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Our Super Students who have sent their fantastic efforts in to us today are...

Jacob 5RM , Kaidan 5JR, Finley 5CD, Balint 5CD, Connor 5AU, Zac 5CD, Poppy S. 5CD, Elise 5RM and Poppy 5RM. 


Terrific Tuesday Shout Outs!


Well done to all the year 5’s who are still showing their responsibility and readiness and are completing and sending in work. You are really displaying those Westacre learning values we look for.

Today’s pats-on-the-back to: Elliot for his PSHE work, Kaiden for being so thorough with his year 6 letter, Elise and Daisy for their ethical debates, Evie for her excellent English, Charlotte for her history , Zach for remarkable reading and Poppy - who has already accepted my challenge and hiked to the peak of the Malverns this weekend to enjoy the sights.  Well done to all  of you!



Monday Shout-outs


Final week of term and we're still receiving some excellent examples of home learning! A SUPER Monday Shout-out this morning to Lexy S for her amazing Art work, Gabriel C for his marvellous Maths, and Finley H for working so hard on his Maths and PE/Science.

A special mention to Lexy S who was busy last week making pizza from scratch and going on some lovely walks in the countryside, where she spotted horses and picked fruit. Lexy also played lots of games and even got up early to sew a teddy all by herself as a present for her baby brother!

And finally, check out some beautiful cookies made from Alyss G below – well done Alyss!

Have a lovely week,


Mr Dinsley