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Year 5

We would like to say a huge thank you to all children and staff for all your dedication,hard work and smiles. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the children and wish you all well next year. Keep smiling and working hard and we know you will continue to thrive next year as you have this year. We would also like to thank children and parents for their kind and thoughtful cards, gifts and well wishes. Enjoy a well earned break! 

Role of Honour 3.7.19


5TS- Harry for shining during transition day, getting involved in all activities. 

5LB- Theo G for showing us his fantastic singing talents and for great resilience in his writing this week.

5FH- Harry C-S for independent research to enhance his CC topic work.

5CD- Ania W for always doing the right thing and impressing the year 6 team during transition day.

5JR- Calvin C for his amazing catching skills in P.E

While year 6 were away at Blackwell and enjoying their activity week, year 5 went to have a sneaky peak at the y6 classrooms. Looking at the similarities between the year 5 and 6 classrooms, finding the coatpegs and familiarising ourselves with the routes to the year 6 playground has helped us all to prepare for Transfer Day on Monday. We have reminded everyone that we will all need a handwriting pen and pencil for Monday.



Role Of Honour 


5LB- Bethany for always showing readiness to learn and focus in every lesson. Well done Bethany!

5FH- Isabelle for being a good friend and outstanding efforts in last weeks tests. 

5CD- Evie for readiness to learn and working really hard to complete all tasks set.

5JR-Lilly-Ann for always being helpful around the classroom.

5TS- Ruby for showing 100 percent effort in every lesson and always done with a sense of humour. 

Sports coach

A selected group of children have been working with Emma to build up their sports skills. They have had lots of fun and shown great team work. 

Science Day at Droitwich High School

5FH have finally finished their bird boxes and have chosen to paint them in relation to their original design ideas. The other classes are nearly there and are considering different ways to finish their product.


We had a great time at Worcester University Lakeside taking part in an orienteering competition. The children had to navigate a map to find the markers. They were all determined and cooperative. 

Big Sing 2019

We are excited to return to the Big SIng on Tuesday 18th June. Please find the songs we are going to sing so you can practise them at home.


Singing Together Song Lyrics

A Little Can Change our World

A Little Can Change our World

Together as One

Well done to Year 5 for a successful trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Role of Honour:

5LB - Ruby - Showing fantastic kindness and sharing information about her Grandparents trip to India. 

5JR - Hayden - Kind in class and very helpful.

5CD - Kyle - Has put in lots of effort into Literacy and Numeracy.

5FH - Harry C - for his brilliant description of the Highwayman from Tim's perspective.

5TS - Rosie - Has worked hard showing resilience towards fractions.

Congratulations to those who took part in the Swimming Gala at Perdiswell. They competed against 13 other schools, including year 6 children. They came a respectable 7th place overall. Mrs Hennessey is very proud of you all. 
A selection of year 5 pupils battled the rain and took part in a tennis session with Lee from Droitwich Tennis club. Each week, they will have the opportunity to develop their skills to becoming budding tennis stars. 
Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 5 this term:
Year 5 have astounded us with their homework over Easter and we have celebrated some of the brilliant work during assembly.

Year 5 Roll of Honour:

5FH - Kacey for the amount of reading and AR quizzes she has completed. 

5LB- Dominic for his consistent hard work in Literacy and his amazing homework on South Africa.

5CD - Oliver for settling back into school life so well after the Easter holidays.

5JR - Molly and Libby for being so helpful to Chloe, showing maturity and responsibility as fantastic friends. 

5TS - Madison for consistent levels of effort.




Hope you all have a well deserved break. Please complete the homework set by Wednesday 1st May. Remember to use the time to read, read, read: your AR book as well as many others. We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday 29th April.

Year 5 have had a very enjoyable morning with Year 7, who have lead a French activity session. Year 7 have been working hard to create fun, learning games to teach and share with the Year 5’s.

Roll of Honour


5FH - Well done to all of 5FH for working so hard on your Dragonology text!

5TS - Well done Erin for working so hard on your writing!

5CD - Well done Felicity for working so hard on your Dragonoloy text!

5JR - Well done Chloe and Ruby for your contribution to your Literacy lessons!

5LB - Well done Finley for always being amazing! Also a well done to Archy for sharing your knowledge and resources with the class!


500 Words House Competition Winners


Having received an amazing quantity of stories, 5 children from each class were selected by their class teacher to be put through, as one of the competition finalists, to the pupil panel of judges. All judging was done anonymously.  After reading every finalist’s work, the final winners have been announced. 


Prizes were awarded to First, Second and Third along with house points for Fourth and Highly Commended.  A fantastic effort to all those involved. 


Parent, carer and staff entries were judged and rewarded points anonymously by a panel of Year 7 children. A huge Thank You to all our parent and carer entries.  We are already looking forward to next year’s competition entries.


Please take the time to appreciate the hard work and creativity of our worthy winners.

Roll of Honour

5FH - Oliver and Isabelle have worked together to film their work.

5TS - Jack. Well done for shining in everything you do.

5LB's, 5JR's and 5CD's children have been chosen by another teacher, that they have worked with on a mini writing project, for investing time into learning; active participants throughout the day.

Well done Charlotte (5LB), Daniel (5JR) and Joseph (5CD) for your amazing feedback. Keep up the amazing contribution and writing!

Roll of Honour

5LW  -  Well done Theo for reading more at home

5JR - Well done Libby for your amazing progress in reading

5CD - Well done Charlotte for your readiness and demonstrating Stage 5 skills in your writing.

5TS - Well done for working so hard in Maths. Mrs Riddleston is thrilled!

5TS Zach B Well done Zach B for amazing work in French. Mrs Ardis is always thrilled to mark your book.

5FH - Well done Isobella for your readiness is every lesson, as well as your helpless to teacher sans other children 

Year 5 have had a fascinating day, learning lots of interesting facts about the Vikings from The History Man.

Role of honour

5FH - Kadi - for putting in much more effort into her work.

5TS - Rosie - Focussed on handwriting this week.

5CD - Hayden - Challenged to do maximum amount of work rather than minimum.

5LB - Kayden - Making the right choices.



This year over half of the Year 5 pupils have signed up to take part in Bikeability. Over a three week period these children will get the chance to work with qualified tutors on their level 2 road cycling qualification. Well done to all involved for their resilience and enthusiasm during these sessions!

World Book Day

We would like to say a huge thank you to WH Smith's for accommodating our school, allowing us to 'buy' a new book using our 'World Book Day'  vouchers. What a fantastic opportunity to 'Drop Everything and Read' in St Andrew's Square.


World Book Day

Thinking about why we should share stories

'Stories can teach us a lesson'

'They can inspire people to read'

'It builds a better understanding of society'

'Spend time with family'

'To increase your understanding in books and it helps your vocabulary'


Standing proud with our new books

Taking the opportunity to share books outside

Roll of Honour

5FH - Isabelle  Well done for being resilient particularly in Maths, demonstrating great reasoning when completing Deep tasks.

5TS - Zach B and Chloe have been superstars this week. They have created beautiful guides to killing a grendel taking the upmost care with their presentation.

5JR - Finley   Well done for working hard to include all those Stage 5 Writing Skills!

5LB - Ellie-May  Well done for being so helpful in the classroom!

5 CD - Millie   Well done for consistently working hard!

Year 5 would like to thank Chris from St John’s Ambulance for coming into school to talk to us about his role and responsibilities

Roll of Honour


5JR - Daniel     Well done for adopting a super factual style to your writing!

5FH - Amy         Well done for your amazing acting!

5TS - Madison   Well done for working hard, even when you find work a challenge!

5CD -  Nathan   Well done for using amazing vocabulary in Literacy and resilience in Numeracy!

5LB -  Rebecca   Well done for always doing the right thing: helpful to others, working hard, continuing even when you’ve grazed your knees!


Roll of Honour


5LB Bethany- Well done for always being ready to learn!

5JR Ruby - Well done for demonstrating amazing swimming skills!

5FH Kacey - Well done for your fabulous effort writing a diary entry!

5TS Zach - Well done for taking the opportunity to let your work shine!

5CD Kaicey - Well done for producing more work especially in your writing!



This week, a group of year 5 children have begun to learn how to play chess. They have been introduced to the pawn and King pieces and have participated in some mini-games developing their problem solving strategies.



This week, Year 5 have been learning some different methods to separate materials in their Science lessons. They have separated two solids using magnetic attraction, separated solids of differing sizes using a sieve, used filtration to separate a suspension and watched an evaporation demonstration. The children also loved working in a group as part of this investigation!

Roll of Honour


5LB  Jack - Well done for producing an excellent Character Description. It is full of Stage 5 Writing Skills. Keep up the good work Jack!


5FH  Erin - Well done Erin for your resilience to learning to play the recorder. Keep up the good playing Erin!


5TS  Rosey - Well done Rosey for your work with relative clauses, applying them in a range of sentences and for having such a positive approach to all of your work. Keep up the good writing!


5CD  Abigail - Well done for always trying your best, even when working with other members of staff. Keep up the good work in Literacy!


5JR  Chloe - Well done Chloe for reading five times a week, every week! This has also had an impact in your other work. Keep up the fabulous reading!


Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 5 this term:
The Year 5 Team would like to say a huge thank you for all your good wishes, cards and generous gifts.  Hope you have a fabulous break! We look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Roll of Honour

5LB - Harvey - for being really helpful.

5CD - Dylan - passionate about his writing.

5TS - Bailee - blown away with writing

5FH - Georgia - for her amazing effort in cross country and taking on advice.

5JR - Daniel - working hard on presentation.


Also, a massive congratulations to Alex who came in the top 6 to go through to the next round of Cross Country.

A huge well done to our Year 5 footballers who came second in the Bowbrook House tournament.

Stars of the Week:

5FH - Harry C - For a much better attitude to writing and applying new skills.

5TS - Kayte - Relative clause queen!

5JR - Lucy - Working hard in writing

5CD - Adam - Improvement in his writing.

5LB - Sam - Really thoughtful and helping others.


In computing, we have extending our anti-bullying week by learning how to be kind online.


Year 5 have been carrying out a range of Science experiments and have learnt how to write it up. This experiment involves testing the best thermal insulator using ice cubes.
We had a great night dancing the night away. Proud of how the children all behaved and joined in. Well done to the teachers - were you impressed with their flossing!? A huge thank you to DJ Boulton and Mrs Howells. Take your time to browse through the red carpet photos.

Acts of Respect:

5TS - Matthew - took the time to play with people on the playground.

5LB - Justin - Always listening and willing to help in the class.

5CD - Charlotte - Shows great respect to teachers when they're teaching.

5JR - Molly - Someone who is always listening and works hard. Kind to everyone. 

5FH - Natalia - helps everyone with acts of kindness, e.g. lending equipment, reminding them what to do. 

Harry shared the memorial he attended last week. See the community page for more information.

Kyle, Oliver, Kacey, Charlie & Jordan have all been great at turning up to their interventions on time. 

CC Explorer Homework

The whole school have been talking about the amazing homework that year 5 have brought in over the last couple of weeks. Today, the pupils had a chance to celebrate each others' homework and take a closer look. 

A group of children had the pleasure of going to the University of Worcester Arena to try a variety of sports. This included: wheelchair, basketball, tri golf, parachute games, etc. Other schools had said how well behaved our children were and we are super proud of them. It looks like they had lots of fun.

Education City

Well done to those pupils who had a go at the homework tasks set over half term. A special congratulations goes to Eva McKay and Addison Rowe for completing all the games with a score of 80% or above. 


Another homework challenge has started linked to work we have done this week. Mrs Hennessey will be looking for those that login to have a go. 


Another really successful trip the second half of Year 5 to the Gurdwara. Everyone was so welcoming and the children asked some great questions to learn more about Sikhs. 

Year 5 Receive a Warm Welcome at the Guru Nanak Gurwara in Smethwick


Today we had a great day at the Gurdwara. We had the opportunity to visit the prayer room, hear what it is like to be a sikh and to try some beautiful, tasty food prepared by the volunteers. The Year 5 team are really proud of the children who represented Westacre so well. 

Roll of Honour

5FH - Mollie - for her work ethic and help during pirate day. 

5TS - Baillee - works hard and tries their best. Is also a good friend.

5CD - Jamie - Gone above and beyond to make a huge pirate ship.

5JR - Hayden - Helpful during pirate day.

5LB - Logan - Resilient and helpful. 

Pirate Day!

Year 5 have got off to a swimming start completing a variety of pirates tasks:

Following instructions to make paper fish,

Writing play scripts to create their own pirate puppet show,

Recalling events from a story, acting out a part of Treasure Island,

Creating pirate ship pictures,

Completing a variety of ‘pirate duties’ including ‘walking the plank’ 


Thank you to the parents/carers for supporting us (providing amazing costumes) with our multi skilled day

Year 5 developing their understanding of the value of the month - Friendship.

Roll of Honour

5FH - Harry S - for his reflective responses in Guided Reading.

5TS - Madison - dedicated with work at home.

5CD - Annabelle  - produced some terrific literacy work and everything presented neatly.

5JR - Evie - really helpful and organised in the class.

5LB - Lola - helpful to another member in the class.

No Pens Day

The opportunity for children to use their speaking and listening skills in their lessons.

5FH started by talking to a friend who didn't go to the same first school.

Literacy - the children acted out a part of Treasure Island, where Jim first meets Ben Gunn.

Maths - the children have made some amazing games to play in their groups.

Parents Literacy Workshop

Parents were invited to work alongside their children. We were developing our use of fronted adverbials to describe the setting of Treasure Island.

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 5 this term:

Roll of Honour


Roll of honour celebrates the achievements of a child from each class in year 5 that has gone above and beyond throughout the week.


This week we are celebrating:


5LB - Lexi who has made fantastic contributions in class in discussions readily offering her opinion.


5CD - Aleisha for contributing frequently in class and trying really hard in Guided Reading.


5FH - Addison for writing an amazing Narnia story with his own twist.


5TS - Jayden for taking pride in his work and confidently asking questions.


5JR - Drew who produced a wonderful piece of  writing, it was a pleasure to read and contained lots of stage 5 skills.

Welcome to the Year 5 page at Westacre!


We are really looking forward to greeting our new Year 5 children on the playground on Wednesday 5th September. The children were shown how to get to their playground on Transfer Day from both school gates. 



Our Year Group  Teaching Team include:

Mrs Ardis

Mrs Bennett  5LB

Mr Dinsley  5CD

Mrs Hennessey   5FH

Mrs Riddleston   5JR

Mr Smith    5TS


We are really lucky to have the wonderful support of our Teaching Assistants: Mrs Howells, Miss Colledge, Mrs Burton, Mrs Burke, Mrs MacPhearson and Mrs Sankey. 



Your child will receive a copy of their timetable today share with you at home in addition to a smaller version in their Learning Journal. As you are aware from the booklet and teacher discussions on Transfer Day, Learning Journals are very important to promote independence but also an invaluable link between school and home. 


We would encourage you to sign and return any forms in the  Back to School back as soon as possible please to enable a smooth transition. 



During the next few weeks there will be some opportunities for you to come into school and work alongside your child in lessons. 


Welcome to Year 5 - Wednesday 12th September 1:30pm

Year Five Reading and MacMillan Coffee Morning Friday 28th September

Year Five Literacy Session Tuesday 2nd October 9:00 am

Year 5 SEN IPM Meetings with parents Tuesday 9th October 3pm

Year 5 Numeracy Session Wednesday 14th November 9:00 am


We look forward to working with our new families this year 


The Year 5 Team