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Good morning Westacre.


I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and managed to enjoy the sunshine as well as some chocolate. 

At Westacre we love to learn no matter where we are, as we are not in school at the moment I thought this would be an ideal time to challenge ourselves by taking Science out of the Science lab. 

As I'm sure you know, Mrs Bennett LOVES Science and one of her favourite 'elements' is investigations! Every two weeks I will put a new investigation on here that you and your family can try at home. The investigations can be conducted in your home or garden and have a step by step guide for you to follow. Don't worry, most of the items needed will probably be in your cupboards at home so no need to go shopping either. 

Please ask an adult to send any photographs of you conducting your investigation to the school office and they may even appear on this page or our Twitter page. 


Famous and performing Science! What could be better than that?


Happy Sciencing.

Mrs Bennett 

Here is your Week 1 Science investigation...

Meet the Team

Introducing our Year 7 Science Council for 2019-2020



The Year 7 Science Council 2019-2020

Our Intent


We are an enthusiastic and lively group of year 7 Scientists with a passion for Science and a curiosity about the world around us. We all love to explore and find out new things and will use our Scientific knowledge to educate others at Westacre about just how fun and exciting Science can be!


Our intention is to support all year groups; by having an understanding of the topics taught at our school and a clear understanding of how the Science Lab is run efficiently you can feel sure that help is always at hand when needed. Please ask one of us if you need help with your Science homework or want to find a Science book in the school library (there are some amazing ones)


We are very easy to spot, just look our for the 'Science Council' lanyards proudly worn around our necks or find us in the Science lab on Wednesday lunchtimes with Mrs Bennett making Science happen!


Jarrett G 7LB proudly showing his Science Council lanyard

As Westacre Scientists we:


  • Demonstrate independent learning strategies through the use of the 6R's
  • Research a range of inspirational Scientists to inspire an awareness of career available 
  • Have an awareness of our own metal, physical and emotional health
  • Make predictions from  the evidence collected and hypothesis about the outcomes
  • Design and plan our own experiments by selecting the correct equipment suitable for purpose, both individually and in collaboration. 
  • Draw conclusions based on the collection of data
  • Discuss and debate over key ideas and challenge scientific theories
  • Use correct scientific vocabulary to communicate ideas
  • Share knowledge and understanding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics
  • Make links to the outside world to prove our understanding.
  • Recognise the potential hazards and minimise the risks when working scientifically. 

What makes us good Scientists?


To be a successful Scientist you need to have 6 main skills:


1. Observe and infer

2. Plan

3. Predict

4. Analyse 

5. Classify and record

6. Evaluate. 


At Westacre we believe you can achieve this success by regularly practising these skills in your Science lessons and combining this with our 6R learning values.


If you have these skills and a love for Science maybe you could be on next years Science Council.

Ask Mrs Bennett or one of the Science Council members for an application form. 







Could you be part of next years Science Council?

Just some of the amazing science books we have in our school library

Year 7 have been working very hard this week learning how to light a Bunsen burner safely.

Our Science Council have been hard at work unpacking the exciting new books that have arrived from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The beautiful collection of books will be read and judged by our panel before sharing them with the rest of the school. Exciting times.