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Westacre Science Council


Hello, Mrs Bennett here to tell you all about what being a member of Westacre Science Council is all about!


As Science Council members we:


1. Meet weekly to read, review and discuss texts and improvements that could increase the profile of science within our school.

2. Listen to ideas and thoughts from adults and other members of our class.

3. Use our scientific knowledge and correct vocabulary to support others during science lessons, offering guidance during the practical care of scientific apparatus. 

4. Ensure our science lab is kept tidy and safe for all to use. 

5. Regularly remind others of the safety procedures we adopt in all science lessons to minimise the risk to all.

6. Demonstrate the 6'Rs when carrying out all Science Council duties. 


We intend to:


1. Raise the profile of Science within our school and create a love for this fantastic subject.

2. Offer support to members of our class and our teacher during science lessons. 

3. Learn more about how our Science Lab is set out and safe/ correct handling of scientific apparatus. 

4. Teach others about the range of scientific texts and resources available within our school that they may find useful in lessons and when completing homework tasks.

5. Read and review a range of new scientific texts (including experiment trials) and share our opinions with other year groups and during whole school assemblies.


As Science Council members you would be expected to attend a science meeting one lunchtime each week (usually in the science lab) to discuss our progress and plan how we will read and review the new scientific texts that we receive. We work closely with the Royal Chemistry Society, who provide us with BRAND NEW factual science texts to read, review and create a fantastic video about (hopefully to win a prize)

You will be responsible for the care of your science lab and learn all about how to handle a range of scientific apparatus and resources. 

You would then feedback what we have discussed in our meetings to your classmates during tutor time. 


If you have a passion for reading and science then this sounds like the perfect pupil voice role for you. Please complete the application form below and hand it back to Mrs Bennett in September. 


Remember we can only have a small number of Science Council members so think carefully about what you will write in your application form and why you would be an excellent science role model for your school.


Mrs Bennett