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Year 5 Photo Gallery

Year 5 DT


 All classes in year 5 are now starting the final phase of their Creative Curriculum “Who do we think we are?” project- their DT. 


They have studied what flags flags and symbols are used for, and are now making a paper prototype of their own pennant, which will incorporate the relief cut print from last half term’s art. 

Accurate measuring from 5AU

Year 5 Mathematics


In their maths groups, some of the children have been investigating links between area and perimeter. 

They started with counting squares, then used the centimetre blocks to start their investigation.  Challenge questions have been set to see if they can create shapes to suit their criteria.  

Year 5 Viking Day


The Year 5s enjoyed a visit from the History Man as part of our History curriculum based on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Children discovered how the Vikings invaded Britain and how it changed our country, the tools and weapons they used, and even how they built boats and beds!

Year 5 Healthy Living 


Some of our year 5 children are studying how to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle as part of their PE curriculum. Today, they are studying the heart and how it works. As part of this, we used our Curioscope VirtualI-tee to view the heart "in situ" and to take their own heart rate. 

Anglo Saxon Homework Showcase Afternoon

We have been blown away by the superb models of Anglo Saxon dwellings that have come into school this week. The children have then enjoyed working together in house groups to create their own settlements and sharing them with all of the parents and other family members who came into school.


Children's Mental Health Week


In Year 5 have been thinking about how we can 'show our brave' as part of Children's Mental Health Week. We have shared the challenges of being braver in assembly, pledged to try new things and taken part in decorating the trees at the front of school of part of the Pastoral Team Apple Bunting to show our proud, happy and brave moments. 


February 6th is Time To Talk Day


Each class has made a chatterbox to help us generate conversations and think of ways to encourage us to communicate with each other positively. 

Showing our bravery and Taking time to talk

We are scientists...

We are archaeologists...

Year 5 Computing - Getting to know J2E


Since joining Westacre, we have been introduced to J2E and have developed the skills of making links, animating text and manipulating images.


Here are some examples of our work:




Year 5 Computing

In computing, year 5 are investigating websites to evaluate them for accuracy. This week, they have produced a fact file for the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, a very rare creature indeed! We will look at the site and see what clues we can identify to determine its trustworthiness. 


New year- new CC topic


Children in year 5 are starting their new topic of learning - Who Do We Think We Are? 

This links to the Anglo-Saxons and eventually to Vikings. We started the topic looking at Beowulf in English and children should be able to tell you all about Grendel and his awful deeds!

In CC, we have been archaeologists to examine artefacts and evidence. Children used a grid to record their findings and then used the clues to make predictions as to who we were investigating. (Some children will not know yet who we are looking at- shhh!)

English- Speaking and Listening Week


We have been focussing on speaking and listening this week in English, using our work on Shackleton and Antarctica as our inspiration. Children worked to storyboard our part of their adventure, then worked on freeze-framing those scenes. They considered the thoughts and actions of the men to then work into play writing. 

Science - Space


Year 5 have been enjoying learning about Space and the Solar System. In Space Day, we were lucky to have the Black Hole Planetarium here all day and children watched a fascinating presentation about the Sun, stars and its affect on the seasons, climate and time. 

Year 5 English self-assessment skills


Year 5 have been trying to judge their English skills -  which are the most important to show in our writing, and then which challenge us the most to achieve. Surprisingly, the two lists were quite different! This made us focus on our writing and how we can best achieve our individual targets. 

Year 5 Creative Curriculum - Geography


Our focus this half term is geography, which links to our Antarctica work from English. 

We have looked at grid references and reading from a map, and then human and physical features. Using our new map skills we then looked at contour maps and lines. We made models of mountains to demonstrate how they help us to see them in 3D form.

Reading afternoon

Explorer's Day


Year 5 have had an amazing day, looking at different countries around the world and working on their communication skills. Dressed ready to travel, they have learnt about a HUGE number of new cities and places and are hopefully now inspired to travel the world. 

As well as persuading others to join their expeditions and researching destinations, they have decided that communication was vital so worked on improving this during team skills activities. 


In Year 5, we have had an assembly about celebrating Hello Yellow; thinking about ways we can help ourselves to improve emotional wellbeing.

Looking at our hands, we have thought about ways we can use them to be kind and helpful



This weeks assembly linked to our monthly value of Friendship. Children thought about the qualities they looked for in a friend, and how they could show positive friendship. 

Year 5 have now experimented with modelling techniques and transformed their Mayan gods masks into 3D clay. They are drying out and we’re  very excited to see how they will look when complete. 



In their art lessons, year 5 are starting to study Mayan gods and create their own god. They have to consider what they will be the god of- perhaps the moon, sun, or animals. They have been sketching out their work and are now justifying why they have given them those features.

Exploring Westacre

Year 5 spent time outside exploring their environment. They placed a hoop on the grass to identify flora and fauna they found, and looked for items they classed as "treasure" and then had to decide why it was precious. 

We worked in  partners who had come from different first schools from our own, and focused on communicating with each other to describe, select and identify the items we found.