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Survival Week

Day three- Wednesday


Continuing our efforts to be more ecologically aware, today the groups are conducting litter picks and surveys, then  considering how long things take to decompose. For us to be more aware will help the survival of the planet.

For our own survival skills, we are orienteering and taking part in forest school. Our camps will also be taken down and the environment cleaned. 

Forest School


Forest school was a highlight, we could select to build swings or dens, study bugs or sketch our environment.

We really enjoyed being independent and exploring our forest school area. 

Orienteering- team work to solve clues

Day two- Tuesday 


We finished designing our flags and transferred them to fabric. When they were on the fabric, we made them into bunting to decorate the tents we put up yesterday. 

Today we have also made bird feeders out of plastic bottles because they are reusable. We gathered a straight stick from outside then, came back inside and assembled the bird feeder using the stick as a platform for the birds to land on. We did this to make Westacre Middle School a more friendly environment for animals like birds.

Today, we took part in a filtering some dirty water in the Science Lab. The brown, leafy water went to crystal clear for some groups. We used a sieve, filter paper, a bowl, a graduated cylinder, a fork and a spoon and a jug. Our group got the clearest water, and another won "best teamwork". 

Tuesday afternoon

This afternoon, some of the year group took the opportunity to swim, so those of us who stayed in school took part in a camp craft afternoon. 
We hung the bunting around our tents, then Mrs Johnston showed us how to are Gods Eyes… we thought we could use these to decorate our tents. We used sticks that had already fallen and wool donated to school- thinking about our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message. 

Day one- Monday 

This week, half of year 6 are staying at school while the others go to Blackwell activity centre. This is what Guardians of the Globe got up to this week. 


First things first, we had to think of tribe names, we settled on Guardians of the Globe. Once we had done that we had to design a logo for a flag, we got our inspiration from Western African symbols. Joe Bourne told me that “My favourite part was designing the flags.” We watched a video about a man who wore all his rubbish for a month, this gave us some interesting points to talk about.
After we watched that, we looked at another video with Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson which taught us about a lot of different areas, such as food chains and how to recognise labels on packaging.


Once we completed that, we made a song which we are trying to learn for our tribe. When that was finished we started to make posters for school about recycling. Here are some photos of what we worked:


Monday afternoon

We built tents this afternoon, in the different groups we had been assigned, smaller groups who took turns trying to put up part of the tent. We had mixed levels of success but a lot of people loved participating. 
We asked Tilly what she thought about it, “I enjoyed it because it was fun to learn a new skill that I hadn’t done before.” 

Survival week- how can we protect the survival of the planet and oceans? 

This week, we shall be considering this question. We shall learn some survival skills,  we shall consider our impact on the environment and how we can alter that impact.