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Transition to Year 5 September 2020

Year 5 Start of Term Information


Information for Thursday 3rd September


Beginning and End of the Day

Please bring your child to the front or back gate ready for 8:25 am, where they will be met by staff. The front gates are the blue gates at the bottom of the school drive and back gates are the gates closest to the Leisure Centre leading on to the Y6/7 playground.


There will plenty of Westacre staff at the gates to greet the children and bring them to the hall to meet their Year 5 teachers and teaching assistants. Parents are asked to encourage their children to enter the playground independently at the start of the school day. Staff will be on hand pupils to direct pupils to their classroom.


Before they enter school, please ensure your child knows where to meet you at the end of the school day.


Friday 4th September –Breakfast Club/Arriving at School

On Friday the 4th September, pupils are welcome to attend Breakfast Club. This provides a really welcoming and positive start to the school day and many of our working parents find this very useful. There is no need to book a place, we only ask that your child purchases something to eat or drink to attend, prices range from 25p for a slice of toast up to 50p for a bacon sandwich, please do check our website for the full menu. Children have their breakfast with other members of their year group and there are often activities to enjoy before joining friends on the playground to walk to class.


If your child is not attending Breakfast Club they will enter the school gates and walk to the door to enter their class room ready for an 8:25 am start. The children will be shown how to do this by themselves during their first day and staff will be available to direct them if they are still unsure.


Medical Needs & Information

If your child has an inhaler, epi-pen, specific medical needs or medication prescribed by a doctor that needs to be taken during the school day you will need to complete a Healthcare Plan and a Consent to Administer Medication form and bring named medication in line with our Medicine policy to the School Office before your child starts school on Thursday. All information regarding medical needs can be found on our website under the tab Parents/New Year 5 intake.


Thursday 3rd September

A copy of this letter has been emailed to all parents and can be found on our school webpage under the tab Parents/New Year 5 Intake. There will be staff in the office for the remainder of this week and on the two TED days Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September. It is advisable that you read our Medicine policy, complete the relevant paperwork and bring the medication, labelled with your child’s name and class, to school on these days rather than waiting to queue at the office on the day Year 5 return to school.

A warm Westacre welcome to our new Year 5 pupils!


On this page you will find staff introductions, explanations of your tasks and a web-site challenge for you to complete.

To start, here are Mrs Evans, our Headteacher, and Mrs Riddleston, Head of Year 5. 


Introductions from Mrs Evans and Mrs Riddleston

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Our Senior Leadership Team

Watch and listen to Mrs Riddleston introduce Year 5

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Your teachers are looking forward to meeting you. Here they introduce themselves to you:

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Mrs Riddleston

Class name - 5JR


Mrs Riddleston



Mrs Underhill

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Class name - 5AU


 Mrs Underhill



Miss Kelly

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Class name - 5MK


Miss Kelly



Mrs Murray

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Class 5RM

Mrs Murray


Mr Dinsley

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Mr Dinsley



Miss Dutton - Our Student Teacher


Hi everyone, my name is Miss Dutton and I am a trainee teacher. I will be starting at Westacre in September with 5RM. I am really looking forward to training here because I was a student at Westacre and loved being part of the school. My hobbies include drama and singing, and I have been involved with shows, such as pantomimes, at the Norbury Theatre in Droitwich. I am really excited to meet you all soon!’ 

Hello from our Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Hello everyone, my name is Mrs Burke. Art is my favourite subject. I love drawing, knitting and crochet. My favourite animals are cats, and I have a black, rescue cat called Steve. I enjoy walking in the countryside and looking out for unusual wildlife. I love being a teaching assistant at Westacre, and I am really looking forward to meeting you all in September. Take care, see you soon! 😊


Hello, my name is Mrs Howells and I am a Teaching Assistant in 5JR. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities, baking, and going on adventures with my Springer Spaniel Bella. I have worked at Westacre for seven years, and under normal circumstances I would have visited you all in your First Schools (along with Mrs Riddleston) to talk to you about our wonderful school and answer any questions you may have. However, I am now really looking forward to meeting you all in September, getting to know you and helping you settle in as your new adventure begins!


Hello, my name is Mrs Burton and I am the Teaching Assistant for 5AU (Mrs Underhill's class). My favourite subject is maths and you may meet me in maths interventions. I also help run the board games club after school which has proved very popular. I live in the countryside and enjoy walking, looking after my son's old pony, reading and cooking. I look forward to meeting you all at the start of the new term.


Hello everyone let me introduce myself. I am Miss Jabczynski and I will be one of your new teaching assistants. So that you know more about me, I do have some hobbies and interests that I would like to share with you all. I like to go to the gym to keep myself fit and healthy. I also enjoy baking, walking my dog and model painting. I am looking forward to starting my new job role working with you all and I look forward to meeting you all soon!


Hello everyone let me introduce myself! My name is Mrs MacPherson and I am one of your Year 5 Teaching Assistants as well as working in the SEN department and running Speech and Language interventions.  One of the Westacre clubs I help with is gardening so if you like being outside we would love to see you.  I have lots of hobbies, including swimming, sewing and baking.  I'm also trying to challenge myself by learning German.  I'm really looking forward to meeting you all at Westacre in September. 



Coat of Arms task

Coats of arms date back to the early medieval times. They were used to identify people and families, and a way of showing personality and values.


For this task, we would like you to create your own coat of arms to reflect your own personality and interests, and to show us what is important to you. For example, you may choose to include a football or a pair dancing shoes to reflect your passion for a particular sport.


Postcard to My Class Teacher

You will have received a postcard that we would like you to write and send to your new class teacher. All you need to do is to draw or print and attach a picture of one of the following things…

A favourite place

One of your interests or hobbies

Something you have enjoyed doing during lock dawn

A self portrait


Then write a short message to introduce yourself to your class teacher.

It is already stamped and addressed so you just need to pop it in a post box as soon as it is ready.

We would like to put these on display to welcome you to school!


All About Me Questionnaire

We are excited to find out all about you, as you prepare to start Year 5 at Westacre. Once you have written your name at the top of the page, complete all 5 boxes of the ‘All About Me Questionnaire’ by giving as much detail as you can through your writing and drawings. Remember – the more detail you can give, the more we can find out about you!


My Summer Reading Record

Reading is really important to us at Westacre and we would love to hear all about the books that you have been reading over the past few months. ‘My Summer Reading Record’ is a chance for you to share the name of the book you are reading and the pages you have read with an adult. There are 10 scrolls for you to fill in, therefore your challenge is to read 10 times or more before joining us! On each scroll, you will need to record the name of your book (e.g. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer) and the amount of pages you have read (e.g. pp. 12-22.) followed by an adult’s signature.


 Welcome to Westacre Website Challenge

To participate in this challenge, you will need to explore the rest of our school website (click on the link to go to the Home page). We have given you some detective work to do to help you and your family find your way around our website and get to know Westacre in the process. Follow the instructions and explore the website to find the answers to all of the questions in each of the boxes.

Miss Brighton - SENCo

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Welcome to our SEND Provision

It’s lovely to meet you all, my name is Miss Brighton and I am the SENCO here at Westacre. Mrs MacPherson also works with me.



One very important part of my job is to help you to settle in to Year 5 at Westacre and to make sure that you have all the support you need to achieve your very best. I have already been in contact with your teachers so that we can work together, with you and your families, to find the best ways to support you as you move up to Middle School.


Here at Westacre, we have so many different ways of supporting you. We have a fantastic pastoral team who are always there to talk to if you need to, break and lunch clubs, intervention groups and lots of brilliant resources in our classrooms to help you with your learning.


We have put together some photographs of the school so that you can have a little sneaky peak at what to expect when you come to us.


We are really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you more. I have a pet cat called Henry and I like to play the drums and listen to music.  Mrs MacPherson also has a cat called Patches and likes sewing and gardening. Do you have any pets? What do you like to do?


For more information on our SEND provision, click on the link to view the SEND webpage.

Take a look at these photographs to see our school

Some of our current Year 5 students have written to you with their advice for starting at Westacre....

Please keep revisiting this page as there may be further updates closer to September.


The Year 5 page will also be updated 


Parents, extra school information can also be found at