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Super Student Shout Outs

Feel Good Friday Shout Outs for our Superstars!


Wow Year 5! What a treat for Mrs Ardis to look through your work!

Well done to everyone, especially those who have sent in your fabulous photos!


Alex (5JR) who has been busy fishing!

Charlotte (5JR) who has been busy completing her Science work!

Connor (5AU) for his fantastic Plant Life Cycle!

Kaidan (5JR) who has completed his History, Science and written a Cinquain Poem!

Oliver N (5MK) who has completed his English!

Poppy (5RM) who has completed her Maths as well as the Extra Maths!

Sophie (5MK) who has completed her Plant Life Cycle!

Lexy (5RM) who has been mega busy playing cricket with her family, writing, Maths, Times Tables Rock Stars and her History!

Balint (5CD) who has completed his Plant Life Cycle!

Dominik (5JR) for his English and Flower Life Cycle!

Zach (5CD) who has  completed his Spellings, PE challenge and Maths!

Elise (5RM) who has completed her Maths, English and Science!

Scarlett (5RM) who has completed her Maths and Art Challenge!

We are incredibly proud of all of you! Keep working hard and enjoy time to relax!


Kaiden's Poetry Reading

Still image for this video



Wow Year 5! We have been flooded with wonderful examples of what you've been getting up to this let's get straight to it!


I'd like to begin by giving a SUPER Thursday shout out to the following SUPERSTARS



Sophie Holyfield for accurately calculating the area of rectangles in Maths.

Elise Shadforth in 5RM for her hard work with English and Maths, AND for sharing her den building which she did with her dog!

Tristen Weir in 5AU for his History learning and LOTS of Maths, where he has developed his ability to work with money.

Scarlett Swevels for her SUPER Science and for challenging herself with calculating vertically opposite angles. Mrs Ardis was also particularly impressed with Scarlett's drum design and model for the Music task!

Poppy Hewitt for LOTS of Maths learning this week, including work on equivalent fractions and angles in a triangle.

Christopher Dashey in 5JR for excellent home learning across a range of subjects.

Karolina Wierzchowska in 5CD for her continued positive attitude to learning during this school closure.

Elise Shadforth in 5RM for her beautiful poem - Mrs Burke was really touched and quite blown away with your efforts Elise!

Finley Hill in 5CD for working hard on his spellings and times tables.



As part of our life cycles topic, Finley Hill has also been hard at work at home helping his dad to build a pond. They were given some frog spawn and Finley has been watching it grow and develop, until today when he found his very first tiny frogs in the garden! Super exciting!

We also have some amazing Art to share with you thanks to Halle Lewis and Poppy Hewitt, well done girls!

And finally, I'd like to finish with another beautiful poem for Mrs Burke's Well-being Wednesday task, this time from Lexy Steele with her poem - Rainbows.

Lexy Steele -

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Well done to all those who have made a super start to the half term - you should be very proud of your resilience and readiness to work!


It looks like many people have enjoyed the English work, and angles for maths. Thankyou to those who sent their History definitions to me - and wow - what amazing music makers we have!  The Droitwich Drums will be heard this week!


Your nature pictures have been lovely to see - and inspired my post today, so thank you!


Super Students Making A Great Start to their Home Learning Today...


Congratulations to...



Ava Marshall 5CD for super success in Accelerated Reading. You have read over a million words in your AR books!! Well done!


Oliver has worked hard on his Maths and Accelerated Reading today before going out on a nature treasure hunt. 

Poppy shared her super rainbow created over half term and sent a picture of her trampoline camp site! 

Scarlett started her learning bright and early this morning. Well done to you! 

Zach created a super record of his nature explorations today! 

Lexy also shared her nature treasure hunt with  us. 

Alfie Harris sent his science work completed before the holidays and a picture of some delicious looking sausage rolls!