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Super Student Shout-Outs

Feelgood Friday's Shoutouts!

Well done to:

Poppy H - Exceptional maths work, great computing mascot and wonderful Mondrian art

Dominik L - A fantastic 3D piece of art

Sadie R - Mondrian art with bright colours

Connor L - Computing e-safety picture and an eye catching graphic digital art piece

Zach - For nearly solving all of the emoji puzzles

Eva T- Science writing task which used beautiful language and poetry

Balint K- Making a delicious lime loaf

Millie S - Mondrian art featuring a turtle!

Jacob K - For his Mondrian art featuring the famous wrestler Jeff Hardy!

Agatha R - Completing the emoji quiz!

Charlotte C - Mondrian art with purple squares

Lexy S - Tracking down Geocaches (and hopefully hiding from the muggles!)

Alana J - Beautiful descriptive piece of writing and worked extremely hard to write a cinquain poem



Thoughtful Thursday Shout-outs!

A huge well done to....


  • Millie S and Jacob K for their excellent pieces of Art work.
  • Zach and Jacob K for their brilliant internet safety mascot designs.
  • Isla B for having a go at the challenge of Emojis, spelling and English settings descriptions work.
  • Evie F and Charlie F for lots of home learning including the online Maths, English and the life cycle of a plant. As well as this, their cubs group did a Ready Steady Cook challenge to cook a 2 course meal in 45 minutes. Evie cooked homemade chicken goujons and a knickerbockerglory sundae.  Charlie cooked toad in the hole and a strawberry and lemon tart. Wow, the food all looks really tasty-well done both!
  • Jessica D for working hard on her English comprehensions and extra Maths challenges. She also had her first tuition session today on co-ordinates. Keep up the hard work Jessica!
  • Scarlett S has obviously been working very hard as she has shared her reading work, this mindfulness activity and made a movie for the debating activity!
  • Lexy S has been doing Maths, English and Art work with lots of TT Rockstars to keep the scores up! She really enjoyed doing her Third Space Maths lesson and has also followed a recipe to make some yummy chocolate chip cookies. Lexy has also made a bookmark using pressed flowers and worked with her brothers to choose a favourite book, read a chapter of it, give a mini-book review and perform it. Finally, she turned her bookmark into a unicorn using her origami skills! I think you’ve nearly filled up our shout outs page on your own Lexi-what a superstar!!
  • Seth B for sharing some of the home learning work he was been doing in the last few weeks- keep up the hard work Seth, well done!

Wellbeing Wednesday Shout-Outs

  • Well done to Poppy H for her super Maths and English Work.
  • Well done to Ballint K for his wonderful Mindful Monday, Timeout Tuesday, French, Maths and English and for working hard on his AR score.
  • Well done to Isobel S for her seeds cycle work and new outdoor learning space.
  • Super work from Finley H on his seeds cycle work aswell.
  • Well done to Aggie for her super picture taken on one of her walks of a damselfly.

Keep up the hard work Year 5!


Terrific Tuesday Shout-outs


  • Well done to Lexy S for completing the Mindful Monday Mandala and the emoji book quiz from yesterday’s daily update from Mrs Humphries - I haven’t attached a photo as I don’t want to give away the answers ;)
  • Well done to Scarlett S for sharing her Maths and English work
  • Well done to Lily G for capturing a beautiful rainbow for the Art Photography Challenge
  • Well done to Lucy S for completing a written debate on zoos, as well as activities on comparing fractions and an explanation of embedded clauses
  • Well done to Alana J for the hard work she put into her History task.
  • Well done to Connor L for completing the emoji book quiz, earning points for his house

Marvellous Monday Shout-outs


  • Well done to Kaiden H for completing a great range of activities, from a smile chart to fractions! J
  • Well done to Alex C for his thorough approach to learning about the life cycle of a flower.
  • Well done to Lexy S for completing her English and Maths tasks, as well as making the most of a beautiful walk through the Community Woods.
  • Well done to Evie F and Charlie F for their work on the home-learning tasks, including a comic strip, Anglo Saxon round house model and fact poster.
  • Well done to Poppy S for producing a wonderful piece of poetry, alongside a range of other wonderful work completed last week.
  • Well done to Isobel Sh for making a four-course French meal for her and her family, as well as the Geography work she is doing and reading Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
  • Well done to Charlotte C for sharing her entry to the National Portrait Gallery Competition.
  • Well done to Emily K for sharing her Maths and English work – accurate and thoughtful responses!
  • Well done to Poppy H for sharing the moving model she made to represent the life cycle of a plant, and continuing with her Maths work (including the extra challenge)
  • Well done to Scarlett S for sharing her writing task, her maths work, and some photos from her nature walk last week – it’s lovely to see her making the most of being outside.
  • Well done to Aggie for completing her Science and English work, as well as reading a new series of dance books by Jane Ure…it’s great to hear that her love of reading is continuing to flourish!