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Year 5 Photo Gallery



We are delighted to welcome Miss Starkey, our yoga expert, back into school. This week she is working with year 5 students to start our Yoga education.  We have learnt the Sun Salutation this week.

In maths, we are starting to look at fractions and made ourselves a fraction wall to help us look at equivalent fractions.

In Maths, some of us have been practising division sharing counters.
This week in our extra PE slot, we have been practising our throwing and catching skills to help with our team work and coordination!

Welcome back Year 5!

In Maths, we have been building nets to create sculptures inspired by Antony Gormley.

In English, we looked at the Dragonology book we are basing our work on, then felt inspired to create our own dragons!
As we move towards Easter, we have used the idea of new beginnings and new starts to reflect on what our New Beginnings will be.  Children have decorated Easter eggs and written on what they will be working on- new friendships, efforts with handwriting, practising their timestables- and have hung them in their rooms to look back on at the end of this term.
In CC, some of us have been creating Anglo Saxon villages for the houses that we created when we were learning from home. We decided whether the house would be for a blacksmith, farmer, weaver and so on. 

Year 5 Antarctica Homework


This morning we have been looking at some of the wonderful homework our children have done for our Antarctica/Shackleton topic. Well done to the children and thank you to the parents for all of their efforts too!

Year 5 Art


Year 5 are completing their studies where we have explored  colour and tone. We are using the work of Georgia O'Keefe to sort art work into cool and warm colours. 

In English, some of Year 5 have been looking at the Kevin the Carrot advert and creating their own story board to match.


Later in the week we will be retelling the story.

We have been Maths Explorers this week, having a go at a teacups challenge. We have been using lots of resources from our classrooms to help us solve this challenge!
This week in Year 5, some children have started writing their own introduction paragraph in small groups. This is for their instruction writing on how to make an Explorer Energy Bar.
Although our clubs can't currently take place, Charlotte in 5MK has had a go at baking at home instead and has shared some pictures with our class today.
In CC we have been learning all about the Race to the Pole!
This week we have been creating diary entries as if we are a character off on an expedition with Ernest Shackleton.



We found out about the different roles people play in a bullying situation. After our discussions, we decided we wanted to be a DEFENDER. (Someone who tells an adult or steps in to help the TARGET) 




We all signed Class Pledges to show we are  united against bullying. 


Designing Jigsaw Pieces To Unite Against Bullying

In Maths today we have been looking at square and cube numbers, using our Maths boxes to help us.

We marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week in Year 5 by wearing ODD SOCKS to show that we are all unique but still we are all united. 



Year 5 'shelfies' of our chosen books for Reading Week 



November 11th Poppy Run in Year 5 




In Year 5, some of the children have been creating salsa inspired music using the percussion instruments we have. The children created some really exciting and unique compositions, even though they all had the same brief. Some children even included some actions!

CC homework showcase


The first delivery of CC homework arrived in school with great excitement on Monday 19th October. The children were so proud of their work, so we spent a lesson conducting a "tour" of our classrooms to appreciate everyone's work. The variety and creativity of work was fantastic to see. Well done, year 5!  

Year 5 Explorer's Day


Year 5 spent Friday 16th October being explorers! They completed a variety of tasks and challenges, from team building to calculating the costs of an expedition. 


They completed research about the places they had chosen to dress for, and learnt about new places and the people living there, as well as writing advertisements ready to recruit fellow adventurers! A great day was had by all, with an added appreciation for the wider world and its opportunities. 


Well Done CC Homework for 19th October Returned Already!

In Year 5 we have been tasting some of the foods that the Maya would have eaten. We considered the vocabulary we would use to describe the taste, texture, smell and appearance of the foods that we would try. 


There were mixed responses to the avocado. The sweetcorn and tortillas were well received. Cocoa nibs were the biggest surprise. Despite an enticing aroma of chocolate, they left quite a bitter taste in our mouths. 

Food Tasting in Year 5

Today, year 5 have been sorting information from a text into paragraphs and headings. This will help them with their own writing next week about Orang-Utans. They worked together to justify their decisions and collaborate with their partners. 
This week, Year 5 have been using and mixing watercolours to create their own colour wheel in the art block.

Some of year 5 have been investigating the Maya calendar, a complex system of rings signifying days, months and seasons. They have created their own calendar to show the importance of the sun to the Maya people.


Year 5 have launched their new Creative Curriculum topic with an investigation outside. They were challenged to find out as much information as they could about the group of people we shall study- THE MAYA.