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Tuesday's after school 3 - 4pm



At Westacre, we are extremely privileged to have our own trampoline along with our own Worcestershire County Champion to coach you! This was the sport that Mrs Hennessey competed in at your age. Trampolining is all about learning the basic skills with control so that you can combine them to make a routine. When you get your sports club letter make sure you sign up to trampolining so that you get your slot as there a usually lots of children who want to give it a go. 

Spring group 1

In session 1, we have learned how to bounce with style and make shapes: tuck, pike, straddle and turns.

It has been great to teach so many of you some of the basic skills used in trampolining. With these skills you have then been able to create your own routines. My hope is for us to enter the school competition next year. Trampolining will still continue each term in your PE lessons.