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Well done Sophie and Adam

Smiley Charlotte takes on the challenges

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Lily loves the challenges!

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Fern again

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Great work

Fern's over under

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Egg and spoon race

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Well done to James

Staff Challenges

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Mr Purdie showing how quick he is.

Come on Bronte

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Let's get as many of you s possible trying these challenges. Remember you can do them all from the previous days.


 Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning Year 6, Mrs G Morgan here with your shout-outs from yesterday's work. As well as working very hard, I hope you all got a chance to spend some time outside in the sunshine. What a beautiful day we had yesterday, with the sun shining, birds singing -what a day to be thankful for all we have. 


 Big well done to:

 Archy P -you have been busy completing lots of home learning tasks

 Ruby P- you have also been very busy. What resilient learners you are!

 Addison -super art work

 Addison -completing your maths work

 Eva and Georgia W -completing your maths work -I loved to see your jottings.

 Finley C -completing all your maths work

Evie and Grace D -some super art work outside in the garden

Lily G -well done for taking part in the sports challenge and some super art work

Natalia W -super art work using natural materials

Finley C -super science work -you're a heart specialist


 Look after yourselves Year 6 




Alex wins

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Another over under challenge. 10 points for Turing.

Lily's sports challenge

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Zac's over and under

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Over Under Challenge

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Well done Matthew. You make this look easy. 10 points for Turing.

Wednesday 20th May

Morning Year 6,

It's Miss Ackroyd here again.

The weather today is supposed to be beautiful. A great opportunity to get outside and complete the next Sports Day Challenge. If you are going to be spending some time outside today, remember to put some suncream on.

Today I would like to shoutout to the following children for their fantastic work:

Addison for his History and Maths,

Claire for repurposing a bed frame into a vegetable planter!

Eva W for her Maths,

Georgia W for her Maths, English and Spelling,

Zac T for his Maths

and Lily G for her incredible Science experiment.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Hope to see you soon.

Stay safe

Miss Ackroyd

More skipping

Another great effort from Sophie, earning Bannister 10 points.

Lily G Science

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Lily G Science 2

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Tennis Ball Challenge

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Another entry in for the tennis ball challenge. Zac earns 5 points for Turing.

Skipping Challenge

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Well done to Lily with her imaginary rope.

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Year 6 - Mrs Page here. While I might not update this page all the time, I do have the pleasure of seeing every single email that gets sent in of your work - so thank you! 


Today's shout-outs go to:

  • Mollie W for her eco-friendly playground, PSHE work and E-Safety poster
  • Adam and Sophie P working hard of LOTS of different home-learning tasks (and even noticing an error on one of the maths answers - excellent skills!)
  • Addison has sent in a variety of home-learning again - we have uploaded Mrs Howard's problem of the day
  • Erin J has sent in a fabulous drawing, Maths and writing for English
  • Eva W has sent in her spelling work
  • Georgia W has sent in her Enlgish and Maths
  • Both girls (Eva and Georgia) have also been baking - banana bread, fudge and cookies! Wow - save me some! :) 
  • Jack OD has also been cooking - campfire stew for the family! I have to say Jack, this is one of my favourite recipes. I also know Mrs Evans is a fan as well. 
  • Nathan W has sent in his English - well done!
  • Zach B has sent in a fabulous computing poster!


Well done to Lily G, Harry M, Alex P for sending in their Sports Day challenge! You have all earned points for your houses! (Other's may have been sent in, but these were sent via me as well!)

I hope everyone in ATTENBOROUGH is having a go... (and of course the other houses). My challenge is up on Thursday - one not to be missed!!


Keep up the fabulous work Year 6 - I am SO proud of you all. 


Mrs Page

Monday 18th May

Morning Year 6. Miss Ackroyd here. Hope you've all had a good weekend?

Today's shout outs are for...

Addison for his PSHE, English and Maths work,

Erin J for her English,

Nathan for his Maths and English,

Rosie for her planting, baking and being her Mum's pacer when she goes for a run!

Harry M for his Maths, English, spellings and football,

Fern for her computing,

Eva and Georgia for their Maths and English 

and finally Chloe S for her toilet roll Art challenge!

Well done everyone.

Please keep sending us either photos of work you have done, or photos of things you have been up to. We really enjoy receiving your emails.

Miss you all.

Stay safe.

Miss Ackroyd 

Tennis Ball Challenge


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Well done to Sophie and Lily for both having a go at the Tennis Ball challenge.