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The Bare Bum Gang Battle the Dogsnatchers

Mrs Phillips is not happy about this book as it has a rude title!  However, she says as it is on the AR system and you can take a quiz on it, she will not be too cross with me (hopefully I will still get my dog biscuit for helping!)


The Bare Bum Gang Battle the Dogsnatchers by Anthony McGowan

Ludo, Noah, Jamie, Phillip and Jennifer are THE BARE BUM GANG! They have an embarrassing name but a cool Gang Den, so things could be worse.
The newest member of the gang is Rude Word, the world's ugliest dog - and he's causing trouble. He's throwing up strange furry body parts . . . and Mrs Cake's dog Trixie is missing! Ludo and the gang have to turn detective and get to the bottom of this gross mystery. But when other pets disappear, they realise the mystery is bigger than they thought. Can they get Rude Word off the hook?


AR Book Level - 4.9

AR Quiz No - 220187