We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Year 5

Primary Maths Challenge


Four of our pupils represented school at the Maths Challenge Day at King's School Worcester. Phoebe, Isabel, Owen and Michal were chosen as a reward for their consistent work ethic, enthusiasm and reasoning throughout the year in their Maths lessons. All four of them thoroughly enjoyed the day, getting to take part in a range of number and problem solving activities, and showed to all of the staff at King's, as well as the 19 other schools from Worcestershire at the event, what a group of hard-working, supportive and polite children they are. As well as this, our team had many successes on the day, including finishing in the top 5 schools in the Speed Test, being the winning team in the Mental Maths Relay Race and ending the whole event in 5th place overall!

Zumba Classes 


We have been able to offer Zumba sessions for year 5 pupils . The sessions have been funded using money from the PE Premium budget. 

Each year 5 class will experience the activity which will be taken by Julie Liggins a local physical fitness instructor .

Below are a selection of photos. 

Election week

As part of this week year 5 have been creating speeches and performing them to the class in order to be voted for year 5 representative. They have had to write a speech about what issues in Droitwich they would like to address and why they would make a good representative.


Film Premiere


A few weeks ago, fifteen children from Year 5 visited the Sky TV Skills Academy. The film they made has now been shown and discussed in a whole school assembly. Well done to the children for confidently talking about the day in front of over 400 people in the assembly! Take a look below at the final news report created by these wonderful children.

Skills Studios_x264.mp4

Still image for this video

More details about the day can be found by scrolling down this page.


More details about Social Networking and a VIP visitor who came into school to find out more about this video can be found in the E-Safety sections of our school website.

Creative Maths


We all learn in different ways! This has been shown recently in Year 5's Numeracy lessons, which have seen children learning in a range of ways, including through ICT, cooking and dance to name just a few! Mr Barber's set also enjoyed analysing data using packets of sweets on the last day before the half term holidays. They were challenged to investigate if large packs were fair in the share of different flavour sweets they had inside them. The children came up with different ideas to represent this, including tally and bar charts. Some of the group then came up with the concept of using the sweets to actually create their own pie charts and show how equally spread the sweets were. Well done Year 5 for the fantastic progress you are making in Maths!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Super Sewers


As part of our learning about animal life cycles, Year 5 have been creating their own felt animals in their DT lessons. The children have been working hard on improving their cutting and sewing techniques over the last few weeks. They have now created some final products, with most of the children focussing on running and blanket stitches in their final pieces. Have a look at some of the children's work, as well as their creative use of the spare felt to create a range of suitable habitats for their animals!

Multiplication & Division Games


In Maths lessons recently, Year 5 have been focussing on areas of the curriculum that they have been finding most challenging over the year. In Mr Barber's set, this has involved lots of learning about multiplication and division problems and strategies. To help them to demonstrate their progress and to help others learn more about this, the children in this group have all created their own online games using J2E. Below are some stand-out examples.

Master Growers


A few weeks ago, the children in Year 5 all had the challenge of growing their own plants at home. Some of them have this week brought their plants back into school to show us how well they are growing. Here are some of the children in 5PB, who have shown extra responsibility in taking care of their plants (also remembering what plants need to grow from their Science lessons!) over the last few weeks. Well done in particular to Daisy, who so far has grown the tallest plant. Good luck to all in your efforts with plant growing!

Picture 1

Webpage Creators


Throughout the year, Year 5 have continued to learn how to create their own webpages in their Computing lessons. Take a look at some great examples from 5FC, created about the Anglo-Saxons:

Keep Growing!

Here are some more pictures of our class plants that we have been busy taking care of over the past few weeks.

We hope that those who took their flowers home look just as good.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Sky Academy Trip


Fifteen pupils from Year 5 enjoyed a truly incredible opportunity this week. After very detailed and impressive applications on J2E, the children were selected to represent our school at the Sky TV Skills Academy.


Despite leaving school at 6 o’clock in the morning, the children started the day with much excitement. Three and half hours later, the real fun began.


Once they arrived in London, the children began the trip by enjoying a tour of the Sky TV programming studios where they learned about HD and SD signals, as well as the laws around TV advertising. They then got to see inside an actual TV studio when they were shown where the Spanish Football show is recorded at Sky. Here, the children found out about lighting effects and how the most modern TV cameras operate.


After seeing how TV shows are made, the team were given their main challenge. When they arrived at the Sky Academy studios, they were greeted by a message from the famous dancer Ashley Banjo! The children were challenged to create their own news report about the impact of social networking and cyber bullying. They split into four separate teams to produce their own section of the report, which they created completely independently using great creativity, organisation, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. The children took on different roles, including producer, director, presenter, reporter, script writer, camera operator and editor ,and had the chance to use all of the modern technology available at the studios. The team were rightly excited and proud to see their final piece being shown on the screens at Sky!


To complete the day, the children were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the Sky Sports News studios, where they got to watch the news being recorded live and to meet a couple of the presenters.


All in all, this was a fantastic day out full of opportunities, where the children did themselves and our school proud. Well done and thank you to Lucy, Daria, Finley C, Luke, Owen, Isabel J, Hannah, Finley S, Joe, Jacob, Freya, Shannon, Elena, Isabel M and Lily-Mai!


Here’s what the children said was their favourite part of the day:

Freya: “meeting some famous people”

Jacob: “being recorded for TV”

Finley S: “getting to look around Sky Sports News”

Joe: “seeing an actual TV studio”

Shannon: “dressing up!”

Hannah: “operating a real TV camera”

Isabel J: “watching our film back”

Lily-Mai: “filming our report”

Daria: “editing using the touch screen”

Lucy: “being a reporter”

Isabel M: “shouting action!”

Luke: “watching football on the TV”

Finley C: “operating a camera”

Owen: “seeing a real-life TV camera”

Elena: “all of it!”


The actual news report created by our Westacre production team will be added here soon.

Have a look at a J2E page created by Freya recounting the exciting day she had on the trip!

A special piece of writing


Last week, in 5LB the children wrote Viking mythology and quite literally rewrote history themselves!  The children all wrote to a very high standard and have shown excellent progress using and applying lots of different elements.


We would like to share Daniel's piece of writing, which was particularly clever, with excellent structure, vocabulary and punctuation.

Planting our flowers

As part of our new topic on Life-cycles we have been learning about the life cycles of plants, and what they need to live.


As part of this project some children spent the afternoon planting their seeds, which they will look after and watch grow over the next few months.


Thank you to Mrs Walsh who kindly helped us require the necessary items needed.

Viking afternoon - Friday 17th April


What a busy afternoon it has been - thank you so, so much to all the parents / carers and family members who came in this afternoon to view the Viking work and presentations that have been created by the children. It was wonderful to see so many visitors in school - almost 90 people! We hope that you enjoyed all the presentations and work that you viewed and that you came away knowing more about Vikings than you did when you arrived! We certainly enjoyed sharing our learning with everyone!

Quiz Game Creators


Year 5 have been developing their computing skills on J2E by creating their own online quiz games. The children have used their now vast knowledge of the life and times of Vikings to make these games for each other (as well as people around the world of course!) to play. Well done to all of the children who are making great progress in their Computing lessons, but also for the effort they have put in at home and at school in planning, preparing and checking their creations. Click below to try out some of the games from our impressive children!

How to Train Your Dragon permission letter

Brilliant Boat Builders


As part of their Design and Technology lessons this term, Year 5 have been busy building boats! Their aim was to create a model version of a Viking Longboat. The children carried out their own research using ipads then decided upon their own design specifications and criteria for their models. Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been producing detailed designs and plans for how to make a high-quality product. This week, the children have been working in our DT block, using the equipment and resources there to actually build their model boats. Please took a look at some of the children in action, using a range of skills to create some amazing final products!

Gymnasts using technology


The children in 5PB have spent their PE lessons this term learning how to be great gymnasts. They studied and practised many skills including:

- Balances

- Counterbalances

- Symmetrical shapes

- Asymmetrical shapes

- Rolls

- Unison

- Canon


The children are now putting all of this great learning together to create their own sequences with a partner. To help them reflect on their performances and improve their sequences, the children have been using ipads to record their performances. They have shown great reasoning by giving each other constructive feedback to support each other. Well done 5PB for your fantastic teamwork and gymnastic skills!

Super Scientists


Year 5 have been proving what great scientific knowledge and skills they have! They have been learning all about materials, their characteristics and how they can change. The children have been focussing on solubility of materials and testing how well different materials dissolve in water. Look below for some photographs of Year 5 being scientific investigators in the science lab finding out about solubility by carrying out their own fair tests, measuring accurately and doing repeat measures to prove the reliability of their findings. The children will be continuing to investigate materials in the science lab over the next couple of weeks, looking at filtration of their solutions, as well as reversible and irreversible changes.

Space Webpage


In Science, Year 5 have been learning about the 'Earth and Beyond'. As part of this learning, 5CS have created their own class webpage about the planets in our solar system. In their Computing lessons, the children in this class worked in pairs to produce their own pages then linked them all together to make this wonderful webpage. Click on the link below to see what they have created and what they have learnt.

Viking Voyagers


Year 5 have been continuing their theme around 'Invasion' this week as they begin to learn about the life and times of the Vikings. After learning so much about Anglo-Saxons, the children have enjoyed two special days beginning their lessons about another period of UK history. For one of these days, Year 5 spent a fun-filled day at the Bishops Wood Centre, experiencing a day in the life of a Viking voyager travelling from Scandinavia to settle in England. Here, they built their own shelters, set sail on a long boat, learned a range of Viking crafts and played their own Viking games. We are incredibly proud of the children, who were commended for their super behaviour, teamwork and ideas throughout the day by the staff at Bishops Wood. Back at school, Year 5 also spent a further day investigating what it would have been like to have lived in the Viking period. Here, they worked together to make Viking homes and create their own settlements, as well as building life-size models of Viking warriors. Well done to all of Year 5 for their efforts over these two days and to the children who spoke so well in assembly to explain to the rest of school what they had learned. Let's hope this is the start of a fantastic term of learning around the Viking theme!


Photos from these days will appear here soon...

Anglo-Saxon Fun


What a busy half term in Year 5! So many exciting things happening- including of course so much learning about the life and times of the Anglo-Saxons. To help celebrate this learning, children in Year 5 have taken part in a range of activities, which as well as being a great deal of fun, gave the children the opportunity to reflect on what they had learned and really prove what responsible, independent learners they are. Activities included designing their own coins and jewellery, writing messages using Runes, designing their own settlements and listening to some Anglo-Saxon folk music! Here are some photos of children in 5PB enjoying the 'fantastic finish' to their Anglo-Saxon theme.

Author Visit Newspapers


On Tuesday 3rd February, the children in Year 5 were very excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to meet the author Jack Trelawny. He led an assembly in school, where he talked to the children about his inspirations as a boy and what it takes to be a good writer. All of the children in Year 5 then used this as their very own inspiration for writing - they wrote newspaper reports about the events of the day. Click on the links below to see some of the great writing produced by children in Mr Barber's Literacy set, who worked in pairs on J2E to create their own newspapers.

These children should be incredibly proud of the writing they have produced, as well as the Computing skills they have developed during this process.

More wonderful writing!


Last week, Year 5 continued to make great strides with their writing. The children were asked to view the following video clip up to the destruction of the plants:

The Windmill Farmer

A nurturing farmer in is danger of losing his crop of windmills when he struggles against the cyclical forces of nature. Created at the UCLA Animation Workshop, with music by Nick Fevola. This film was inspired while driving back from a trip to Palm Springs, when a friend said that it must take them forever to plant and grow so many windmills.

Their job was to respond to this by writing the end of story.  The following stories represent some of the brilliant work we saw from this in Mrs Bird's Literacy set.


Wonderful writing


Last week in Literacy, we were learning how to punctuate speech accurately in our writing and showing how dialogue can be used to demonstrate character. In Mrs Crooks's Literacy group, the children were given the challenge of turning a simple playscript (about an old lady that needed the help of a man called John to change her tyre) into a detailed story, in which they could demonstrate their understanding of using speech accurately. In pairs, the children worked together to show off their skills and add their own detail to the events of the tale. Have a look at the wonderful writing that they produced.

Parents Maths Session


A massive thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and other adults who came along to join their children in one of their Maths lessons this week. It was fantastic to see so many of you in school, finding out about what Year 5 are learning and enjoying the different challenges the children and teachers had prepared for you! Parents and pupils took part in many mathematical activities, including a game of Countdown, word problem treasure hunts, Roman numeral jigsaws and a mental maths test! Thank you again and we look forward to seeing as many adults as possible again for a SPAG session on Monday 2nd February.

Just 2 Easy for Year 5!


Every Year 5 class has now been introduced to J2E and started to learn how to use this software to create their own webpages. All children can now access this website, and practise and consolidate their learning whenever they wish. Well done to the many children who are already regular users of J2E, using a range of Computing skills to share research from home as well as what they have learned at school. At the moment, the following children are the most successful users of the software, with the most documents created in their particular class:

Skye in 5LB, Samantha in 5CS, Tammy in 5PB, Daria in 5RH and Jack in 5FC.

Year 5 Dig For Treasure


Year 5 have begun their topic of 'Invasion' with a 'super start' to their CC lessons. The children have taken part in their very own archaeological dig, searching for treasure that gave them clues about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings they will be learning about this term. Well done to all of the children for their super reasoning skills, working out what the pieces were and why they were so important!

Welcome to the start of the Spring term and 2015!


We hope that you had a restful and joyful Christmas break and are ready for another busy and exciting term at Westacre. May I also welcome Miss Coverson to the Year 5 team, who is the maternity cover teacher for Mrs Humphries in 5RH. Despite not being due until later this month, Mrs Humphries had a beautiful baby girl, named Eleanor, on 30th December. Both mother and baby are doing well and are back at home.

This term, our curriculum is entitled “Invasions: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings”. Within this topic, we will be developing our historical skills further by finding out about Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms; place names and village life and Anglo-Saxon art and culture.

In the second half of the term, we will then discover more about the Viking raids and invasions and their battles with the Anglo-Saxons. This topic will also allow us to use the woodwork room to develop our measuring and cutting skills to design and build a Viking longboat. 

In Literacy this term, we are continuing to develop our understanding of sentence structures and using vocabulary effectively in our writing, On Tuesday 3rd February, we are very lucky to have a visit from the author Jack Trelawny, known for his "Kernowland" series of books. As well as looking at his books in Literacy, we will also be reading extracts from "How to Train a Dragon", which links wonderfully to our topic this term!

In Numeracy this term, we are continuing to develop our understanding of number and place value and apply this understanding to calculations and problem solving. We would also like to encourage the children to use the websites MyMaths and SumDog as regularly as possible in order to develop their mathematical skills further.

In Science, we are finishing off our previous topic on the Earth, Sun and Moon and will be starting a new topic focusing on 'Properties and changes of materials'. This will involve comparing materials, recognising the changes that happen in materials, including reversible and irreversible changes, as well as investigation dissolving and solutions. 

During this term, every child will be given the opportunity to go for a swimming session at Droitwich Leisure Centre.

Following initial assessments, your child may well be chosen to return on a weekly basis during their Tuesday Games sessions to develop their swimming skills further. Details about the dates of your child's swimming session will follow shortly in an additional letter. 

Last term was a busy time in Year 5, with many opportunities for you to come into school and see how your children had settled in and take part in some activities such as a coffee mornings, a guided reading session and a meet the teacher afternoon.

This term, we would like to invite you in for some more events in order to for you to share the excellent work that your children do and give you the opportunity to see the learning that takes place as it happens. The following events will allow you the chance to come and visit us in school and see their learning first hand by joining them in their lessons:

Y5 Numeracy – Tuesday 20th January (9:05am-10:05am)

Y5 SPaG – Monday 2nd February (9:05am-10:05am)

End of topic showcase – Friday 27th March (times tbc)

More details will follow regarding these exciting opportunities and we look forward to sharing our learning this term with you! 


Pirate Webpage


5PB have now completed their work with Mr Laniosh and worked together to create their own webpage about the different jobs on a pirate ship. Click the link below to learn so much about this and also see what great computing skills the children have!

Pirate Day


To help celebrate all of the amazing learning they have done in their Explorers and Pirates theme, all of Y5 enjoyed a whole day of pirate-based activities on Monday 15th December. Y5 designed and made their own Jolly Roger flag, created a pirate boat, took part in a pirate dance, acted out pirate poems and took part in a treasure hunt! The children all impressed with their creativity and teamwork, as well as the amazing costumes that they were wearing. Well done in particular to those children who made their own pirate outfits!

Amazing Writers


During our Literacy lessons this term, we have developed our descriptive writing skills by learning about different descriptive features, such as amazing adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration. In order to show off their new skills, and link to our topic about pirates, the children were asked to write a description about Jack Sparrow from a film clip of The Pirates of the Caribbean.


In Mrs Crooks's Literacy, the children initially wrote independently, demonstrating what they could do by themselves. Following this, the children worked in pairs to improve on each other's writing and produce a final "masterpiece"!


Here is a selection of works that they produced - we are sure that you will be incredibly impressed with the writing they have worked on together.

Dashing Dancers


In their PE lessons this half term, 5PB have been creating their own pirate dance based on the 'Black Pearl' soundtrack from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film. In the six weeks they have had, the class have shown what great teamwork and imagination they have, choreographing the final performance themselves. They made sure the dance included the five basic stages of a dance (travel, turn, jump, gesture and stillness), as well as more complex ideas like unison, canon and mirroring.

Further Information about the Lantern Walk - Friday 12th December

Year 5 Transition Questionnaire


In order to gather information regarding the process of transition from First School to Westacre Middle School, a questionnaire and interview session was carried out with a selection of children from Year 5, with myself (Mrs Crooks) and Mrs Gill, the Vice-chair of Governors. The questionnaire enabled us to get some feedback on how the children felt at Westacre and the interviews allowed us to speak to the children about their time here so far. The results of the questionnaires, which were really positive, have been compiled and are recorded below. 



90% of children said that they were happy at Westacre all or most of the time.

100% of children said that they know who to go and talk to if they have a problem at school.

100% of children enjoyed all or most of the transfer day in July.

80% of children said that behaviour in their lessons is good all or most of the time. None of the children said that behaviour in their lessons were bad.

90% of children enjoyed their lessons all or most of the time. None of the children do not enjoy their lessons.

90% of children feel safe in school all or most of the time.

100% of children have made new friends since the start of September. 

Computing Experts


Two of the Year 5 classes have been lucky enough to be chosen as some of the first classes in school to learn about a new website we will be using in our Computing lessons. 5PB have been extremely enthusiastic working alongside our ICT consultant Mr Laniosh, who has shown them how to use the J2E website to create their own webpages. Mr Barber, as well as Freya, Tia, Lily and William from 5PB, have then worked with 5CS in some of their lessons to show them how to do the same (both classes have created pages based on learning in their CC and Science lessons). The children have shown great effort and responsibility, especially those children who completed some Science homework using the word processing tool on J2E. Well done in particular to Freya, Keira and Lily in 5PB, as well as Shannon, Laura and Corey in 5CS for creating the most files in their classes so far! J2E can be accessed at home as well as in school, so the children should be able to share with their families what they have been doing and learning in these sessions.

Garden Arts


As part of the 'Growing from the Garden' Comenius Project that school is involved with, Year 5 have been taking part in a range of artistic activities linked to the theme of 'Gardens'. Activities included a range of art and dance sessions using English gardens as our inspiration. The children showed fantastic creativity, imagination and flair. Here are some photos from 5PB, who created watercolour paintings after listening to the 'English Country Garden' song.

Year 5 Reading and Coffee Morning


What a busy morning it was in Year 5 today, with so many children and their parents/carers reading together in our school library! I've never seen the library so jam-packed! 


There was a lovely, buzzing atmosphere, with lots of great discussions about the books that were being read and even the chance for the children to show off their understanding of what they had been reading when they took their AR quizzes!


Thank you to all our parents and carers that were able to join us this morning, for a read, a cuppa and a biscuit! We look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

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Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September

Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 1
Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 2
Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 3
Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 4
Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 5
Meet the Teacher afternoon - Tuesday 16th September 6

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Welcome to the Year 5 Page!


Welcome to Year 5 and the start of your exciting journey through Westacre Middle School.


First of all, let's introduce ourselves!

Mrs Crooks Head of year and 5FC

Mrs Humphries 5RH

Mrs Bird 5LB

Mr Barber 5PB

Miss Steenson 5CS


And not forgetting our wonderful Teaching Assistants: Mrs Newell, Miss Wood, Mrs Eaton, Ms Deakin and Mrs MacPherson.


Well it's been a busy start to this academic year, with new routines to learn, meeting new people and learning their names! But what a great start you have all made! It is wonderful to see you all so enthusiastic about your learning and getting involved with Westacre life! You are making us so very proud already Year 5! 


Curriculum: As this is your first year at Westacre, Year 5 is an incredibly important year. You will be learning lots of new skills, gaining knowledge and broadening your interests in different subjects. In Literacy, we are going to be developing our key reading and writing skills, exploring word groups, different forms of punctuation and extending our descriptive language. In Numeracy, we are also developing our key skills by developing our calculation methods, investigating problems and developing our knowledge and understanding of place value. During the week beginning Monday 22nd September, you will find out about your new Literacy and Numeracy sets and meeting your set teacher. 


Our topic this term is 'Explorers and Pirates', in which we will be developing our historical and geographical skills, discovering more about the different countries in the world, finding out about life on board an explorer's ship and a pirate's ship and planning our own journeys around the world. 


In Science, we are starting with a Forces topic, in which we will be learning about gravity, wind and water resistance and using this knowledge in scientific investigations. 


Homework: There will be one piece of Literacy and Numeracy homework each week along with spellings and times tables to learn. All homework will need to be recorded in your lovely, new homework books.