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Not currently on offer but you can use the skipping ropes at break and lunch times.


Skipping is hugely popular at Westacre and we have won many medals and trophies in school and national competitions. It isn't just about jumping over a rope! Come to skipping club to learn a variety of skills and be part of the competition team.

Our amazing skippers have had a great weekend at the National Skipping competition gaining medals all round. It was lovely to join up with Jump Rope UK Droitwich with past and present pupils representing the club in their first competition. Here are the results:



Silver in Single Rope Speed 1 x 180 (age 10-11),

Bronze in Single Rope Speed 1 x 30,

Bronze in Single Rope Pairs Double-Unders 2 x 30.



Silver in Single Rope Speed 1 x 180 (age 12 - 14), 

Bronze in Single Rope Pairs Double-Unders 2 x 30.



Bronze in Single Rope Speed 1 x 180 (age 12 - 14),

Gold in Single Rope Pairs Double-Unders 2 x 30, 

Bronze in Single Rope Pairs Freestyle.



Bronze in Single Rope Speed 1 x 30 (age 12 - 14),

Silver in Single Rope Freestyle,

Bronze in Single Rope Pairs Freestyle.



Gold in Single Rope Freestyle (age 12 - 14).

Due to the success of our Westacre Skippers at School and National level, Mrs Hennessey has decided to set up a new skipping club in Droitwich for all to join and extend their passion for skipping. Excited to see that some of our club members have already joined! Please get in touch for more details.
The girls have had a successful day at the Speed Championships in Birmingham. They all won medals and now look forward to performing at the festival.
It has been an amazing weekend. The best part has been seeing the girls progress so much since their last workshop and having the confidence to give new moves a go. All the girls have learnt new skills to share with the rest of skipping club. Well done for all your hard work and a brilliant performance. Also, thank you to the parents who came along to support - it really added to the community feel and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Super proud of our skippers who represented Westacre at the first ever School Skipping Competition. We came away with many medals and a 3rd place trophy for the Long Rope Challenge. It is so great to see our skipping club go fro strength to strength.

National Jump Rope Championships 2017

The girls from skipping club have had an amazing weekend. It started early on Saturday morning with Lymara Lines, Georgia Andrews and Izzy Rollit all competing in the speed disciplines and freestyle. Although they were first time competitors, head coach Rachel Rollinson from Jump Rope UK commended them on how well they had done, especially with their timing to the music. Lymara came 3rd in 30 second speed step after a close jump off. Lymara and Georgia came 2nd in the pairs double unders. All three girls gained personal bests across all events.

On Sunday, more girls joined to learn new skills at the workshop. It was great for them to have the opportunity to have coaching from different skipping coaches and work with children from all over the UK and Hungary. They are now really keen to demonstrate to the rest of the club on Thursday.

The next competition will be in April 2018.

Looking forward to watching Izzy, Lymara and Giorgia next weekend as well as the girls taking part in the workshop. Good luck!

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The girls have been working hard to improve the speed step, double under  and 3-minute scores. It has been great to see them achieve more each week. New routines are also starting to be created ready to showcase to parents.
Congratulations to Beatrice Rusby for finally achieving a double under!

Save the date

January 2017

It has been a great start to the new year, with lots more skippers joining. We have been working on improving our speed and double-under scores as well as building our stamina through the 3 minute speed step without stopping. I am looking forward to taking the skipping team to show their performance at the Droitwich Dance Festival. The children have worked extremely hard to put this routine together. Watch this space for the video.

November 2016

Skipping routine

Still image for this video

October 2016

Jump Rope UK 2015

A compilation of Jump Rope UK throughout 2015.
A flavour of what skipping is all about, including the skipping festival we shall hopefully be attending in 2017.

It has been a great few weeks at our brand new skipping club. The children have realised that there is more to skipping than just jumping with a rope! They have had a go at speed-step, double-unders, big rope work and have made a start on creating their own group routine. Keep watching this page for updates and videos.

September 2016

Another new exciting club starting this year is a skipping club which will take place on Fridays after school from 3.00 - 4.00 pm . The club will be run by Mrs Hennessey, and consent letters are available from her or can be downloaded from the school website. Pupils will learn individual routines as well as getting a fantastic workout .