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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page!


Welcome to Year 6 - the team are really looking forward to working with you this year!


So who's who?

Mrs Murray - Year Leader and 6RM

Mrs Langston - 6KL

Miss Boulton - 6BB

Miss Steenson - 6CS


An invaluable part of our team are our amazing Teaching Assistants: Mrs McCollough, Mrs McPherson, Mrs Howard and Mrs Eaton.   


In Year 6 we are working towards the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in May, which is a culmination of your child’s learning in Literacy and Numeracy throughout Key Stage 2. Throughout the year we will keep you informed, in various ways, about what's expected of your children with regard to the SATs and how best to support them. 


This term our topic is ‘Heroes and Villains’ and we have a host of great activities planned…there’s definitely something for everyone!

In History we will be studying the Ancient Greeks and we kicked off the unit by demonstrating the concept of time and timelines using toilet roll - luckily, it didn't get messy and you can see some pictures of the activity on our ear group page. 

We are planning a Greek Day on Tuesday 19th September; children are invited to dress up and we will be learning about various aspects of Greek life.  


There are a number of opportunities for you to come into school this term and we very much look forward to seeing you.

Toilet roll Timeline


Year 6 went down to the hall together to complete our toilet roll timeline activity. We ordered key historical periods of time from Present Day all the way back to The Ancient Mayans (studied in Year 5)

We revisited various key terms: decade, century, millennium, period, era, BC and AD.

One sheet of toilet roll represented a decade and we discussed that it also represented the amount of time that the children had been alive! We then demonstrated the relative sizes of a century and, eventually, a millennium. The toilet roll had every century marked on it and, as we unrolled it, the children placed key historical periods on it.

The activity gave the children a great sense of exactly how long ago the Ancient Greeks (the focus of our topic) lived, which will be great as we start our studies.     


Greek Day


Did you notice a flurry of Greek Gods and Goddesses whirling around Westacre last week?  It was Greek Day and lots of us dressed up to celebrate our current Year 6 topic.  We all had a fantastic day, full of great experiences and lots of fun.


Our day involved:

  • Greek Theatre - a script reading activity with lots of drama!
  • Greek Food Tasting - we sampled lots of delicious Greek food.
  • Pythagoras' Theorem -  a maths challenge set by Miss Boulton.
  • Democracy - learning all about Ancient Greek politics and experiencing what it was like to vote in Ancient Greece for ourselves.


Here are some photo's from our day:

PCSO Visit


This morning we had a great safety talk from Jen our local PCSO.

Reading Aloud in Guided Reading

Still image for this video
One of our tasks this week is reading aloud to our peers. Some of us even learnt it off by heart.

Reading out loud continued...

Still image for this video
Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Autumn term:

No Pens Wednesday activities...including the parents in a work alongside session focusing on role play

Times table practise


This afternoon we have been spending some time practising our times tables in our classes. Pupils have been learning some top tips that they can use at home to learn their times tables.

For more times table practise ideas please look at our maths page.

Can you ‘Figure me out?’ This is the new maths display. Keep an eye out for the regular changes.

Pupil Learning Discussions (October / November) - reading and spelling resources to take home

Inter-house football tournament to celebrate the opening of our newly-installed MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)

Visit From The Worcester Wolves

Exploring the circuits in science. Our topic is currently electricity.

Golfing trophies. What an achievement Mya! Well done.

Cross country


We have had a great afternoon running our cross country competition. The top 10 boys and girls are off to district next week and we know they will do a great job.

Roll of honour - Thursday 30th November


* Barney Simpson, Tom Allen, Oliver Beavan, Ellie Harris for their efforts in cross country this week

* Eliza Cox for always being kind and helping others in RWI

* Noah Withington for his plank in Yoga

* Kaycee Bradley for her efforts in SPAG learning the past and present progressive

* Miss Steenson's RWI group for improvement on learning their spellings

* Tamzin Rudge, Molly Parry and Barney for getting their game to work in Beebem

* Isaac Stacey for his contributions to Guided Reading. 

* Rhyanna Fallon for her great reasoning in maths today.

* Sam C, Billy, Hannah, Grace, Amelia, Izzy, Bea, Sophie & Zoe for their enthusiasm in being part of the Christmas show. 

* The children who have 100% attendance in 6BB since the start of term (stand up - you know who you are). 

* ALL the children in 6BB who volunteered to take part in the Christmas show, in one way or another. 

* Connor Priddey for just getting on with his work in literacy and guided reading with no fussing. 

* Billy, Zuzanna, Amelia, Bea, and Calum for reading at least 3/4 times, every week AND having it signed, since the beginning of year 6.

* Connie Hall for always working really hard in her maths lessons. 

* Calum Stock for his amazing drawing of Paddington Bear as part of his topic homework.  

* Hayden Pimley and Kiren for completing 6 AR quizzes this week!

* Kiren, Dillon Richardson and Sky Styles for their motivation in Fitness this week.

* All of 6KL for their sheer determination and resilience when using BeeBem in ICT.

* Sian Bye for her excellent efforts in Yoga - picked by Miss Starkey.

* Laurie Holder, Liam Pardoe and Will Rushton for their efforts as Sports Leaders in Football for 6KL and 6RM!

* Sasha Fenton and Ella Blakemore for their peer-teaching of coordinates in maths.

* All of Mrs Langston's Maths Group for their continued hard work and good attitude to every maths lesson.

* Every member of 6RM who put themselves forward to take part in the Christmas production – it’ll be a great experience!

* Ethan Read for being an even bigger superstar than usual in Maths

* Leo for working really hard at worded problems and working them out step-by-step

* Sophie Pegg for her delicious Greek doughnuts – I’m afraid we ate them all before we got a chance to take a photograph!

* Sasha Hart for sharing a sample of her flapjack superhero bars – they were delicious!

* Shannon Pedlow, Sophie Pegg, Mali Hill, Sasha Hart, Sonny Priestley, Jack Osbaldiston and James Wakefield for your amazing energy levels during our Joe Wicks workout!

* Jack Osbaldiston for producing a beautifully controlled piece of writing which showed off his skills perfectly!

Primary maths challenge

Some of our year 6 pupils have taken part in this years primary maths challenge. They have worked hard applying their knowledge to solve different complex problems.

We are using the atlases and google maps to help us locate the 7 Wonders of the World

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Spring term:

SATs Information Event PowerPoint presentation

'What a Wonderful World' topic homework

Year 6 Group Stage of the Spelling Bee

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Summer term:
Parents can click the link below for a live blog from the Year 6 residential trip to the Blackwell Adventure Camp:

Survival Week at Westacre


What an incredible week we've had completing a range of survival activities in the sunshine over the last few days!  Our Year 6's were mixed into groups and had the opportunity to work with pupils they might not have had the opportunity to do so before whilst trying something new and exciting. 


This week we've:

  • Built towers using only spaghetti and marshmallows (things got extremely sticky!)
  • Baked Power-Packed Oat Flapjacks - which were delicious!
  • Designed and made a device that would allow an egg to safely land when dropped from a height
  • Explored Droitwich canal on bell-boats
  • Succeeded in completing a range of survival activities based on our thinking skills and team work with our guest activity leader, Steve Boycott
  • And most importantly - we've had an amazing time!


Have a look at our photo's below to see us in action!

Building Shelters and Spaghetti Towers

Bell-boating along Droitwich Canal

Survival Team Day with Guest Leader, Steve Boycott

What an amazing year it's been...


My team and I have absolutely loved spending the year with this wonderful Year 6! We have shared lots of fun and lots of success - I know the teachers have been left with many happy memories of the year, and I hope that the same can be said for the children.

We wish each and every child the very best in Year 7 and beyond...their new teachers are very lucky to get to work with them!

Farewell Year 6 - you have been a joy!


Best wishes

Mrs Murray and the entire Year 6 team