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Student Shout Outs


  Friday 3rd July

Good morning Year 5, a sneaky extra shout out from me, Mrs G Morgan, this morning. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching the year 5 keyworker children in school. The amount of effort they put into their instructions on how to capture a dragon was unbelievable! They definitely deserve a shout out -and please look at how much quality writing they produced!

Work photographed is from:


Fred W

Abigail J

Harriet M


Tom C




 The children then completed two pages worth of maths work on multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and Harriet, Fred and Louie all got 100% of their answers correct -Wow!

Also well done to Sadie, Abigail, Tom, Eva and Jacob for working exceptionally hard on their maths and almost got full marks too!

Final shoutout from me is to Sadie, she knew Pop Art stood for 'Popular art' and really tried hard to explain why this art movement was named as such. Well done!

See you next week, Mrs G Morgan


Key worker children's writing

Good morning Year 5! I have really enjoyed looking though your home learning photos as well as your work on j2e. I should be really fit by the time we return to school.

Well done to Connor (5AU) for his amazing roller coaster, which was build in record time this morning!

Well done to Dominik (5JR) for his English writing - How to catch a dragon.

Well done to Elise (5RM) who has been very busy completing English, Maths and Art work!

Well done to Poppy (5RM) for completing not only the Maths learning but the extra Maths work as well!

Well done to Tristen (5AU) for his amazing roller coaster!

Keep sending the photos in Year 5! It really is lovely to see your hard work! 

Thursday SUPER Student Shout-outs



Today, I'm going to begin with MyMaths, where last week you were introduced to algebra and function machines. A SUPER MyMaths shout-out goes to these children who have managed to achieve 100% on their questions!:

  • Freya M, Agata R, Elliot C, Ila S, Karolina W, Daisy B, Jessica D, Connor L, Charlotte C, Gabriel C


Well done Year 5 to everyone who has engaged with the home learning tasks over the last day or two - we have had some wonderful work sent in! I'd like to give a SUPER student shout-out to the following children:


  • Alana J (5CD) for her lovely example of Mrs Howell’s Mindful Monday task.
  • Scarlett S (5RM) for her music of India task.
  • Jacob K (5RM) for his music of India task, reading comprehension and baking.
  • Poppy H (5RM) for her maths work on equivalent FDP and two way tables, and for her English independent activity.
  • Zach I-C (5CD) for yesterday’s home learning and for even managing to find time to fit in a jog before starting his day's work.
  • Lucy S (5AU)  for her Timeout Tuesday task and tea cover design for art.
  • Finley H (5CD) for his continued efforts with maths and spellings, and for his excellent PE task.
  • Tristen Weir (5AU) for his tea cover design for art.
  • Charlie F (5RM) and Evie F (5MK) for their efforts with spellings, reading and TTRS (which they've completed everyday!) and for a selection of work completed across a number of subjects.
  • Oliver N (5MK) who had a busy day yesterday completing his maths, English, art, spellings and well-being task for the day.
I would also like to share with you two lovely pieces of art for Mrs Burke's well-being challenge from Poppy H (5RM) and Oliver N (5MK).

Finally, something very exciting has happened in the household of Lexy S (5RM)... they have got a new allotment! Lexy has been popping down to pick gooseberries and raspberries that were growing there (and eating them!). She has also been doing some clearing and weeding, and been picking some beautifully smelling lavender! We hope you continue to enjoy the allotment Lexy smiley


Have a lovely end to the week,


Mr Dinsley

Wednesday 1st July


Well done to everyone who have already started the "Times Table Rock Star Inter-Year Group Tournament"!


Mr Purdie has challenged you to show year 6 and 7 how AMAZING you all are at your times tables - so get rockin' and show them how it's done!


Well done to everyone who sent in work from Tuesday - some marvellous maths, Tuesday time-outs and melodious music going on! Great work, year 5! Also, a catch up on some perfect PE sent in on J2e- I think Mr Dinsley has his work cut out with your fantastic explanations!


To Connor, Lucy, Lexy, Alyss, Elliot, Poppy, Jacob, Evie and Zac!





Time Out Tuesday 30th June Star Student Shout Outs

Mindful Monday Baking...


Lots of you were busy in the kitchen yesterday, adapting the Mindful Monday biscuit recipe and cooking your own family favourites too. 

Well done to ...

Aggie 5JR, Charlotte 5JR, Melissa5CD, Oliver 5MK, Poppy 5CD, Zach 5CD. Poppy 5RM and Isobel 5MK. 




Isobel's Mindful Monday Time Lapse Clip

Still image for this video

Celebrating Y5 Home Learning

Aggie 5JR and Connor 5AU have been working on their C.C. tea descriptions. 

Lucy has been working hard on her spellings. 

Lexy 5RM and Oliver 5MK have completed  both their English and Maths. 

Melissa 5CD has completed a colourful mindfulness heart and has received a super medal for her running challenge. 




Super Student Shout Outs

Charlotte 5JR and Balint 5CD have created some super Indian Menus. Be prepared to feel hungry after reading their delicious suggestions!

In the pictures above you will see the following students were working hard on Friday....

Isobel shared her super quiz

Oliver has been working on his Maths and shared his Feel Good Friday ideas with us. 

Dominik has written some super English

Finley has created some origami and completed some marvellous Maths 

Wonderful Work Outs.


A huge well done to Sophie 5MK,  Finley 5CD for their Wonderful Work Out work. (Great idea to use your pool too in the warm weather!)