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Super Student Shout Outs

Friday 19th June

Wow! Fantastic to see so many Super Shout-outs! A huge well done to so many children:

Balint (5CD) for his fabulous Science game that he has created!

Charlotte (5JR) for an amazing Rangoli pattern!

Connor L for a creative Rangoli pattern!

Connor (5AU) for his amazing Science game that he has created!

Dominik (5JR) for his fantastic persuasive writing!

Elise (5RM) who has been incredibly busy: Rangoli pattern, gardening and photographing nature! Beautiful photos!

Jacob K (5RM) for his creative Rangoli pattern!

Kaidan (5JR) for his fabulous Science as well as the game he has created!

Lexi (5RM) who has been incredibly busy: Rangoli pattern, spotting nature (amazing caterpillars and snails), creating a Father's Day card as well as a Father's Day coaster! What a lovely idea!

Poppy (5RM) for her amazing Rangoli pattern and her Maths work!

Zach (5CD) for his fantastic Rangoli pattern!

Great work all! It is so important to keep busy as well as taking time out to relax and enjoy your time! 

Please keep sending your photos in Year 5! We love looking through them all!


Thursday Shout-outs


Well done to the following children for their home learning efforts:


Alyss Grant (5AU) for her History work about India, making an Indian history timeline.

Rhys Bodilly (5RM) and Zach Ince-Cox (5CD) for their Art work creating Rangoli patterns.

Tristen Weir (5AU) for his steps to making chocolate chip cookies and for working hard on his 10 times tables.

Poppy Hewitt (5RM) for her Maths work on fractions.

Eva Townsend (5AU) for her Indian Art, and mascot design for the Computing task - we loved Esau the E-Safety mascot!

As well as working hard on her home learning, Isobel in 5JR has picked up a couple of new hobbies recently. She has been reading about tying knots and has been learning about foraging, and managed to find a Dryads Saddle Mushroom round the corner from her house. She is also planning on doing a J2E project on it soon...we certainly look forward to it Isobel! Check out Isobel's home learning and new hobbies below...

Finally, I'd like to give a BIG Thursday Shout-out to Finley Hill in 5CD who has been working extremely hard with his home learning across a range of subjects. We are really proud of your efforts Finley! Here is a large selection of what Finley has been up to this week...



Well done to Emily, Connor, Oliver N, Luca, Dominik, Lucy, Lexy, Agatha, Sean, Scarlett and Poppy who have sent work in to me today. Wonderful work! So proud of all your efforts!



Hey, Bluebell Bannon here with the TTRS rockers update! 

Well done to 5RM who managed to secure a MASSIVE 3172 points, just pipping 5CD with 3155!!! Then to 5JR with 2606, 5AU on 1344 and 5MK with 545. Well done to all players!!!



The next tournament starts THIS MORNING – Wednesday, and will last a week and half - until 28th June. Miss Kelly will update you next week with progress!

Rock on, dudes!

Marvellous Monday Efforts From...


Alyss who has been working hard at her learning and completing super stretches on her family walk!



Jacob has been making a super effort with his English today. 



Lexy is keeping up her super home learning!



Scarlett's super spellings!



Archie has worked hard to maintain his positive learning habits at home....


,,,including his reading in his Learning Journal


Fantastic Friday Efforts for FRIDAY 12TH JUNE!

Lexy has tackled a range of challenges today! 

Evie F and Charlie F have been drawing each other's characters using the information from their descriptions. Great effort you two!

Alex C has worked hard at his English and his Art

Alyss G has completed some informative paragraphs about unicorns

Scarlett has done well with her Maths 

Melissa S has shown us her amazing bouncing skills and her super flexibility

Oliver has made some delicious looking treats in his kitchen today!

Lucy Skipp has shared some super Lowry inspired art too.