We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Year 5

2017 - 18
Welcome to our new year 5's. So far we have got off to a great start with so many children! Everyone looks really smart and have shown how super organised they are. This week we have enjoyed writing about Narnia and are currently creating our own imaginary worlds. We have started thinking about our explorers topic and we will be exploring our school environment. Remember to get your letters in so that we can start sharing some our amazing photos.

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2016 - 2017

All of the Year 5 team would like to thank our children and their families for the lovely cards, gifts and good wishes that we have enjoyed this week. Our year 5 pupils have been a real pleasure to teach. We look forward to following their success in year 6.  Enjoy a relaxing summer holiday.





Thank You From Team 5

Thank You From Team 5 1

Visit to Droitwich Town Centre

Visit to Droitwich Town Centre 1
Visit to Droitwich Town Centre 2
Visit to Droitwich Town Centre 3
Visit to Droitwich Town Centre 4

On Wednesday 12th July, Year 5 children surveyed Droitwich Town Centre. We completed two traffic surveys and also counted all the different types of shops we came across on our travels. Luckily, the weather stayed nice and we had a really enjoyable morning.

Educational Visit to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara


On Friday 23rd June, year 5 visited the largest Sikh temple in Europe. We arrived at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara, in Smethwick, where we were asked to cover our heads and take off our shoes as a sign of respect. Then the President of the Gurdwara led us to a prayer room, which was adorned with many Sikh symbols and decorations. We were able to ask him any questions about his religion, finding out lots of interesting things, before heading on a tour of the temple. Our favourite part of the day was the Langar, where volunteers at the Gurdwara provide meals for the local community. A selection of delicious foods were provided and we even got to try some different things too. 


We had a wonderful day and would like to thank all the staff and volunteers at the Gurdwara for their kind welcome and fabulous hospitality.


My Money Week: Fair Trade Cocoa

Branching Databases


In their Computing lessons, Year 5 have started to explore different databases. In order to link to their recent Science lessons on life cycles, this has included creating and analysing their own branching databases about different animals. Click the link below to see some examples from 5JR:

Year 5 Half Term Homework

Whole School Half Term Homework

Inspired by BBC Ten Pieces

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Well done Year 5! You have made a super effort with your costumes for British History Day!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Greensleeves on the recorder

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British History Day: Collage Portrait of Elizabeth l

Inspired by The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, we used propaganda techniques to portray ourselves in the best possible light in our selfies.our Selfies. 

Enjoying a Summer Read

Children acting out a scene from The Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.

Making parachutes to investigate air resistance

Making parachutes to investigate  air resistance  1
Making parachutes to investigate  air resistance  2
Making parachutes to investigate  air resistance  3

Watch our clip to find out what happens during pollination...

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Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project

Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project 1
Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project 2
Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project 3
Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project 4
Year 5 DT Reading Cushion Project 5

Curriculum Jigsaw


Here is the Curriculum Jigsaw for Year 5 for the Summer term:

Anglo-Saxon Villages

Slime on Mad Science Day

E-Safety Webpages


In their Computing lessons, Year 5 pupils have been using their new-found skills in J2E to create a collaborative class webpage giving advice about online safety. Click the link below to see what they have created:

Mad Science Day

What a fantastic start to Mad Science Day! We have the pleasure of watching and listening to Professor Dunne. All of the children and staff are completely mesmerised.

5FH Gymnastics

5FH have had the great opportunity to work with Mr Frapwell. They have learnt about how to strengthen our core, setting the challenge to hold a plank for as long as possible. To help with this, they have played a variety of games and worked on their core skills both on and off apparatus.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Writing - How to kill Grendel

Design and Technology

We have been busy designing and making our appliqué cushion covers: tie dying, pinning paper templates, cutting materials are a few of the skills we have been practising.

Mini Sport Leaders

A selection of year sports stars have been working on developing their sports leader skills. They have discussed what makes a good sports leader, as well as developed and played their own games. It has been great to see the confidence demonstrated when teaching others and working together in groups. We look forward to sharing these ideas with the rest of the year group.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Curriculum Jigsaw


Here is the Curriculum Jigsaw for Year 5 for the Spring term:

Thank You



All of the year 5 staff would like to send a big thank you to year 5 pupils for all of their hard work this term. They should  really proud of the positive start they have made to the year. We would also like to thank parents for all of their support this term and for the kind Christmas cards, gifts and good wishes that we have received.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to working together in 2017.





This week, Year 5 have been busy learning to handle data. Activities have varied from recording how many of each flavour are in a packet of 'Starburst' to line graphs.  Well done Year 5 for keeping up the high quality of learning and work.

Curriculum Jigsaw


Here is the Curriculum Jigsaw for Year 5 for the Autumn term:

House Photography success


We are very proud to announce that some of the ten finalists for the whole school House Photography competition are in Year 5. More excitedly, the overall winner of the competition, as chosen by an award-winning professional photographer, is in our year group! We congratulate all of the Year 5 children who took part in this and celebrate the success of Emmie in 5JR in particular! Here she is with the winning entry and her prizes:

Picture 1

Shiver me timbers Year 5 be full of pirates!

Leading up to our exciting trip to the theatre to watch Treasure Island, Year 5 are busy preparing for Writing Week next week.

You can see from our photos we have been enjoying a range of activities.

 * Acting out the opening of Treasure Island

 * Learning coordinates through map making

 * Creating J2e pages, following our research on famous pirates

 * Pirate Treasure hunt, searching for the lost parts of the Treasure Island story


Sea Shanty

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Exciting News!!! It's that time of the year... production rehearsals have started!! We are all very excited to welcome parents to enjoy our Year 5 production of Peace Child.  Children will be performing to parents on Tuesday 13th December - Afternoon performance (1.30pm-2.30pm) and an Evening performance (6pm - 7pm)

Look out for a ticket letter coming soon!

Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths

Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths 1
Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths 2
Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths 3
Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths 4
Murder Mystery Problem Solving in Maths 5

First Webpages Created


In their Computing lessons, Year 5 have been learning all about J2E and how to design, edit and publish their own webpages. We have been really impressed with the speed with which the children have learned something new then applied it themselves! Take a look at some examples of the webpages created below:

MP Visit


As part of his visit to Westacre, we were very pleased to welcome MP Nigel Huddleston to the Year 5 playground. He spoke to all of the children about school, met our elected Year 5 MPs and cut the ribbon to officially open our new playground. Mr Huddleston then stayed with us for the whole of morning break time, when he enjoyed a go on our climbing equipment and spent time talking to some of the children in the outdoor book den. Year 5 were inspired by the visit and we were all impressed with their confidence in talking to our special visitor!


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If you are struggling with rounding, use this little rhyme to help you.
Following our friendship assembly, classes have been set the challenge to create a photo collage. Here are some of the pictures so far.
During their maths session, year 5 had to work out how to a measure a mile. Ask anyone in year 5 and they will now be able to tell you how many metres there are in a mile! Using metre sticks, trundle wheels and a bit of brain power; the children have now worked out how many times they have to run around to complete their mile. Every Monday lunchtime we shall now be competing to see which class can run/walk the furthest. Keep an eye on the sports club page to see who wins each week.

No Pens Wednesday

As part of no pens Wednesday​, 5FH selected a part of guided reading text (Pirate Secret) to act out. It was great to see the group and discussions taking place, as well as the brilliant acting skills.

Exploring Solids, Liquids and Gases in Science


In Science this week, Year 5 have been investigating properties of liquids as well as explaining the differences between each state of matter.

We used drama to demonstrate how the particles move within each state.  Looking at liquids more closely, we raced them to see how they differ and processed repeat recordings of our findings to make our data more reliable.  We learnt about viscosity and how this might be affected by temperature. 




Thank you to everyone who supported our year 5 reading and coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This session was a great success with children reading aloud and showcasing the Accelerated Reader system with their family members. The total raised will be revealed after our second cake sale tomorrow break time. (So many delicious cakes left to share!)

We look forward to meeting more of you at our upcoming Literacy, Numeracy and Guided Reading sessions.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Having explored the science lab and considered aspects of safety, we have begun to carry out investigations.

Picture 1 Comparing
Picture 2 Observing
Picture 3 Reasoning
Picture 4 Classifying
Year 5 had a great morning working with year 7 on the field as they tried a range of sport activities. Year 7 demonstrated their patience, positivity and speaking and listening skills as they encouraged year 5 to push themselves to their limits.

Year 7 Sports Leaders keeping year 5 active!

Picture 1 Proud of our achievements.
Picture 2 Demonstrating the results of our listening skills.
Picture 3 Working together to create a year 5 display.
Picture 1

During our first week of Literacy we began to think of definitions for some of the vocabulary we will be using in class.

In Music, we are learning to read Music.  Already, we have started to learn to play the recorder, then applied our skills on the keyboard.  Watch this space for photos and some videos. Well done Year 5 for a fabulous attitude to learning and musical start at Westacre. 


Welcome to Year 5 2016

Well it's been a busy start to this academic year, with new routines to learn, meeting new people and learning their names! But what a great start you have all made! It is wonderful to see you all so enthusiastic about your learning and getting involved with Westacre life! You are making us so very proud already Year 5! 


Curriculum: As this is your first year at Westacre, Year 5 is an incredibly important year. You will be learning lots of new skills, gaining knowledge and broadening your interests in different subjects. In Literacy, we are going to be developing our key reading and writing skills, exploring word groups, different forms of punctuation and extending our descriptive language. You will be finding out about the different types of sentences there are and how you can use them all to make your writing really exciting!


In Numeracy, we are also developing our key skills by developing our calculation methods, investigating problems and developing our knowledge and understanding of place value. During the  next few weeks, you will find out about your new Numeracy set and meeting your set teacher. 


Our topic this term is 'Exploration', in which we will be developing our historical and geographical skills, discovering more about the different countries in the world, finding out about life on board an explorer's ship and a pirate's ship and planning our own journeys around the world. After half term, we will focus our learning on the Ancient Mayan civilisation, becoming explorers of their lives and settlements.


In Science, we are starting with an exploration of the lab and equipment . After half term, we will be finding out all about Space, in our topic called "Earth and Space".


Homework: There will be one piece of Literacy and Numeracy homework each week along with spellings and times tables to learn. All homework will need to be recorded in your lovely, new homework books.