We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Year 5



As we approach the end of the school year, we want to share with you some of the incredible work that has been going on in Year 5 in Computing lessons this year. Throughout the year, the children keep a record of their learning in their E-portfolios, which they can add to at home and school via J2E. These records include Computer Science tasks in Scratch, Information Technology learning in J2E and some E-safety pages that were created in Digital Literacy sessions. Take a look at some of the wonderful portfolios created in 5HR by clicking the link below:

Blogging and Surveys


In their recent Computing lessons, Year 5 have been learning about blogging. They have learned about the benefits and risks with such communication, and have used their class blogs to find out other people's opinions about a range of things that they are interested in. Take a look at 5TS's blog by clicking the link below. You may also want to cast your vote in some of the children's interesting surveys!

Writing Homework


A special piece of homework recently gave all children across school the challenge to write about 'the best job in the world'. In Year 5, we have seen numerous examples of wonderful writing and great ideas about inspirational careers. We were particularly impressed by Eva in 5HR. She used J2E to create her piece at home then share in school and has really shown off her impressive writing skills. Even more impressively, she has written a really thoughtful explanation about her ideal 'vocation'. Take a look below:



Paddles Ready!!

Still image for this video

Data Handling


In their Computing lessons recently, Year 5 have been learning about and using spreadsheets and databases. They have been working hard on using spreadsheets to perform mathematical calculations, to filter and sort data and to create their own graphs. Year 5 have also been creating their own databases following their walk around Droitwich, helping them to organise all of the information they found. Click on the links below to see what they have been doing:


Medical Mavericks

Children from all years have attended the Medical Mavericks Club on Tuesday afternoons.  They have had opportunity to use a wide variety of medical equipment taking a range of measurements such as reaction time, heart rate, oxygen levels and grip strength.  All the children had a lot of fun and showed real enthusiasm for Science.

Weston super Mare


What a great day visiting Weston! Year 5 were brilliant on their geography fieldwork trip today, carrying out traffic counts and land use surveys of the tourist town, ready for completing work back in school this term. The sand sculpture exhibition was incredible and even allowed the children to have a go at creating sculptures of their own! Have a look at the class photos to see what they were up to! 

Droitwich Walk


As part of our CC topic comparing two different locations, Year 5 have been walking around our own town. After much weather watching for a suitable moment to get out of class, the children spent some time carrying out a range of surveys (including analysing the volume of traffic around Droitwich) to help them learn about the physical and human characteristics of Droitwich Spa. Next stop Weston-Super-Mare...

Spa and Sea Topic Homework


We have been so impressed with the quality of the CC homework produced in Year 5 over the last couple of weeks, it is only right that we share this with you here! Take a look at some of the children proudly showing off what they have created at home.

Picture 1

My Beach Hut Construction Movie

This is a video of Cotton with the help of his Grandad making a beach hut for his Year 5 school Seaside project. Music by Lukas Graham - 7 Years.



Lessons are busy, busy, busy in Year 5 with lots of new learning and skills being developed. Every Thursday afternoon we have an extra Numeracy lesson where we focus on developing our arithmetic skills to solve number and calculation problems. We work so hard and are really resourceful, using extra equipment to help us get to the right answer. 


OS Map Investigations


As part of the introduction to our new Spa & and Sea theme, comparing Droitwich Spa with Weston-Super-Mare, the children were given a team challenge to find out as much about our local area as possible. Part of this challenge involved exploring Ordnance Survey maps. The teams worked really well together to work out what the symbols mean and what they tell us about Worcestershire. Lots of interesting places were discovered!

Manifesto Speeches


In their Literacy lessons, Year 5 have been thinking about ways to improve our local community. They have been inspired by the opportunity to join the Droitwich Youth Council, so have spent the week discussing possible initiatives across the town, analysing good examples of persuasive speeches, drafting their own versions and speaking in front of their classmates. At the end of this process, each class held their own vote and nominated two members of their class to go forward to the year group elections. Jordan and Gabriel in 5FD, Joe and Russell in 5TS, Chloe and Cormac in 5PB, Kiah and Cayden in 5HR, and Kelsie and Will in 5AD then took on the challenge of sharing their manifestos with the entire year group! There were all incredibly confident and well-prepared speakers! All of Year 5 then had an important decision to make- each pupil could cast one vote using the J2E survey below.

Once the votes were counted, three Year 5 pupils were chosen for the next step of the election process- sharing their ideas in a whole school assembly! Chloe, Kiah and Joe will explain why they should be chosen for the responsibility of Droitwich Youth Councillor to all of the children in Year 6 and 7, who will each have a vote to decide which one of the three will be chosen. Well done to all ten speakers and good luck to Chloe, Kiah and Joe!

Money Matters


Here are some photograph's of Mr Barber's Maths set enjoying a sequence of lessons learning about what it is like to have their own bank accounts. They learned about completing credit notes, filling in cheques, bank statements, the difference between credits and debits, the consequences of being overdrawn (a few loan request applications had to be written!) and analysed the impact risk has on our savings. Of course, they also practised a range of mathematical skills, including addition and subtraction of decimal numbers, negative numbers and percentages.

Interpreting the Music


In their Music lessons, Year 5 have been evaluating a range of musical compositions as part of the BBC Ten Pieces initiative. They listened to the pieces, compared them and decided which had the most impact on them as an audience. Each class then chose a piece of music to focus on, and interpret in a range of different ways. Some classes produced writing, some created some Art work and others performed their own dance. Here are 5PB showing off their dance moves as they interpret Grieg's 'In the Hall Of The Mountain King'.


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Poem Recitals

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This week the children have been memorising poems and reciting them off by heart. For some this has been a real challenge whilst others are more confident performers.

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Poem recital

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PE and Games


This week Year 5 children have been making the most of the good weather in developing their skills in athletics and rounders.  We had some great fielding and team work and as a result are becoming more confident with both the rules of rounders and the skills involved.  There were some brilliant one handed catches!  In athletics we were attempting to throw our tennis ball past Mr Thomas (not at him!), develop our sprint techniques and hit the board in the long jump.  Overall, our athletic season looks off to a promising start.

Sowing Seeds


Last week, children in Year 5 planted a variety of seeds including peas and lettuce in our vegetable patch, while also planting courgettes in small pots. Alongside this, we have planted some Wild Flowers to encourage pollinators such as bees and butterflies into the school grounds. As you can see we enjoyed working outside in the sunshine and hope our seeds will soon grow into fresh produce!

Writing Manuals


As they are becoming such confident writers, many Year 5 children have been challenged to prove their deeper understanding of what makes a good piece of writing by creating their own user guides to teach others. Here is one example, created by Tessa in 5PB using the Comic Life app on our iPads, about how to use different sentence openers to make writing varied and interesting.

Picture 1

Souper Soups!


5FD have been busy cooking soup today! Have a look at their wonderful cooking skills below. They worked really hard in the kitchen, working as teams to peel and chop their vegetables for their chosen soup. We have some budding chefs in the midst!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Budding Actors


Year 5 have now read the first nine chapters of our main text of the term 'There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. After doing much wonderful writing around the text in Literacy lessons, the children have enjoyed some Drama lessons this week, developing both their speaking and listening skills. They have taken on the role of two of the main characters, learnt some script from memory and worked on using of expression and body language in performances. The children have then given feedback to each other, helping each other to improve their performances more.


Here are some of the pupils in 5PB performing:

Georgia and

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Going Green


This week in Year 5 we have been clearing our vegetable patch ready start planting.


Thank you Mrs Davies, Mrs Howells and Miss Starkey for all of your help. 



In their DT lessons, Year 5 have been learning all about soup. They have researched ingredients used in common soups, evaluated packing and taste of supermarket brands and learned some valuable food preparation skills. The children have then enjoyed putting all of their skills and ideas together in creating their own soups. Some they enjoyed tasting, others they were not so sure of! Well done to all of Year 5 for their efforts (including washing up after themselves at the end of the lesson!).

Horror Writing


It appears that one of Year 5's favourite things to do is to scare their teachers, particularly with their writing! The children in Year 5 decided that their favourite genre of writing was horror, and therefore they were challenged to write their own horror stories! Have a read of some of the spine-chilling horror stories that they have written!


Game Makers


In their Computing lessons, Year 5 have been using Scratch to code their own games. The children have been improving their Computer Science skills and learning about algorithms, debugging and variables. They have learned the basics of coding (including creating and using their own sprites, backgrounds and scripts) and some children were then given the extra challenge of creating their own version of a bouncing ball game they had analysed. Click the link below to see the game developed by Will in 5PB (a member of the school Cyber Council who had never used Scratch before!):

Bishops Wood Trip


Here are some photographs from Year 5's exciting day out as Bishops Wood, where they found out what it would have been like to live as a Viking travelling from Scandinavia across to Britain.

Great Gymnasts


Take a look at the videos below to see some of the gymnasts from 5PB in action! They have been learning lots and working collaboratively together to create some imaginative sequences that show off all of their new skills.


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E-Safety Webpages


One of our Cyber Council members has used their wonderful Computing skills to create her own webpage about online safety. Emma in 5FD has created the page below, that also includes an online quiz for you to test your own knowledge of E-Safety.

World Book Day


Due to our trip to Bishops Wood, Year 5 will be marking World Book Day on Friday 4th March. On this day, children are invited to bring in their favourite teddy that they can transform into their best-loved book character. Prizes for the best dressed teddy! They are also encouraged to bring in their slippers ready for story time in the afternoon.

Anglo-Saxon Life


Over the last few weeks, Year 5’s learning about Anglo-Saxons has had two main areas of focus. Firstly, the children have been completed a number of homework challenges to help them find out more about life in Anglo-Saxon Britain. The effort and creativity shown by the children has been truly incredible, and they have enjoyed sharing their creations with their classmates. In class, Year 5 have been working together to research a particular area of Anglo-Saxon life, create their own presentations then to actually present their findings to a full classroom. Again, the children impressed with their effort, but also their teamwork and resilience. 

Here are 5PB showing how much they have enjoyed learning about Anglo-Saxons over the last few weeks!


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Creating gymnastic sequences

In PE this term, Year 5 have been developing their gymnastic skills, focusing on creating symmetrical and asymmetrical balances, as well as partner balances. The children were challenged to work in groups of 4 to create a group gymnastics sequence which involved different balances with their partners. Have a look at 5FD's sequences below.


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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Super Scientists


As part of their learning about different materials and their properties, Year 5 have been showing off some super science skills by planning, carrying out and evaluating their own investigations this week. The children have been trying to find out which materials are the best thermal conductors and insulators. Take a look at some photos below of the children in action in our Science Lab.

Anglo-Saxon Village Challenge

Year 5 have been learning about life as an Anglo-Saxon by imagining they are the leader of their own tribe! They were told they had led their people from North-West Europe across The North Sea to an uninhabited area of England, looking for a place to build a new settlement. The children considered some very important choices as they decided on the location of their new homes. These included a place with access to water, a place with a nearby source of wood, and some open ground close by to grow their crops. The children showed wonderful reasoning and teamwork skills as they worked together to design their own villages, and then investigated a range of actual Anglo-Saxon place names to help them name their own areas.

Year 5 Dig For Treasure


To celebrate the beginning of our new CC topic, the children in Year 5 have spent some time during the first week of the term being archaeologists. They have been finding artefacts from the past to give them a little flavour of what they will be learning about in our 'Anglo-Saxons & Vikings' theme. For the first half term of Spring term, the children will be learning about Anglo-Saxons. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed discovering a range of Anglo-Saxon treasure (including  ceremonial helmets, a shield and coins) and discussing what the objects might have been, and are looking forward to learning much more about the life and times of the Anglo-Saxons over the next few weeks. Here are some photos of children in 5PB in their 'super start' to learning this term:

Christmas Dabble Day


As part of our last week of term, Year 5 had the opportunity to work with all of the Year 5 teachers in one day. With each teacher, the children got to 'dabble' in something new, creative and artistic. This included designing and creating their own party hats, cards and present boxes. The children also got to learn a festive carol in a foreign language! Each class worked together to perform a re-enactment of the World War One truce, helping them to learn the key message of sharing and togetherness at this time of year. This involved singing and acting, as well as learning some German! Well done to all of the children for their efforts on this day. Please click below to see 5AD's performance, where you will see the class acting out the events of 1914, as well as singing two versions of Silent Night (one in English and one in German) in harmony and completely a capella!

As they say in Germany, Frohe Weihnacten!


Merry Christmas to all Year 5 pupils and their families!

Scrooge - the Christmas Production


All Year 5 children and STAR project have been busy this week performing their production of 'Scrooge'. The performances took place on Wednesday 9th December: one in the afternoon and one in the evening. There was a final performance today, Friday 11th December, in front of the whole school. All performances were brilliant, with every child performing so confidently and dramatically! Lots of hard work has been put in by all the children and staff and we were incredibly proud of how well the shows went! Thank you to all those parents, carers and family members who came to watch the Christmas production!

Mayan Gods

This week in CC lessons we have been discovering what the ancient Mayans believed in.  

They believed in many different gods, both human and animal.  Each god was said to be responsible for different powers and qualities.   Here are some examples of our work courtesy of 5HR.

Picture 1
Picture 2

House Cross-Country


Year 5 took part in their latest House Sports competition this week in the Cross Country school event. They showed great resilience and stamina to complete three laps of our school fields, for which they have been training hard over the last couple of weeks. Well done to all of the children who completed the course and to those who now go forward to represent school in the District competition.

Anti-Bullying Week


Year 5 have been taking part in a range of activities to mark this year's Anti-Bullying Week. The motto of 2015 is 'Make a Noise about Bullying' and our children have indeed been 'making a noise' by creating their own poems, raps and songs with powerful messages against bullying. They have also worked together to create class art work displaying their thoughts about preventing bullying.


A special mention to Anise in 5HR who has independently create her own webpage on J2E after being inspired by many of these activities this week.

CC Homework


Over the last few weeks, Year 5 children have been busily carrying out their CC homework projects. This has involved producing a range of impressive pieces linked to our Explorers theme, including Art and written work. Some children have also used their Computing skills to create their own webpages on J2E as part of this homework challenge. Click some of the examples below to see what creative pupils we have in Year 5!

Explorer Quiz


As part of their CC lessons, Year 5 have been learning about famous explorers, such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. In their Computing lessons, the children have all now set up their own profiles on the cloud-based learning platform J2E. They have created their first ever webpage about a topic of their choice. Impressively, Maha in 5PB used some of her time at home to advance her J2E skills even more that she has created her own online quiz all about Columbus. Well done Maha for your incredible effort and computing skills that you used! Click the link below to play Maha's game.

Webpage Creators


Year 5 have been busy in their first Computing lessons this year. After spending a couple of weeks learning about online safety, as well as creating and signing their own class e-safety charters, the children have now used our J2E software for the first time. They have selected their own memorable passwords and started to learn new skills to help them create real online content. Many of Year 5 have now created their first webpage about a topic of their own choice, considering many factors, such as background colour and font size and style. Click below to see one good example (including a hyperlink to another website!)

No Pens Day


Year 5 have enjoyed a rather unusual day in school on Wednesday 7th October. No Pens Day Wednesday is a national event that helps children to understand the importance of using their speaking and listening skills. Our children spent the day working with different teachers across Year 5, getting to know different adults around school and learning new skills in Literacy, PSHE, Drama, PE, Music, Art and German lessons. None of the lessons involved pens or writing. All of the lessons involved much enthusiasm, skill and creativity! Well done Year 5!

Reading and Coffee


Thank you to the many parents and other family members who came into school today to spend some time hearing their child read (and enjoying some drinks and biscuits at the same time!). It was great to see so many children engaged with their reading, explaining to their family members how our Accelerated Reader programme works and showing them around our library. There was truly a wonderful atmosphere around the LRA and library and we are very grateful to have had so many people coming in to visit us.

Meet the Teacher afternoon


Thank you to all the parents/carers and other family members that came to our Year 5 Meet the Teacher afternoon on Thursday 24th September. It was wonderful to see so many people in Year 5 and especially amazing that the children were able to share their hard work with you! The afternoon allowed the children to become explorers by planning their own journeys around the world, researching key information and deciding how they would get from one place to another! 

STAR Singers


All of the Year 5 children have started working with the STAR Project group in their Music lessons. They will be learning the lyrics to songs from the Scrooge musical, in preparation for performing at the school Christmas production. Any children interested in taking on a lead role of singing and dancing in this performance can attend the after school session run by STAR.

Zumba Classes


5DC and 5PB are the first Year 5 classes who will be doing Zumba lessons with coach Lisa.

All Year 5 classes completed two weeks of Zumba, and completely impressed with their effort and creativity. Well done Year 5!


Settled and Learning!


Well it's been a busy start to this academic year, with new routines to learn, meeting new people and learning their names! But what a great start you have all made! It is wonderful to see you all so enthusiastic about your learning and getting involved with Westacre life! You are making us so very proud already Year 5! 


Curriculum: As this is your first year at Westacre, Year 5 is an incredibly important year. You will be learning lots of new skills, gaining knowledge and broadening your interests in different subjects. In Literacy, we are going to be developing our key reading and writing skills, exploring word groups, different forms of punctuation and extending our descriptive language. You will be finding out about the different types of sentences there are and how you can use them all to make your writing really exciting!


In Numeracy, we are also developing our key skills by developing our calculation methods, investigating problems and developing our knowledge and understanding of place value. During the week beginning Monday 21st September, you will find out about your new Numeracy set and meeting your set teacher. 


Our topic this term is 'Exploration and the Mayans', in which we will be developing our historical and geographical skills, discovering more about the different countries in the world, finding out about life on board an explorer's ship and a pirate's ship and planning our own journeys around the world. After half term, we will focus our learning on the Ancient Mayan civilisation, becoming explorers of their lives and settlements.


In Science, we are starting with a Forces topic, in which we will be learning about gravity, wind and water resistance and using this knowledge in scientific investigations. After half term, we will be finding out all about Space, in our topic called "Earth and Space".


Homework: There will be one piece of Literacy and Numeracy homework each week along with spellings and times tables to learn. All homework will need to be recorded in your lovely, new homework books.

Welcome to the Year 5 Page!


Welcome to Year 5 and the start of your exciting journey through Westacre Middle School.


First of all, let's introduce ourselves!


Miss Devlin Head of Year and 5FD

Mr Barber 5PB

Mrs Radburn 5HR

Miss Coverson 5DC

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Ardis 5AD


And not forgetting our wonderful Teaching Assistants: Mrs Davies, Mrs MacPherson, Mrs Newell, Miss Deacon, Miss Leach and Miss Drury.


We look forward to seeing your lovely smiley faces on Monday 7th September! smiley