We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Year 7

Year 7 Say Farewell



A big well done to Year 7 today for a fantastic performance during their leaver’s assembly. They delighted parents with examples of their work from throughout the year as well as showcasing their wonderful singing talents! During the assembly there was also a prize giving presentation to acknowledge outstanding achievement and learning attitudes. A big well done to the following children:

  • Mathematician of the Year- Leila Whitehouse

  • English Award- Pamela Stacey

  • Science Award- Jake Clews

  • Humanities Award- Thom Wilde and Tia Cole

  • Linguist Award- Isabel Richards

  • Computing Award-Luke Payne

  • Creative Arts Award- Lucy Carter and Talia Widdowson

  • Sportsperson Award-Maddie Rollit and Harry Wilesmith

  • Living Value Award- Alex Marriott and Bop Foster

  • Learning Values Award- Trinity Hipkiss and Annie-May Young

BST Exhibition


Last week Year 7 held their BST exhibition to showcase the products they had made as part of this year’s enterprise project. The children have worked very hard in small groups to form their own company, design and make products using recycling. The children displayed great team work and initiative. We raised over £400 for OXFAM from sales made at the exhibition. A big well done to all the children and a big thank you to all the parents for your support.

Medical Mavericks

Children from all years have attended the Medical Mavericks Club on Tuesday afternoons.  They have had opportunity to use a wide variety of medical equipment taking a range of measurements such as reaction time, heart rate, oxygen levels and grip strength.  All the children had a lot of fun and showed real enthusiasm for Science.

Youth Council elections

In preparation for the whole school election after half term, where all the children will be voting to select new members for the Droitwich youth council, year 7 this week wrote their own manifestos about what they would like to see Droitwich offer for young people. Every child took part and read their manifesto to their own class, where each class then voted for two winners. The class winners then presented to the whole year group where two winning candidates were selected to stand in the whole school election. A big well done to all the children who came up with some amazing ideas, we obviously have some budding politicians in school!

Congratulations to Benjamin Foster and Tia Cole who won the vote to represent year 7.


Keep a look out after half term for more details about the Westacre election on Wednesday 8th June.





French day

Year 7 had a fantastic French day aujourd’hui! We have spent the day experiencing French cooking with making crepes, French traditional sports by playing boules and art with creating our own pieces of Pointillism. To top it off we made a visit to the French café and had a taster of the Tour de France! C’était super!

A trip to Snowdonia!

A group of year 7 pupils headed to Snowdonia last week for four days. The children had a fantastic experience despite the snow, rain and hail! We managed to fight the elements as far as half way up Snowdon. The children enjoyed lots of activities such as rock climbing and gorge scrambling. They also carried out a land survey of the local area. On the final night we held a camp fire, toasted marshmallows and the children shared stories of their memorable moments; it was a pleasure to hear how much the children had enjoyed themselves and overcome some of their fears. A big well done to all the children; they were a pleasure to be with and the centre staff congratulated them all on their positive attitudes and behaviour.

Poetry Slam Final

On Tuesday evening we took four poets and six story tellers to the Worcestershire Poetry Slam in Redditch. Whilst nervous, our girls did us proud with their original poem about voices and visions.


Then after the interval it was the turn of our story tellers to perform their verbal story of a past holiday. After having only two weeks to create and practice their performance they were nervous, but you wouldn't have known watching them! Future stars in the making.


Healthy Living Week

At Westacre, year 7 have been enjoying a fun-filled energetic week following the theme of healthy living.


Today we began a food diary and looked at features of a balanced diet. We also created a poster of a nutritional breakfast for a 12 year old.

After sketching still life images of fruit, we took the chance to try some old favourites and sample some new ones too.

Pupils said:

"I tried a pomegranate seed for the first time and really liked it."

"We found out which fruits were bitter, crunchy, juicy or sweeter than we expected."

"The crunch in the pomegranate seed was an unpleasant surprise!"

Wednesday - Day 2

Phew, we will sleep well tonight after an active and energetic journey through: tennis skills, team building and a challenging training session with the British Military Fitness teamEach group had a fantastic time pushing themselves to their limits, solving problems and developing their hand-eye co-ordination.


Here are some of our reflections about our day:

British Military Fitness

"We showed resilience and self-belief. We encouraged each other to keep going"

"We've been pushing ourselves to our limits!"

"The plank, press-ups and sit-ups were a real challenge straight after completing a training programme outside."

Team Building

"The pipe activity was a real challenge because we had to work together to solve it. Not enough pipe and not enough people to transport the ball to the hoop really made us think"


"We had to keep trying before we got it right."

Tennis Coaching

" My partner and I worked well together and had to keep going"

"We played some great warm up games and really had to keep our eyes on the ball"





Lots of aching muscles and yawns greeted the staff during registration this morning!

We began by updating our food diaries and thought of ways to make some small changes and improvements. Drinking more water and trying to take in more fruit and vegetables were popular suggestions.


Healthy Café Menus & Sport Leader Power-points enabled us to reflect further upon the nutritional value of certain foods. We planned healthy meals using the i-pads and computers.


This afternoon we put our trainers back on and pushed ourselves with the Bleep Test. A few of us reached our personal best and were thrilled with our achievements. Lots of successful shots during basketball meant a close contest between the teams.


Armed with a map of the school we went on a treasure hunt round the school. Using our orienteering skills to locate abstract pictures of the school grounds, we worked in pairs to complete the grid reference. Our reward was a warming cup of hot chocolate and a delicious biscuit! 

After, we budgeted for a healthy picnic for 4. We researched the cost of healthy picnic food and were set the challenge of sticking to a maximum budget of £15. We were surprised by the variety of low cost nutritious food available. 

Then we gathered together to celebrate our achievements for the week. We reflected upon our best moments of the week and certificates were presented for outstanding effort in different areas.

Review of the week

What year 7 said:

"Overall it has been very exhilarating and I would do it again."

"I especially liked the treasure hunt, it was awesome!"

"Overall I think this has been the best week in Westacre."

"It was all brilliant but it was quite challenging. I'd like to thank Mrs Riddleston for organising this and thank all the people who came in."


Snowdon Blog


Click the link below to follow a live blog from Snowdon. We look forward to sharing with you all of the exciting things happening on our residential trip!

Just in time for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Mrs McDiarmid’s English set have been busy acting out Macbeth following all the work they have done studying the play. There were some very dramatic performances!

Year 7 hats finished in DT – just in time for Snowdon!

Picture 1

Coding Challenges


In their Computing lessons, Year 7 have really been developing their coding skills recently. They have already been studying and using Python, a text-based programming language, as they work towards the targets of the new Key Stage 3 curriculum. More recently, the children have really enjoyed using the new BBC Micro-bit computers, which have been created to give all Year 7 pupils the chance to program their own mini-computers.

Click the link below to find out more about the BBC micro-bit computers:

Story telling Workshop


Today a group of year 7 children took part in a story telling workshop as part of the, “Voices and Visions,” festival. Sarah Mitton, a professional story teller came into school to work with children to explore story telling in everyday contexts. The children retold stories of holidays, a school day and stories that had to include an everyday object they were given. The day finished with the children sharing their stories with the group. We had some very confident and imaginative performances that had many of us on the edge of our seats!

What does it take to make a Lady Macbeth?

As part of our study of Macbeth, the children wrote some rather unusual recipes!

Below are some examples of how to make a Lady Macbeth!

Year 7 Build Own Computers


 A select group of Year 7 pupils (chosen for their enthusiasm and achievements in Computing lessons) took part in the BBC's live lesson about their new micro-bit computers. They learnt how to use the devices to create their own codes and will now teach the rest of Year 7, who will eventually all get their own micro-bit device to use and program.

Mural Design


Andrew Lacey, Lucy Carter, Hugo Bates, Courtney Birtles, Tia Panesh and Harry Miller of year 7 have been working with Droitwich Arts Network to create a mural for the Netherwich Canal Basin. They have created a design based upon the voyage of Edward Winslow of Droitwich to America. During this week they helped members of the network to transfer their design onto the panels to be placed around the basin.

We are calling upon all Westacre families to join us to paint the mural on Saturday 9th April in St Andrew's Shopping Centre between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Picture 1

Year 7 Cross Country 


Well done to the year 7 cross country runners who represented the school at DSHS on Thursday 17th March .

Teams consisted of

Boys : Harry Wilesmith , James Hemer , Luke Winsper , Charlie Harrison , Daniel Ecclestone , Thom Wilde , Josh Wilde , Brad Eversham , Luke Jarvis , Archie Hartles and Connor Farrell ,

Girls : Maddie Rollit , Daisy Priestley , Grace Wardley , Abigail Holt , Libby Baylis , Ella Elvins , Ellie Moseley , Anna Smith and Tia Harrison .

We were competing against Witton as the 2 Year 7 schools in Droitwich and the competitive nature of the runners  as you would expect was evident for all to see. 

In the boys race we had some excellent results with Harry Wilesmith , Luke Winsper and James Hemer claiming 1st, 2nd and 4th places respectively , whilst in the girls race Maddie Rollit , Anna Smith and Grace Wardley claimed 1st , 2nd and 3rd places respectively .

All runners performed brilliantly and were a credit to themselves and their school .

Well done again on your achievements and thank you for representing the school .


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Worcestershire Winter School Games 


As mentioned earlier in the term our boys' sportshall athletics team were due to represent Worcester City and Droitwich at the above games finals . These games bring together all the winning teams from around Herfordshire and Worcestershire in a fantastic day of competition .

Despite the disruption of having to make a late replacement with Will Allen coming in to the team the boys performed magnificently all afternoon , putting in a huge amount of energy and commitment to all their events .

Notable results included Harry Wilesmith and Will Allen both achieving 1st place in their respective 4 lap race and the 4 x 2 lap relay team of Harry Wilesmith , Luke Winsper , Luke Payne and Will Allen again achieving 1st place . 

In this type of competition you really don't know where you are placed until the very end as there are field events going on as well as the track events and all the scores are collated together.

Our excellent results on the track combined with high placings in the numerous field events gave us a final score of 156 points which meant we had won the competiton by a margin of 4 points from Woodrush High School in second place and Bredon Hill Middle School in third place .

A massive well done to each member of the team whose behaviour was excellent all afternoon , were a credit to themselves and the school, were a pleasure to be with and who are now county champions.

Team consisted of Harry Wilesmith, Brad Eversham , Callum Dunn , Jake Clews , Luke Payne , Luke Winsper , James Hemer and Will Allen . 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Poetry Day

Former children’s poet Laureate, Spoz, came in to school this week to work with the children. All the children wrote and performed a piece of poetry on the theme of Voices and Visions. The children produced some excellent poems voicing their own vision for the future. We finished the day with a poetry slam as each team performed a Rap they had worked on together. We have some budding poets amongst us!

Year 7 'B' 6 a side Football Tournament 


Congratulations to our 6 a side team who played in the tournament held at Christopher Whitehead Language College on Thursday 11th February .

In the league games they defeated Blessed Edward Oldcorne and Tudor Grange whilst drawing with Christopher Whitehead .This put us top of our group and destined for a final game against our closest rivals Witton .

Both teams played with energy and a keenness to win and there were several opportunities for goals to be scored but some brilliant saves from both keepers kept the game even .

Extra time was needed as normal time couldn't split the teams and again both teams pressed for the winner and bragging rights . Again though nothing could separate the teams and the score again remained a draw. 

Penalties were to decide the outcome of this hard fought fixture and with some heroic goalkeeping from Charlie Harrison we emerged victorious by 3 -2 .

Well done to the team who played fantastically well throughout and well deserved winners.

Team consisted of Harry Wilesmith , Cameron Carr Hemming , Mackenzie Rawlings , Joe Beck , Andrew Lacey , Charlie Harrison and James Hemer . 

Indoor Sportshall Athletics


Again we wish our Year 7 boys all the best when they represent Worcester City / Droitwich at the Worcestershire Schools Winter Games 2016 at Worcester University on Tuesday 1st March.


Let’s hope they can repeat their performance from the qualifying event and remain champions. Team consists of Luke Payne, Harry Wilesmith, Charlie Rowberry, Brad Eversham, Jake Clews, James Hemer , Callum Dunn and Luke Winsper. 

Year 7 up and Blogging


As part of the Year 7 Computing Curriculum all students are now looking at Blogging using the j2e


Mrs Underhill is encouraging the children to “blog” (web log) on a particular subject or hobby that is of interest to them. This week we have looked at creating the blog and personalising the screen, we then will look at adding media and links to other sites of interest or associated news.

The blogs can be accessed from home using, but will not be made public outside of the

School. Eventually, we shall work on creating a Year 7 blog site for everyone to access with news of

School events and photos.


Year 7 English

Over the last two weeks the children have been busy learning about discussion texts and the language of debate: their final task was to write a balanced argument on the subject of compulsory school uniform. The children produced some excellent work, examples can be seen below. We were also very impressed with the independent work some of the children did as part of a homework task to write a balanced argument on a subject of their choice. There was a range of topics covered including: Animal testing; banning the sale of cigarettes; abolition of Zoos and many more.


Forensics continued…..


In Science this week the children have continued their investigations as part of the Forensics topic. We have been testing mystery substances in an attempt to identify them by their properties: this week we used universal indicator and the pH scale to identify acids and alkalis.

Off to London to see War Horse!


On Saturday we took 45 children to London to see War Horse at the New London theatre, Drury Lane. The show was fantastic and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were full of praise for the performance. We even had time for a little wander around Covent Garden, where the children were entertained by a variety of street performers. The coach driver gave us a whistle stop tour around the major sites of London – phones and cameras were clicking away! It was an exciting and entertaining way to finish our work on War Horse.

Happy New Year

Welcome back to all the year 7’s, we have enjoyed listening to all the stories the children have had to share about their Christmas holidays and all the lovely things Santa very kindly delivered!

We have gone straight in to our Mountain topic, starting with a collection of map work activities, which the children have really enjoyed. As part of this introductory work, homework has been set for all the children involving them producing an information leaflet about a country of their choice.

We would also appreciate any photos of the children in any places they have travelled to, either here in the UK or further afield – we are hoping to create a display showing all the different places the children have visited.

Narnia Writing Week


Last week we had a Narnia writing week in preparation for our theatre trip to see, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The children worked in their classes doing a variety of writing activities, including: character descriptions; description of settings; creating a mythical character; inference activities; work on narrative structure and finally writing their own mythical stories. The children produced work of a high standard and enjoyed sharing their work between the year group. Well done to Pamela Stacey, who won the year 7 short story writing prize. We made our own Narnia book to showcase samples of our work, which will be on display in the year 7 area.

  English Workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who attended our Year 7 English lessons yesterday. We hope it gave you an insight in to the work the children have been doing; the children certainly enjoyed sharing examples of their hard work with their parents. The focus of this week has been persuasive writing and I’m sure as many of you will have seen we have some very persuasive children!

Webpage Creators


In their Computing lessons, Year 7 pupils have been improving their skills in creating their own webpages. The children have been working hard to create websites linked to our CC theme of Conflict, and have even included some online quizzes for you try within their sites. Click below to see some examples of their wonderful creations!

Goodrich Castle

Last week year 7 visited Goodrich castle as part of their Conflict topic. The children had a fantastic day exploring the castle and it brought to life our studies on Medieval Britain. The children went in search of defensive and attacking features of a castle, ready for follow up work at school. The children were very well behaved and it was a pleasure to listen to their enthusiastic ideas and questions.

Crime Scene Investigation


Last Friday we were very lucky to have Wendy Watkins, a real life crime scene investigator who works for West Mercia, Police Forensic services department, come in to school to talk to the children as part of their CSI science topic. Wendy explained about collecting evidence, taking finger prints, blood splatters, DNA and the importance of science in solving crime. The children enjoyed the afternoon and learnt a lot about the application of science in everyday life. The children also particularly enjoyed seeing Mrs Underhill dressed up in the CSI work overalls! Wendy was very impressed with the level of questioning from the children.

No Pens Day
As part of National No Pens Day, Year 7 had a very busy day.
In English the children did a series of drama activities: including acting out and improvising scenes between the characters from Warhorse. Some of the children performed in front of the year group - we have some very talented budding thespians!
Following on from our work on the Roman army, the children gathered in the playground to organise themselves into formation, ready for some Roman marching!
In the afternoon the children used newspaper headings and text to make a collage of a soldier, with words and phrases representing conflict.
The children may have been without pens, but they had a very productive day!






Thank you to Harvey Newman and his family who sent in some amazing photos and medals for the children to look at as part of our Conflict topic. Harvey brought in medals that his Great Grandfather and his Great, Great, Grandfather had been awarded during the Second World War. It was an honour to be able to share in these memories.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Meet the Teacher afternoon

Thank you to all the parents who attended our meet the teacher afternoon, it was lovely to see so many parents. The children were busy researching and making information leaflets about Roman Gods, it was good to have so many adults on hand to help!

This week year 7 put on an activity morning for all the year 5 children as part of their young leader award.

The UK Young Leader Award is a programme of leadership training for young people between the ages of 11-13. It supports the children working with younger children and teaches valuable leadership skills through a whole range of activities and games.

Benefits of the young leader award:

  • organisation and readiness
  • communication and cooperation
  • reasoning, resourcefulness and resilience
  • confidence
  • reflection
  • provides the opportunity to work with younger children creating a happy, cooperative and friendly school and wider community.

What does the course involve?

  • Several training sessions
  • A rehearsal with our year 5 children
  • Continued use of leadership skills throughout the year
  • A final assessment - an activity day with a local first school
  • A certificate and official award at the end of the year
  • Lots of hard work and fun!


The Guided Reading sessions this week have been used to read War Horse to support the work the children are undertaking on the novel in their English lessons. The children are thoroughly enjoying the book and there has been some excellent work already started. Miss Bennett, who works with 7JR, very kindly brought in a collection of horse riding equipment to help the children understand the difficulties of life for the War Horses during the battles of World War 1,
The Year 7 lunchtime club is proving popular with the children. They have the opportunity to get together and play board games, work on the computers, use the construction equipment or do some art work.
Mrs Doolin's English group have written some excellent Trip advisor style reviews of their time at Westacre - luckily we scored very highly with the children! Below are some examples of their work.​


Congratulations to our new prefect team!


We were pleased to announce our new prefect team during Friday's assembly.

Head Boy: Dan Finlan

Head Girl: Ella Elvins


Senior prefects: Jareth Weir, Talia Widdowson, HollyWhittal-Jones, and Leila Whitehouse.


Prefect Team: Harvey Newman, Jake Clewes, Luke Payne, Anna Smith, Molly Gammond, Tia Panesh, Bop Foster, Ross Bradley, Hugo Bates, Josh Leahy, Sophie Cross, Aleksandra Ogorek, Trinity Hipkiss, Alex Marriot, Amelia Jordan, Megan Skillern, Leah Core, Tia Cole, James Leahy, Jake Turner and Dylan Bowen.


A big thank you to all the children who took the time to write a letter of application, we will be adding to the team later in the year, so there will be more opportunities to come.


Conflict Treasure Hunt!


Today Year 7 launched their Conflict topic with a treasure hunt around the school grounds. Equipped with maps, in pairs the children went in search of artefacts and photos from major conflicts throughout History. It was a pleasure to hear the lively debate between the children as they attempted to identify the artefacts and assign them to a particular time period. We finished the afternoon by creating our own human timeline. We were very impressed by the children's enthusiasm, interest and knowledge - a great start to our topic!


The Year 7 team would like to say a big welcome to all the new Year seven pupils – we hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. We have a busy and challenging term ahead of us!


Year 7 staff:

Teaching Staff


Mrs. Doolin - Head of year and 7CD

Mrs. Riddleston - Deputy Year 7 Lead 7JR

Miss Brighton - 7LB

Mrs. Underhill - 7AU

Mrs. McDiarmid - 7RM

Mr. Thomas - YR 7 Maths and Year 7 Link


Support Staff

Mrs. Allerton - YR7 TA

Mrs.  Hart -   TA

Mrs. Johnston - TA

Miss Kirk - TA

Mrs. Bennett - TA


Curriculum: Year 7 is a very important year as it is the start of a new key stage, which includes years 7, 8 and 9. It is vital that everyone works hard and set themselves high standards as they start key stage 3.


Autumn Term:


 In English we will be reading, studying and doing work around Michael Morpurgo’s novel, Warhorse.

 In Maths we will be following the key stage 3 objectives, starting with number and algebra.


There are five English sets and six Maths sets in Year seven. We always place children in groups where we feel they will work best and with work pitched at the appropriate level. There is always flexibility in the groups and we meet regularly to review progress and move pupils when appropriate.


Our topic this term is Conflict, in which we will be studying conflicts throughout the ages: Romans, Medieval, World War 1, World War 2 and Modern warfare. We will be looking at the reasons behind these conflicts, the development and changes in warfare and the social impact on society.


 In science we are starting with a forensics topic where we will become real life CSI’s using science to solve crimes. (Always very popular!) We are very lucky to have a real CSI investigator coming in to speak to the children about her work.


In Art we will be doing work linked to our Conflict topic, along with studying the work of War Artist, Paul Nash.

In Design and Technology we will be looking at a healthy diet and the provenance of our food. We will be doing a cooking module involving the making of healthy biscuits, salads and flat breads with savoury toppings.




There will be one piece of English and Maths homework each week along with spellings and times tables to learn. In science and creative curriculum there will be a choice of tasks to be completed over a half term, usually involving research of an area being studied. We offer a range of formats that this can be presented in to address everyone’s different skills and interests e.g. computer presentations, model making, paintings and written projects.


During our first year 7 assembly we will announce our new prefect team – names will be published next week.

I would like to say a big thankyou to all those children who applied. Those who were not successful this time will have further opportunities as throughout the year we will add to the team.


There will be lots of new and exciting opportunities for the Year 7 children to be involved in over the coming year, including: trips to Goodrich Castle, a theatre trip to see Warhorse, a residential trip to Snowdonia, a poetry day, RE question time, Science and Drama days at local high schools and, “Blood, Sweat and Tee shirts,” our enterprise project.


The year 7 team is looking forward to an exciting and productive year!


 If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me or make an appointment to come into School.      

 Mrs. C.Doolin    Head of Year