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Super Student Shout Outs


 Super Student Shout outs Friday 26th June 


 Good morning Year 5, Mrs G Morgan here. Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching the Year 5 key workers children. They worked very hard on writing their diary entry and so I thought I would share a few super examples of their writing. 


 Shoutouts to 

 Tom C

 Sadie R

 Hattie M

 Ila S

 Eva T



 and well done to all the other key worker children who worked hard on their writing.


Also shoutouts to:

 Lexy S - creating a poem and a very informative computer timeline
Poppy S - Working super hard on her maths, spellings and computer timeline
Charlotte C - Her computer timeline that had a number of transitions between the slides
Poppy H - Continues to work incredibly hard with her maths and has been very creative with her origami
Lucy S - Scored 100% in her SPAG quiz!
Zach - Creating a wonderful origami fox and getting all of his spellings right
Oliver N - For his Life in Lock down piece of writing
Dominik L - For his very neat diary entry

Super Student Shout outs Friday 26th June

Super Student Shout Outs- Thursday 25th June

•    Well done to Poppy for her fantastic achievement on the Linguascope end-of-unit French test and for completing the French school timetable task.
•    Excellent effort from Alexandra in 5MK with her stories and spelling work – what an incredible amount of writing Alex, well done!
•    Well done to Sophie in 5MK for her excellent Maths and spellings work.
•    Well done to Zack in 5CD for managing to solve the Wellbeing Wednesday task.
•    Charlie F 5RM and Evie F 5AU- for studying bats after their cat bought one in. They sketched him and looked up what species he is.  They also learned about echolocation and all about the species.  They have also done some more persuasive writing and Maths so far this week- well done both!




Super Student Shout Outs - Wednesday 24th June

Wow Year 5! I have had a lot of emails through for some fabulous shout outs to be done today, it's brilliant to see how much work you have all been doing, keep working hard!

  • Well done to Finley in 5CD for his spelling frame work and maths work.
  • Well done to Poppy for her great bug pictures
  • Well done to Connor in 5AU for his brilliant heart design
  • Super work from Arlowe in 5AU with his French task
  • Well done to Sam in 5JR for some brilliant Maths work
  • Brilliant effort from Lexy with her French and keeping up with her Timestable Rockstars work
  • Well done to Lucy for her brilliant English work
  • Super effort from Oliver ((5MK) for his super work completed today.
  • Well done to Lily (5MK) for her excellent attempt at the quiz set by Mr Barber
  • Well done to Dominik for his brilliant English work and heart art work
  • Well done to Alyss (5AU) for her lovely mindfulness art work.
  • Well done to Elise for her brilliant home learning and super Ethics task
  • Well done to Sophie (5MK) for her brilliant mindfulness Art.

Wow what a lot of shout outs - well done all!



Super Student Shout-outs - Tuesday 23rd June



  • Well done to Charlotte for completing her Mindful Monday activity.
  • Well done to Jake for sharing a variety of home learning activities, including P.E. challenges.
  • Well done to Isobel for completing the Mindful Monday activity, which reminded her of all the things that make her happy.
  • Well done to Scarlett and Poppy for sharing examples of their home learning.
  • Well done to Emily for the art work she’s created, in addition to her other home learning.
  • Well done to Sophie for completing her DT task, designing her own playground, as well as completing her Mindful Monday activity.
  • Well done to Lexy who has spent time thinking about where food comes from and looking at how chocolate is made. She made her own "chocolate" and wrote down the steps she took. She then tasted different type of chocolate (Lexy did NOT like the matcha tea one 😂) and discussed the differences. She also talked with her family about Fairtrade and the Importance of giving a fair price and taking steps to ending slavery.
  • Well done to Zack for sharing his wonderful array of home learning.

Super Student Shout-outs - Monday 22nd June


  • Well done to Dominik L for his Science board game
  • Well done to Finley H for sharing some exciting news from his pond – a large frog seems to have 'moved in'. The pond is also attracting some amazing wildlife: birds drinking and washing on the water feature, butterflies, dragonflies and even bumblebees drinking from the water.
  • Well done to Charlie F and Evie F, who looked at the science of plants, learnt about how they get their nutrients, their water and what they need to grow. They also did a glossary of terms and looked up harmful and helpful plants to include in their board games. 
  • Well done to Lexy S for completing her English, solving a maths mystery puzzle and making / writing her own labels for her Father’s Day gifts, as well as enjoying a mindfulness morning including a self-portrait and identifying emotions, peer massage and yoga.
  • Well done to Isla B for creating her Internet mascot for computing and doing lots of art work. She has also made chocolate-covered strawberries and is growing her own sunflowers.
  • Well done to Poppy H for completing her Science task – it looked like she, and the family, had lots of fun with it! J
  • Well done to Oliver N for completing his Science task – another impressive response to the task!