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Year 5 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour 2nd October 2019


Roll of Honour 25th September 2019


5AU    Always helpful in class and great for getting things organised. Works so so hard. Joel Evans 


5CD   Poppy Simpson- sets a great example with her exemplary behaviour. A joy to have in class!


5RM  Seth Barmby - makes great contributions to lessons, both in focus groups and in whole class discussions


5MK- An amazing help on open day. Really enthusisastic member of 5MK Elliot Fitzhugh


5JR  Ashton Knowles for working really hard on his pirate description and suggesting ways in which he could improve his sentence openers. Keep up the good work Ashton!



We would also like to thank all of our year 5 pupils who came back to school on Thursday 19th September to act as guides and helpers as part of our Open Evening. We were really proud of how well you represented Westacre at such an early stage in your Westacre journey. 


Roll of Honour for 18th September 2019


Huge Congratulations to the following pupils who have taken the chance to shine this week...


5AU   Jessica Coleman. Outstanding effort in lessons.  


5CD  Olivia  Moult   Working hard in both English and Maths. Asked for help when she didn't understand the homework. 


5JR Hannah Reeve  Demonstarted superb reasoning in English this week. 


5RM Alfie Allman helps the class to stay organised and ready to learn. A real asset tot the class. 


5MK Chloe May Andrews gets on with everything and ocmpletes everything to the  best of her ability.