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Year 5 Photo Gallery

We Have Been Improving Our Measuring and Sawing Skills in the Woodwork Room

Practising Our Co-ordinates Ready To Translate Shapes in Maths

Year 5 Artists in the Making.

This summer term, we have been studying the art of David Hockney. We have looked at the style of painting he is famous for, discussing the features Hockney likes to include in his work. 

We have replicated his style in these photos of a pool and swimmer, using wax crayons to replicate the waves and a blue wash paint over the top. The swimmer was drawn using pencil and pencil crayons. 


Our Bus Journey to India - Our New English Topic

English - Summer term

In English this week and next, we are reading short stories from our class book Seasons of Splendour. We will be retelling these and to help us, we've been performing them dramatically!

Droitwich Brine Baths Trip (Brine Memories Volunteers) 

Today, Year 5 walked into Droitwich to explore the Brine Baths, Brine Pump, Raven Hotel and Droitwich Heritage Centre. The children able to ask questions and find our a lot more about Droitwich from the Brine Memories Volunteers, staff at the Heritage Centre and even John Corbett himself!  Thank you to all the volunteers that took gave us their time and enthusiasm, It has really helped us to understand more about our Salt, Brine and Bathing Topic and enabled us to take a trip back in time.

Big Sing 2022

On the 16th June, Year 5 are off to the Big Sing in Worcester. To access the songs and words to practise - please copy and paste the link below.

Brine Memories Visitors 

Today, Year 5 had a visit from the Brine Memories volunteers who gave the lots of information, which relates to our CC lessons focusing on the importance of Salt, Brine and Bathing within Droitwich. The children were all engaged and were able to collect lots of evidence to help them with our topic. 


In our PE lessons we have been learning about how to navigate through obstacle courses without vision. The children have really had to work hard with their communication skills.

Identifying The Parts of A Flower in Science Lessons

In our Science lessons in Year 5, we have started our topic about Lifecycles. Our first lifecycle will be linked to plants. This week we have been dissecting tulips to identify the different parts of the flower. We had to consider how to carry out our investigations safely. We also took the opporunity to be resourceful by using the flower images to help us identify the parts of the tulip. 

Congratulations to… Ella in 5LP

In Assembly, we congratulated Ella for raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She completed ‘The Great Run’, which was 2.5km and she gained a medal for her success! Well Done Ella! 

Year 5 Assembly 

This week in Assembly, Year 5 have been discussing the new value of the month, forgiveness. They were able to discuss some brilliant examples which they can used in PSHE and other subjects in school. They may also be able to use some of these ways to forgiveness outside of school!


The Day the Chairs Quit 

Today in Year 5, the chairs in the classroom have quit because they have given up with being mistreated and they need a break. The children had to write persuasive apology letters before getting them back!

Moana Sign Language song with Year 5!

Still image for this video

Winning classes and individuals from our assembly 27.4.22

In the DT part of our CC curriculum, year 5 have began sewing their Anglo Saxon pennants. They’re showing huge amounts of resilience in learning new skills.

We met a real life author! Year 5 were lucky enough to join author Chris Smith, who talked about the inspiration behind his new book, Frankie Best Hates Quests. He gave us lots of ideas about writing our own stories and also talked about his other books, The Kid Normal series, which he writes with Radio 1 DJ, Greg James.

In 5MK we have started to create our Anglo Saxon villages in our house groups. We are showing various Anglo Saxon careers and using the houses we worked so hard on at home.

Year 5 Printing Their Anglo Saxon Tiles Inspired by Anglo Saxon Jewellery

Fraction Detectives Looking For Equivalent Fractions

Who goes there? Friend or Foe? 


This week we are writing narratives, retelling the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. To rehearse the dialogue, before writing, we acted out conversations between the Coastguard, Beowulf and King Hrothgar. 

Sketching Celtic Knot Art in Art Lessons

Year 5 have been investigating Anglo Saxon jewellery as part of our Detectives Topic this term. As you can see, we had to concentrate extremely hard to create our Celtic Knot sketches. Well done to 5JR for their super efforts! 

This week in Year 5 we have been doing multi skills in PE, learning how to pass and catch effectively.  

After learning about A.A. Milne day in Y5 assembly this week, one of our children brought in a book filled with his poetry to share.

Year 5 Enjoyed A Fantastic Day with The History Man To Launch Our Detectives Topic

We have been doing some Christmas Origami in Year 5 on our last day of term.

In our computing lessons, some of us have been learning to code our spheros into drawing 2d shapes!

In our Yoga session this week, we have been reading a story all about different ways of breathing. Year 5 enjoyed taking different speaking parts in retelling this story and practising the breathing techniques themselves.

Year 5 CIrcle Time challenged us to think of a meal we most enjoyed and chatted about the significance of it and what it means to us. 

Designing A Snack For An Explorer

This week there have been delicious smells coming from our D.T. block, as Year 5 have been cooking flapjack. We all redesigned the recipe to vary our ingredients. 


Last week in Year 5 computing, we started to look at the Spheros. We managed to move them around the class using the ipads and this week we will be programming them using coding.

Year 5 Explorer Day 2021


A huge well done to our Year 5 Explorers, who made their expeditions all over the world on Wednesday 13th October. Everyone had completed their research about their destination and found some great outfits to reflect their planned expedition. 


Our problem solving skills were put to the test in our team games. During our Maths session, we calculated the costs of our expeditions and we worked out how to reach our destinations during our research. 


We tasted four foods inspired by our Mayan studies in our C.C. lessons. These included the very popular sweetcorn and tortillas and the not so popular avocado and cocoa nibs!. 


As we reflected upon our day, we decided this should definitely be repeated for next year's Year 5. 

English in Year 5


Today we have been getting started with writing our introduction for our fact file about orangutans. Some of the children have been working together on a white board to do this, editing their work as they go.


PE in Year 5 

In Year 5 Gymnastics lessons, we have been creating routines using points and patches as well as adding movement and a variety of levels.

Exploring Colour in Year 5 Art


We have been reminding ourselves of primary and secondary colours in our art lessons. It was great fun using the watercolour pens to mix our colours. 


Thursday 30th September Westacre Open Evening in Year 5

We wanted to share some our fantastic learning in Year 5. We have adjusted well to our new routines and timetables. 

First Week at Westacre


Year 5 have been amazing during their first week at Westacre! After a day of school all to themselves getting to know all of the staff and the classrooms, the children have spent the rest of the week getting to know our expectations and kicking starting their learning for the term. Below are some photos of the newly furnished Year 5 classrooms, as well as some pupils enjoying their first lessons in the Music room and Computing suite. You can also see Year 5 enjoying time at lunchtime playing football on the field and Muga, as well as the children's first PE lesson developing their hockey skills down on the Muga. We are very proud of how well the children have settled into life at middle school and can't wait to see what they achieve over the coming days, weeks, months and years!