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Writing and SPAG

School 500 Words House Competition


Having received an amazing quantity of stories, 5 children from each class were selected by their class teacher to be put through, as one of the competition finalists, to the pupil panel of judges. All judging was done anonymously.  After reading every finalist’s work, the final winners have been announced. 


Prizes were awarded to First, Second and Third along with house points for Fourth and Highly Commended.  A fantastic effort to all those involved. 


Parent, carer and staff entries were judged and rewarded points anonymously by a panel of Year 7 children. A huge Thank You to all our parent and carer entries.  We are already looking forward to next year’s competition entries.


Please take the time to appreciate the hard work and creativity of our worthy winners.

CC Writing Week


The children have worked really hard working with their CC topics this week. 

Writing, both across the curriculum, and in literacy lessons is an important part of every day at Westacre.  Children write across a variety of topics within the curriculum and within many different genres.



Spring Term Writing Week (genre specific)

During the spring term, a selection of children were asked what they wanted to write about.  Each year group chose a genre or genres to work with and based their writing on a specific character.

The following children were the winners in their year groups:

Year five: Emily Holt, who produced an excellent horror story that excited and thrilled the rest of her class.

Year six: Zander Marshall, who produced an excellent piece of work on the school's Ipad app comic life.

Year seven: Abbigail Holt, whose Shakespearean themed description 'wowed' her teachers.

Narnia Writing Week Winners

During writing week, children wrote their own version of what happened in the story The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when Lucy went through the wardrobe...

The winners were the following children:

Year five: Rhianna Dunn, who produced a lovely, but very haunting story!

Year six: Ross Clark, who structured his story professionally.

Year seven: Pamela Stacey, who used excellent imagery and figurative language.

Poetry at Westacre

A special poem by Mia Hardie based on the life cycle of a bluebird. 


The magical beauty begins to breathe,

Breaking out of its shell,

Cricking, cracking, clicking and clacking,

Then suddenly it fell.


Blue-bird tweeting, heart beating,

Dumbfounded by what happened,

"What's going on?" he cried out loud,

While whizzing round the bend.


"I'm lost!" he sobbed,

Tears filling his bright, blue eyes,

Then out of the blue were his parents,

Who had caught him by surprise.


They gently took him by his wings,

Then they started to soar,

Going faster and faster,

The speed limit, they tore.


Finally back in his nest,

Among his brothers and sisters,

His parents' lives had lasted so long,

As they had started to grow whiskers.


Now he's there, all alone,

His brothers and sisters had fled,

"Be strong my little blue baby,"

His dead parents had once said.


He sighed a sad little tweet,

He spread his almighty wings,

Going at twenty miles per hour,

Then he softly started to sing.


A little blue bird of two months old,

Flew here and there,

He looked for a spot to rest his wing,

But not a tree was bare.


When finally he spotted,

A beauty of a cherry tree,

Set upon a dew-filled hill,

Seeing as far as the eye could see.


He chirped and chirped for someone,

The opposite of his gender,

A beautiful female bird,

Colourful and slender.


Just then, a sudden beauty,

Flying higher than the sun,

With graceful wings and eyes,

Then he said "She's the one!"




Now he's slowly dying,

His time of life was up,

But at least it was good,

His life as a little pup.


Letting his children leave,

To make a nest like he had done,

He snuggled up to his wife,

He had had his fun.


Then everything went darker,

He walked into the light,

He said goodbye to everything,

As he dissolved into the night...



Mia Harie


Class Writing Competition


Classes were set a challenge to write a successful story within 30 minutes.  The children had to work as a class to produce an excellent piece of shared writing.  Time was tight, but I think you'll agree when we say Miss Brighton's year 6 class definitely came out shining.


Click on the link below to view 6LB's winning story!


Other excellent writing included...