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Friday 12th June 


Good morning year 6, Mrs G Morgan here to give shout outs to Archy and Ruby P for some brilliant work solving division work. They have also been doing some very detailed pieces of writing. Addison R has completed some super descriptive writing. Well done to Georgia W for completing your PSHE work, spelling challenges and maths work.


Finally another shoutout goes to Addison R and making me laugh with his joke: 

Why are fish easy to measure?

Because they bring their own scales! 


Hahaha, my little boy is going to love that joke when I tell him! Thank you Addison.

Thursday 11th June

Well done again to Eva and Georgia Wylie again for their Maths, English, Geography, Science and Spelling work! Wow!

I was very impressed by your English writing Beau! Excellent job. Keep sending us whatever you're working on each day please!

Thank you for you very accurate long division work Erin K. You did really well!

Thanks Fern Callow for your beautifully-presented Maths and English work. I clearly should have been letting you have free rein with the colouring pencils in all our Maths lessons!

Wednesday 10th June

Hi everyone, Miss Ackroyd here.

Today's shout outs go to Addison and Lucas H for their Geography work and also to Finley K for his Geography and Maths.

Well done boys.

Keep up the good work.

Stay safe.

Tuesday 9th June

Thank you again to Georgia and Eva Wylie again for their English, Maths and PE work. Great job girls, keep it up!

Monday 8th June

Hi everyone, hope you are well? It's my turn to do the shout outs today...

Well done to Erin K for her French and spelling practise,

Congratulations to Eva W for her Maths and English work,

and another well done to Georgia for her Maths, English, PSHE and spellings.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Send us photos of work or whatever you've been up to if you can.

Stay safe.

Miss Ackroyd