working on Christianity-based activities including an information text on churches and a mathematical design for a stained glass window. The highlight of the day for every class was to visit Droitwich Methodist Church and Church of the Sacred Heart and St Catherine of Alexandria. The focus of our visit was to compare and contrast the two places of worship and consider the reasons behind the similarities and differences. We all found the visit extremely interesting and we have some invaluable memories and knowledge to bring to our upcoming RE topic on religious buildings. Our experience today will really bring our topic to life!