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Year 7

Roll of Honour 21.6.19

Those that contributed, produced the most amazing array of talented performances at this year’s Eisteddfod
Strong maths revision from 7RM set:
Super cricket and rounders matches for 7RM and 7BD
Some much better creations coming together in BST
Chloe Kiely for overcoming her worries about the high school and coming back filled with positivity!
Connie Hall for being so helpful in class!
Kaycee Bradley, Billy Deacon, Isaac Stacey for their javelin
Pupils involved in the additional visits



Year 7's performing on the Eisteddfod stage

It was great to see some of our year 7s leading the way on the Eisteddfod stage this week. Notable congratulations must go to:

  • Sophie Pegg who came first place in the singing and second place in the dance
  • Emmie Clarke for her first place cake, third placed singing and highly commended film
  • Bruno Osman-Hopes for his second place in the dance/ gymnastics
  • Grace Moore for her third place cake
  • Giorgia Baylis for her third placed film
  • Eliza Cox for her second placed piano playing
  • Sarah Brown for her second placed singing
  • Grace Gittus for her highly commended cake
  • Ellison Priest for his highly commended poem
  • CAOS- Isaac Stacey, Annabel Brannan and Billy Deacon- for their instrumental performance

Rise and Fall topic 


In CC, year7 are studying the British Empire- its rise and i’s fall. This week we have looked at one of the highlights of the time - The Great Exhibition. Students have looked at a range of sources ( while listening to  Elgar’s “Land of hope and glory”!) andtried to infer who went, why it happened and when it was. 

Year 7 Roll of Honour 17.5.19

A huge well done for yr7 for being so responsible and resilient with SATs week going on – to teach 93 in the hall was never going to be easy but your enthusiasm and readiness was great.
Great investigative work going in
Mrs Allerton said those who did maths with her had a great week – lots of positives.
Some mature discussions about relationships with 7BD
Enjoyable game of rounders – lots of team work being shown
Positive attributes of kindness, helpfulness, caring and being supportive of friends etc shown by many children in the class (7BD)
Dan Morris for making good choices this year
Leo G for a black belt in Maths ninja today
Eliza Cox for always saying good morning- nice to be welcomed/ appreciated
All the girls in 7PC who have been so helpful in covering/ taking down displays this week.
All of you for the way you have respected the nerves/ anxieties of Year 6 during a testing week.

Year 7 maths 

We are continuing our investigation work today with a carousel of activities. Children can work as a group, pairs or individually to investigate possibilities, create theories and then try to prove them.  

Maths investigations


Year 7 are learning practical maths today, with a trade game taking place. Each group represents a country, with an amount of resources. The aim is to make ‘goods’(paper shapes) that have to be made to an exact pattern. Trading between groups for resources (scissors and paper, rulers and compasses) means they are understanding monetary values as well as group work and communication. Successful shapes are rewarded with Dino Dollars to aid with the economy. Who will be the richest country by the end of the task? 

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 7 this term:

It was Healthy Living Week for the Year 7 children last week where children furthered their understanding of nutrition, mental well being and the importance of exercise. One of the activities was visiting Morrisons in Droitwich as part of the Academy of Food programme. Here they developed the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare delicious, healthy dishes and even brought back some fruit that was generously given by the superstore to make smoothies. 


As well as a number of physical activities being offered in school, Droitwich Leisure Centre kindly provided a number of activities across the week. These included a circuit training and dance session, badminton, football, racketball, as well as a fitness session in the gym. We thank the leisure centre greatly for their support over the week!

Well done Year 7 for designing, making and delivering a very enjoyable and educational French session to the Year 5’s. You have made Westacre very proud.

500 Words House Competition


Having received an amazing quantity of stories, 5 children from each class were selected by their class teacher to be put through, as one of the competition finalists, to the pupil panel of judges. All judging was done anonymously.  After reading every finalist’s work, the final winners have been announced. 


Prizes were awarded to First, Second and Third along with house points for Fourth and Highly Commended.  A fantastic effort to all those involved. 


Parent, carer and staff entries were judged and rewarded points anonymously by a panel of Year 7 children. A huge Thank You to all our parent and carer entries.  We are already looking forward to next year’s competition entries.


Please take the time to appreciate the hard work and creativity of our worthy winners.

Big Brum puts on a show


Yesterday, Year 7 had the opportunity to experience live theatre when the Big Brum Theatre Company visited Westacre to present their performance of Jekyll and Hyde. During the day, the children got to look at the story and complete different tasks relating to the characters and plot. They took time to think about the Jekyll and Hyde in themselves and created responses to the play using these.

Roll of Honour 29.3.19


Connie Hall and James Wakefield for unbelievable unpicking of the Shakespearean language.
Connor Priddey and Alfie Williams for their contributions to dance.
All the year 7 helpers from Mather’s Day celebrations- all polite, considerate and helpful
Will Carter for being Will Carter
Leon Butler for reaching silver by creating a super set of dance moves, completing his arithmetic questions and completing all of his homework
Leon for combining his geography knowledge and computing this morning!
Jack Parry for getting 30 in his Ninja maths
Ben Mountfort , Grace Gittus and Chloe-Marie Hall for their stunning photo montage
7RM’s superb effort in their Shakespeare assessment – fantastic!!!
Most of 7AU English- Shakespeare assessment – well done.
Will Carter for being constantly polite. A lovely quality to take forwards in life.
PC’s Maths group for an improved attitude to homework
Kiren P for some fantastic writing in English-great similes and use of Westacre’s Wonderful Words.
Stef- settling into a new school well
Hayden for helping Stef settle in quickly
Joe Al-B- beginning to show more in his English and is now creating the longest and highest quality of work so far this year.
Chloe Crowther and Ellie Lupton for their excellent writing across other subjects- really impressed with your CC work.
All the girls involved in the Big Switch Off- a credit to Westacre


Roll of Honour 22.3.19

Emily D, Isaac S, Liam P, Ellie H, Kaitlyn F, Toby H, Emmie C, Maggie C, Leo G for all smashing black belts in Maths Ninja
All for PC’s Maths set for handing in homework on time
Chloe K, Connie H and Chloe-Marie H for being so trustworthy and giving up their time to help staff
PC’s English group for showing the emotion in their writing
Molly Still for always giving her opinion in GR focus groups
Kaycee, Chloe Crowther and Tom Plaskett’s fantastic Tempest letters
Grace Gittus and Louise Hall for outstanding arithmetic work
7RM’s much better approach to learning and behaviour
7AU English – great use of Shakespearean language skills and Westacre Words in your letters. A please to read. Thou hast all done verily well!
Sophie Watkins for her end of unit test results – great work
Tom S for 30/30 this mornings Ninja. FAB U LOUS
Respect shown when our visitor form the Gideons was speaking
A reduction in soap opera drama amongst some pupils.
Dan Morris for being a good sport in our circle time

Kiren for his progress since joining Westacre

  • Great Dance from 7AU- Oliver Beavan, so lovely to see you so into it. Well done.
  • An excellent Maths lesson by Toby GT today
  • Michael Host for making us laugh

Roll of Honour 15th March 2019



7RM’s fantastic, positive approach to the Skills Show. The response to the variety of businesses and organisations there, was really strong.
Mrs. Morgan praising Tom Plaskett, Ashton Dew and Kiren for their interest and commitment to building models around circuit boards  on the BAE stand at the NEC and also the interest shown in DNA profiling on the NHS stand by Natalie Hinton, Chelsea Leigh Thom and Connie Hall
Jamie-Lea and Ashton Dew for their really hard work in maths today. They were an incredible pair of math magicians! Great resilience and determination.
Billy deacon for having a dream job and doing something about it.
Amelia Jessop for her exceptional photography and people finding skills.
Sian Bye for having a give-it-a go attitude
Year 7 commitment to Zumba- not everyone’s favourite, but a fantastic effort
Whole of Year 7attitude to Skills Show and Big Bang. For majority of student, behaviour was fantastic and great to hear your enthusiasm for days.
English 7AU – great retelling and arguing of Prospero’s actions. Showed a depth of understanding of his character and developed that.

Year 7 take first steps on their career paths


It has been a particularly successful and enjoyable week in year 7 with the children having the opportunity to explore a range of different future careers. 


On Wednesday, we went to the Chateau Impney, to the Worcestershire Skills Showcase, where pupils had the opportunities to talk with companies from all different sectors of employment. Each stall was run by a professional and it was great to see so many pupils discussing their futures and trying the activities that were on offer. They had the chance to hammer nails in the construction zone, use robotic arms and virtual reality headsets in the technology zone, and talk to the army about what their futures could hold. 


Thursday was a chance to build on the success with a visit to the NEC and the BIG BANG fair. Pupils saw a range of STEM companies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and were again given the chance to find out more about the wide variety of opportunities there are out there for them.  


Friday was a chance to consider what they had discovered and begin looking at where to go next. Pupils spent time considering their future cost of living- some of them may need to tighten their belts somewhat- along with what wages they may hope to achieve in the jobs they envisage themselves doing. The week was ended with the chance to apply for a dream job through a  letter of application and we look forward to shortlisting the successful candidates to then have interviews with Mrs. Evans. 


The pupils have really shown maturity this week and it is great to see them thinking about their futures at such a relatively young age. Well done Year 7. 

8.3.19 Roll Of Honour


Everyone in 7PC for their accurate retelling of The Tempest and superb use of Westacre Wonderful Words
Oliver Barker and Molly Still for their ideas relating to Prospero’s character
7PC for putting on the greatest show!
Jake, Isaac and Joe for giving it a go.
Connie Hall for scaring the whole class with her ‘Who is this man?’
Joe Al Bajally for shouting so loud in drama in order to take on the character of Prospero
Bruno Osman-Hopes for his unbelievable portrayal of Miranda.
The whole of year 7 for the way they conducted themselves on the trip into Droitwich town centre
Annabel Brannan for appreciating literature.
Indiya, Mya, Bea, Grace, Sian, Kaitlyn, Emily, Sophie, Chloe for helping tidy Mr Cotton’s cupboard this week.
All of the success shared with parents during parent’s discussion meetings.
Hermione for coming into a new school and settling so quickly- not an easy thing to do- be very proud of yourself!
LBr English group-brilliant acting of The Tempest- a very enjoyable lesson!!
Great effort and improvisation from AU group to the Tempest WHOOSH. Leo G’s Caliban was a thing to behold!!!
Summer for investigative powers in maths. Proving that there were 40 ways to shade the square in 5/8

The Tempest


Today year 7 spent time in the hall trying to solve a mystery. We are starting to study Shakespeare's The Tempest play, so the children used clues, film clips, props and photographs to try and work out any characters and plot points. 

They also learnt about Shakespeare's life and the Globe theatre. 

Alfie braves the shave


The end to the week in year 7 was different to most this week when Alfie Williams decided to 'Brave the Shave'. 


Alfie took the decision to have his whole head shaved to support McMillan Cancer Support, a charity that is very close to his heart, and in the process was able to collect well over £400 for the charity. The whole year group and staff are immensely proud of Alfie and it was a terrific end to our week.

Visit from Kooth


Following on from our recent Children's Mental Health week, we were delighted to invite Jaz from Kooth (an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people) to talk to the children about mental health and the support that Kooth can provide. The children listened superbly and each took a card home with the details of the site to be used if and when required. 

Year 7 Children's Mental Health Week

This week Year 7 have been taking part in a range of activities to do with mental health as it was Children's Mental Health week. They spent time thinking about all the things we do in Westacre to keep our minds healthy and took part in activities including wellbeing colouring, dodgeball (to promote being active) and landscape drawing (trying something new). Throughout the week the children have been involved in discussing issues regarding mental health and they have really impressed staff with their insightful thoughts. Well done year 7!

Roll of Honour 1.2.19


◦Toby H for his amazing explanation regarding standard form- really amazed me!

◦Gili, Bea and Eliza for help with Cyber Council visit from Ombersley School – maturity, explanations, consideration shown.

◦Great horror movie trailers from 7RM and 7PC so far – excellent work. Maturity shown in judging too.

◦Alice Hughes for helping to keep the class organised.

◦Blake Burrows for his polite attitude.

◦7BD for how helpful they are to each other in DT making the trebuchets.

◦7PC for beginning to show a reaction to recent disappointments

◦Ella B and Chloe C for some brilliant floor routines in PE

◦Hayden P for his fantastic demonstrating in PE

◦Natalie Hinton for an amazing improvement in her character description

◦Bruno O-H for his attitude to English homework- done and completed to a high standard

•Chloe Crowther for her excellent attitude to prefecting.

•Izzy R’s artwork- very impressed!

•Molly Parry and a few others for coming in even when feeling ill- love the commitment

•All of you for not sulking due to the lack of snow- still same focus in lessons

•Ellicia Lupton for her newfound attitude to completing homework

•Chloe Hodgson for being Chloe Hodgson

•7PC for their organisation in their Scientific enquiry's

Roll of Honour 18.1.19


◦Maggie Collins for her mature attitude whilst out on the playground.

◦Isabelle and Guillherme for winning 7RM spelling bee –good luck next week.

◦Children in 7BD, AU and RM for being so patient waiting for the drill/sander in DT and finding other tasks to complete.

◦Sophie Watkins, Jemuel, Alice Hughes –helping Mrs Morgan complete a RWI treasure hunt.

◦Emily Dutton for arriving to school with a huge smile on her face, ready to learn, even though she must be tired from performing in Aladdin at The Norbury theatre in the evenings. I am very proud of you!

◦Jemuel for spending her evening trying to solve the Deep –using and applying task. This gave you a huge head start for the next lesson so well done!

◦So many children in AU English group for writing their ending for The Man with the Yellow Face – some great writing using the skill of short sentences for tension. WOW!

◦Ellison for his in depth answers to Bobs horror prediction.

◦Sophie Watkins for being star this week in maths and English- really impressed with her attitude to learning.

◦All generally being helpful to Eliot with her current predicament – kindness is lovely to see.

•Ben, Leo, Ethan and Emily for their blackbelts in Maths Ninja

•7AU for their excellent listening skills in Art today

•Billy Deacon for his amazing art work

•Isaac Stacey for taking on feedback and making huge strides in improvement.

•PC’s English class have really pushed themselves this week- colons/ semi-colons being used frequently in writing and quotes being used to support opinions in GR


Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 7 this term:

Speaking and Listening Day - Friday 7th December


Today year 7 will be focussing on their speaking and listening skills. 

We have started the day with some maths games, describing the shapes and mathematical items on the board to our partners.  Then we played Bing Bong Zong, which the children really enjoyed. Why not ask your child to explain it to you, and have a game this weekend?! 


Speaking and listening maths

Age UK- the children are now focussing their speaking and listening on drama activities, creating adverts for Age UK. They have been very empathetic when watching videos about being lonely at Christmas and are aiming to create adverts with impact and emotion to raise awareness. 

Speaking and Listening drama

Roll of Honour 30.11.18


  • Mrs Bird's Maths set- great focus and reasoning in Tuesday's lesson.
  • All children who have brought consents and payments for Theatre trip
  • 7RM very thoughtful questions during Thursday's circle time
  • Calum Stock for being an excellent team player during P.E.
  • Ellie Harris for creativity in art
  • Owen Smith for trying hard in all aspects
  • 7PC for working very hard on their French assessments
  • 7AU for their NMA work- some very reflective pieces
  • Grace Moore for soldiering on
  • Hayden Pimley for being exceptionally modest about his achievements outside of school.
  • Joseph Foley for his excellent work in CC
  • 7BD MAths for their problem solving and focus
  • Natalie Hinton and Jemuel Mandisodza for achieving 100+ in their Maths tests
  • Grace Moore for lightning quick arithmetic
  • Liam Pardoe for getting a blackbelt in Maths ninja today
  • All pupils' behaviour on the visit to DSHS to watch Romeo and Juliet

Roll of Honour 23.11.18


◦Chloe Crowther- always polite and interested in the people she speaks to

◦7AU: CC on Thursday- interested and engaged in the lesson.

◦7AU- real reflection in terms of the attitudes towards tidying the DT block- all tidied within 4 mins = longer DT lesson = more trebuchets getting nearer completion.

◦Tom Stringer, Tamzin and Ellie in 7BD for helping Toby to catch up making a trebuchet

◦Toby Hetherington for fitting in so quickly and being so positive- moving schools mid-year can be tricky but you have taken it in your stride and shown great maturity

◦An improvement in amount of homework- PC’s Maths all in this week- first time this has happened in a while.

◦7RM-Polite, respectful and listening to guide on the trip to the NMA.

◦PC’s group for not telling him it was cold on the NMA trip and just listening to the guide- Tom S and Guilherme for super questioning.

◦James W for attitude on the trip- PC really enjoyed your company.

◦Jemuel and Hayden for achieving black belts in Maths Ninja today

◦Liam Pardoe for helping Toby to settle in and being a good friend to him

◦7AU for coping without AU for so much of this week

◦All of you for behaviour this week- we have really enjoyed being year seven staff this week.

◦Whole of year 7 on NMA trip- engaged and empathy shown throughout- well done.

◦Fantastic effort and attitude at cross country.

◦Jake Twinam for his poetry- all that time on Fortnite has inspired his war poems!

◦Miss Brighton’s English- excellent reading of poetry- loved Jamie-Lea’s Expression

◦7BD for always working exceptionally hard in French- work quietly and are focused.

◦Maggie Collins for being amazing at the 1-6 Maths game.

◦Sophie Pegg for being Sophie Pegg




Visit to the National Memorial Arboretum


On Wednesday 21st November, the whole of year 7 spent the day at the NMA, near Alrewas, Staffordshire.  As part of our CONFLICT topic the children looked at the memorials to those who have lost their lives in war; ranging from Post Men and Women to the Parachute Regiment. Children were fascinated to see some of the more unusual ways of commemorating loss and listed carefully to our tour guides who gave very personal accounts of their lives in service.


Roll of Honour 16.11.18

◦Kaycee Bradley for her fantastic poem comparison in our assessment

◦Hayden Pimley and Ashleigh Hall achieving black belt in Maths Ninjas

◦So many pupils engaged with the Anne Frank in GR- asking questions, interested in what happened to the family

◦Great efforts in Maths assessments

◦Python coding has gone really well- well done to you all!

◦Really thoughtful, mature discussion on judgements in 7BD ethics

◦Very generous donations for Children in Need

◦Toby GT for a fantastic attitude in Maths

◦7LM Maths for great mathematical jokes and dance moves

◦Grace and Emmie for showing resilience in bringing Judy to justice.

◦All of you who take responsibility for yourselves and don’t rely on staff/ mothers

◦Sky Styles for being able to hold a mature conversation.

◦7BD Science- great interest in the subject and lots of questions

◦Jack Walker for great maturity

◦7PC for being the same 7PC all the time, no matter the lesson or staff member you always work your socks off!

◦The whole year group- lots of cover this week- no disruptions

◦Great to see so many of you physically active at break and lunch times- well done!

◦Mya, Chloe, Sophie, Sian, Grace and Indiya for helping parents this morning

◦Jake Twinam for really increasing his productivity and quality in English- a real flair for poetry

◦PC for their vastly improved attendance

◦PC for the vastly improved attitude to AR.

◦Sky Baylis for being helpful and considerate to others especially to Kaycee and Mrs Morgan

Roll of Honour 9.11.18



◦7AU for respectful contributions in Ethics surrounding Remembrance day.

◦Emmie Clarke for her thoughtful comments regarding Remembrance

◦Hayden Pimley for seeing someone didn’t have a poppy and buying them one

◦Chloe Marie Hall and Chloe Kiely for reading their own poem in assembly

◦Maggie Collins, Ashleigh Hall, Izzy Edwards for their reading

◦7AU- when Toby was taken ill in DT, everyone acted in a responsible manner and Eliza Cox taking responsibility for safety.

◦7AU- amazing topic homework from the class- engagement and reflection shown in reviewing them too

◦Alice Hughes and Tom Stringer for bringing books of war poems in- fabulous independent research

◦7LM Maths- amazing enthusiasm for the subject- even creating their own mathematical dance moves

◦Chelsea-Leigh Thom for her poetry writing outside of school

◦Tola Mackay for excellent reading aloud of the poem in GR- well learnt- clear- good expression.

◦Louise Hall for a perfect recital of Flanders Fields

◦Owen Smith for an outstanding Maths lesson this week.

◦Those of you who pushed one more lap out of yourselves in Cross country.

◦Ben Mountfort for his topic homework- WOW!

◦7PC for some amazing pieces of topic homework- I can’t wait to see the next instalment

◦7PC for contributions on writing day- especially Grace- it was great to enjoy your literary talents

◦Sophie Pegg, Mya Slavin and Chloe Hodgson for brilliant research and a fantastic presentation.

◦Jaxon Tandy and Ethan Read for pure determination to succeed- achieving DEEP in Maths- in their break time

◦Overall attitudes to House sports- great competitive spirits carried out in a fair manner.

◦Liberty for tirelessly helping others and making sure they could complete the writing- she gave them ideas.

◦Jamie-Lea  for helping his friend by offering to help him remember important times tables throughout the day in case he forgot

◦Jemuel offering to buy other children in our class poppies so everyone had one for assembly

◦Alfie Williams and Calum Stock for being the first children to achieve black belt in Maths Ninja in Mrs Morgan’s set

◦Mrs Morgan is very proud of the whole of 7RM for wearing a poppy of remembrance

◦Jack Parry for completing every question in Maths skills lesson and everyone was correct

◦Leon Butler for, without asking, putting his homework in a folder in his bag to keep it safe and handed it in on time


Year 7 have really shone in their first half term as top of the school and the staff have been encouraged by the mature attitudes and leadership skills they are showing; our learning and living values have taken centre place in the way they have conducted themselves in the first eight weeks of the school year. They have worked exceptionally hard and all year 7 staff would like to wish them, and parents, a happy half term. 


Roll of Honour 26th October 2018

◦Fabulous mosque visit- hugely respectful students, engaging questions- you have some exceptionally proud teachers!

◦Bruno and Harrison for asking thoughtful questions at the Mosque.

◦7BD for reflective discussion about the trip.

◦Hard work in 7AU Maths- attacking algebra challenges.

◦Great to meet all your parents- brilliant to just share the positives about your learning rather than complaining about behaviour.

◦7PC French – completed all tasks set and wanted more. Très bien, 7PC.

◦Kaycee and Ashton for speedy mathematical calculations.

◦Sonny for being a fantastic team player; passing the ball rather than taking the shot himself

◦Jaxon Tandy for his work ethic this term- so, so impressed with his start to year 7.

◦Sian and Maggie for getting their blackbelts in Maths ninja.

◦All of you for your start t life in Year 7.

On Thursday 25th October, our year 7s had the opportunity to be involved in our faith day in school. As part of this, pupils had the chance to practise calligraphy and design geometric patterns that are a key part of Islamic artwork. Alongside this, pupils visited Birmingham Central Mosque, giving them a chance to ask questions based around our upcoming topic in Ethics, 'What are the advantages/ disadvantages of being a teenage Muslim living in the UK today'. The maturity of the questions asked and the exemplary behaviour on show made all staff exceptionally proud of the year group.

Cross Curricular Writing


Some of year 7 have been writing newspapers about the Battle of Hastings - one of the battles studied in our CC topic "Conflict".

7AU used the Comic Life app and worked in pairs to write up their reports, proof reading and editing to select the best elements of their writing.

Roll of Honour 19.10.18



◦Chloe Marie Hall- always being polite

◦Liam Pardoe for really understanding chapter 8 of War Horse so that he could use quotes within his answers

◦Jodie Homer for taking her writing to another level!

◦Zoe Winsper for making me an incredible flapjack- it was amazing #future baker- watch out for her on GBBO

◦Jodie Homer and Molly Still for excellent reasoning in Maths

◦7BD for good self reflection in Ethics whilst discussing resilience

◦Natalie Hinton for developing a ‘give-it-a-go’ attitude to her writing

◦Connor Priddey for his amazing Maths this week

◦Sky Baylis for her unbelievable transformation in Maths –confident and great knowledge being shown.

◦All of year 7 for their engagement in Code week activities- some app creators of the future.

◦Maths in AU- accepting challenges: expanding brackets

◦Blake Burrows and Oliver Barker for his amazing figurative language techniques

◦Chelsea-Leigh Thom, Molly Parry and Louise Hall for great improvement in their figurative language.

◦Will Rushton for one of the best sentences ever!

◦Dillon Richardson in 7LBr English- brilliant resourcefulness using fronted adverbials from the word mats

◦Leon Butler- disagreeing with everyone in English but explained his view perfectly and everybody (including Mrs Morgan) agreed with him.

◦7PC for being so polite to Mrs Starkey

◦The improvement in the amount of reading done at home- some of you have shown a brilliant reaction to last week

Year 7 Life Savers

On Friday, year 7s got the chance to learn all about the human circulatory system through a range of interactive resources including  a tour through the system itself using our Google expeditions software, investigating the effects of different exercises on the heart's beat during PE and having Peter Richards visit us from Droitwich AED to teach every child the basics of CPR. The children were fantastic throughout the day and it is nice to know there are another 110 people in Droitwich that now know CPR.

Roll of Honour 12.10.18


◦Amelia Jessop for being helpful and for being a good friend

◦Chelsea-Leigh Thom for being kind and thoughtful, making a sign for Mrs Bird/ Mrs Dixon’s room.

◦Joe Bradbury for his attitude and enthusiasm in PE

◦Great paired work in Maths on IPods/ calculators- well done year 7

◦Maggie Collins, Sian Bye and Emily Dutton for showing resourcefulness in Maths

◦Chloe Kiely for her readiness to carry on with Maths work at home

◦Chloe Crowther for her fantastic art work completed at home

◦All pupils for CPR day!

◦Tom Stringer and Will Carter for helping Mrs Morgan with RWi

◦Eliott for leading the class confidently to discuss eco issues

◦7AU for some amazing drawings of horses

◦7RM for being complemented by Mr Barber for how they walk around school

◦Mya Slavin for being a carpentry genius- wood cut and sanded within a lesson.

◦LBr English group for working so hard on their newspaper reports

◦Ella Blakemore for being ready to edit and improve her own work

◦Tamzin for starting to be more responsible in terms of homework

◦PC’s Maths class- your shape characters/ stories are amazing

◦Jaxon for always being proud in what he achieves and always giving his all

◦Harry Lewis and others in RWi for their 6 out of 6 scores on speed spell

◦Isaac Stacey for his quality basketball skills- he actually threw it in the hoop!

◦Molly Parry for taking on advice and taking her writing to the next level.

◦Leo Tidbury for showing a desire to improve his work and take on advice.

◦Sian Bye for cracking DEEP in Maths two days in a row

Roll of Honour 5.10.18


◦Jamie-Lea for his raw enthusiasm for RWi

◦7AU for being so effective with their time in DT

◦PC’s Maths class for repeatedly pushing themselves to achieve deeper understanding

◦Ellie Harris for being Ellie Harris

◦All of you for going the whole week without anyone receiving a slip- clearly a lot of focus being shown.

◦My Maths class for getting more and more brown belts in Maths ninja- black belts next week maybe?

◦Summer Goodwin for reading 9 times last week- wow!

◦All of your attitudes to the sports leaders last week- be proud of yourselves, this is exactly how you should be with the year 5s.

◦7PC/ 7AU- fantastic French lesson- engaged and focused, year 7 on the whole have been a pleasure to teach- Mrs Newell

◦A lot of children in BD and PC really pushed themselves in cross-country- was great to see so much effort.

◦Calum Stock for being keen to participate and offering thoughtful contributions to Mrs Dixon’s English set.

◦All class for coping when AU was out.

◦LBr’s English group for working hard on their newspapers: Jamie-Lea full of enthusiasm and always ready to learn.

◦7PC and 7RM for safe practise in computers using screwdrivers

◦Ashleigh hall for continuing to write and work hard in maths with two broken fingers ( homework also done and trebuchet wood cut)

◦Kaycee Bradley, Ashton Dew, Calum Stock for getting 32 out of 32 in their maths skills lesson

◦Owen Smith for having a sensible attitude during our English work alongside parents lesson

◦Eleanor Troman’s dad for his contribution in Mr Cotton’s English lesson.

◦AU, BD and RM for some very impressive shading using hatching and superb drawings/ sketches- very impressed.

◦PC for their still life drawing and cracking the art of ‘looking’

◦Sky Styles for her phenomenal art work.

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for Year 7 this term:

Westacre pupils give something back


Westacre Middle School pupils had the chance to help support rescue animals of all different shapes and sizes on Friday evening when making a trip to Danmere Animal Rescure centre in Tibberton to donate earning from an enterprise challenge held in the summer term. . 

In their last term in middle school, Westacre Year 7s held their annual 'Blood, Sweat and T-shirts' enterprise challenge where children were challenged to upcycle waste to create sellable products. Building on the success of previous years, there were a full range of products from bags made from old clothing, wooden door signs made from recycled scrabble letters and lanterns made from old baked bean cans. 

As part of the project, pupils were shown footage of other children around the world who are being forced into employment from an early age to help support their families, this provided an insight for the pupils about how their lives could differ if living in other parts of the world. Once the reasoning for the project was understood, pupils went about, researching, designing and manufacturing their products, ensuring quality control was upheld. 

As part of the project, the winning group were given the opportunity to select a charity they wished to support. The winning group was Revamped, made up of Rhianna Dunn, Chloe Hart, Emily Horton, Emma Jones and Laoni Ryback. Their products included, baked bean can lanterns as well as candles inside of recycled egg shells. Upon being crowned as the group who raised the most money- just over £100- they chose to support Danmere Animal Rescue in Tibberton, the same charity that was selected by the previous years winners. 

Laoni Ryback, a member of the winning group said, "It's so nice to be able to do something good for someone else. Who would of thought a bunch of egg shells could have made such a difference to these animals."

An additional donation has also been made to Oxfam which is the charity the project has supported for the previous 5 years. 

Roll of Honour 21.9.18


◦Jemuel M for being incredibly helpful at lunchtimes and being a fantastic PA

◦Excellent attitude to DT by AU

◦Fantastic attitude in Maths when faced with the nth term –AU’s group

◦Creative blogging in computing by RM and PC classes

◦Politeness from Summer Goodwin- every morning and evening without fail!

◦Wonderful examples in open day- all children showing readiness and responsibility

◦Jaxon Tandy for being kind to others when they were feeling anxious

◦Connor Priddey for always supporting others- a great friend to have!

◦Ben Mountford- amazing artist! Mrs Morgan is so impressed with how you captured shadow in different methods of hatching

◦GM/HR set- All English homework handed in

◦Sarah Brown for being a polite and assertive prefect

◦BD Maths for ‘having-a-go’ and show brilliant reasoning skills

◦7PC for ‘stepping-in’ and being last minute guides- you did us proud

◦Jamie-Lea for always being helpful in class.

◦Oliver Barker for his help at open evening- you were a star.

◦Billy Deacon, Alfie Williams, Will Hale and Dan Morris for you portrayal as old women and infants in our open debate- fond memories will be treasured by all!

◦Sophie Pegg and Jake Twinham for not once having to be reminded to do their ‘jobs’ in the morning.

◦Mrs Allerton for her wonderful displays on the year 7 stairs

◦Eliza’s homework- the tallest homework I have ever seen!

◦7PC for putting the jigsaw back together again

◦Emily Dutton for continuing to set the bar high in my Maths group-PC.

◦Leon Butler for super reasoning using the nth term in maths –well done!

◦Calum Stock for always giving everything in his read, write inc.

◦Attitude to Rapid Response has been excellent- you clearly value your learning and want to continue pushing yourselves.


Roll of Honour 14th September 2018

◦Archie Kane for being so helpful at home, helping around the house whilst his mother is recovering from a broken knee.

◦Grace Rusby for her being so organised she has a back-up water bottle!

◦Emily Dutton for absolutely flying in Maths and spotting how linear and non-linear equations differ

◦Leo Bradbury for being a martial arts master- one away from his black belt

◦Guilherme Rodriguez for his insightful observations in English

◦Mya Slavin for her amazing shading skills

◦Great work in AU Maths- trying hard, resilience/ reflection being shown

◦PC’s English for trying hard to include quotations in their written work

◦Eleanor Tromans and Sian Bye for their unpicking of the War Horse front cover

◦Ben Mountfort for beginning his book, working hard at home.

◦Will Rushton for great effort with his English homework

◦Summer Godwin for settling in so well and so quickly.

◦Alex Smith for getting a 10 letter word in ‘Countdown’

◦Excellent work in AU English- use of quotes coming on.

◦Lots of resourcefulness, children getting resources/ equipment out without being asked

◦Everyone having PE kit!

◦Everyone returning their homework in on time in RM’s English- super start

◦Leon Butler’s change in attitude to homework- a fantastic piece of work- well done you have Mrs Morgan proud!

◦Guilherme for going out of his way to say good morning to Mrs Morgan on the playground- a super start to her day.

◦Jamie-Lea for helping others

◦Kiren Punnamoottil for always saying, ‘have a good evening’, before heading home.


Treasure Hunt Success


Today we launched our 'Conflict' topic with a treasure hunt around school to locate artefacts from different time periods. Pupils working brilliantly in groups to locate items, expalin what they thought they were, decide which conflict they were from before finally deciding whether it was a primary or secondary source. The children were a real credit to themselves and showed real enthusiasm, making their way around the school building to find the 'treasure'. 


A huge thank you must go out to all the children and parents who provided us with addition objects, it never ceases to amaze staff what things are collected each year. As you can see form the photos below, it really was a great way to end our first week with the new year 7s, they have been a real credit to themselves and the school.

Year 7 Roll of Honour 7.9.18


◦Jake T for being the first person to ask Mr Cotton how his holiday was

◦Louise H for WOWing the class with her insightful comments on the War Horse book covers

◦PC’s Maths set for an excellent start to their algebra work- very impressed- especially with Jamie L and Ethan R

◦The new prefect team for showing that gratitude in wanting to give something back.

◦Everyone who put themselves forward for additional responsibilities (eco-council, school parliament etc.)

◦Sophie P for her extensive knowledge regarding pencils

◦Everyone who went out of their way to bring something in for the treasure hunt- we couldn’t do it without you!

◦7AU for their amazing trebuchet sketches- a full class of artists!

◦Children who have joined the school this week, you already feel like you’ve been here for three years.

◦Grace and Bea for their entrepreneurial skills in getting the school shop up and running.

◦Fantastic start to year 7- very polite, trying hard, ready to learn!

◦Organisation in terms of having the correct equipment.

◦Uniform looks brilliant- pride in appearance and looking fresh

◦Student engagement with new ideas- moving around, new teachers, new rooms

◦Great start- lots of back to school forms coming in without prompt- enthusiastic and polite

◦Excellent behaviour, children have been friendly and supportive of each other.

◦Charlie R has spent his summer practising his handwriting and can now write for so much longer. Mrs Morgan is incredibly proud of you.


Welcome back

The year 7 staff are really looking forward to the start of the year following the success of the transition day last summer. We are looking forward to hearing the adventures the Summer holidays have delivered and finding out more about the individuals we have in our classes/ sets.


I am delighted to confirm the Year 7 staff this year will be:

  • Mr Cotton Head of year and 7PC 
  • Mrs Underhill 7AU
  • Mrs Bird/ Mrs Dixon 7BD
  • Mrs Morgan/ Mrs Radburn 7RM
  • Mr McMullen (teaching PE and Maths)
  • Miss Brighton (teaching English and French)


They will be expertly supported by our wonderful Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs Allerton
  • Mrs Johnston
  • Mrs Sankey (Maths)
  • Mrs Darby (Maths and English)


We are looking at hitting the ground running  with our Treasure Hunt of war artefacts around the school grounds. This will launch our 'Conflict' topic and, weather permitting, is set to be held on the first Friday back. This will be followed closely by the start of our Sports Leaders programme in the coming weeks. 


The children will now be studying the KS3 curriculum and there will be changes to the timetables from previous years. The children will now have 4 English lessons a week, two French lessons and Science will be taught more frequently in the laboratory allowing the children to investigate processes such as distillation and chromatography. 


This term we will be looking at algebra and sequencing in Maths, using Michael Morpurgo's War Horse as our main inspiration in our English work, looking at different conflicts both historical and modern, with a particular emphasis on WW1 to mark the centenary of it's end, and will be looking at the war artists in our Art lessons.


As  in previous years, each child will be given a Learning Journal on their first day back. As staff, we really value any messages/ feedback we are given, please use this as the first point of communication. We are also looking for a real push on reading and unpicking texts this year. We have been informed by the high school that this will be invaluable for their transition at the end of the year. Could we please ask that parents sign the diary to indicate when their child reads in order to allow us to celebrate their success in school and maximise their achievements- I cannot explain just how beneficial this support from home is in the child's education. 


Over the coming weeks we have several opportunities for Year 7 parents to come and see their children at work. The Welcome Afternoon (Thursday 13th Sept.) will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding your child's final year in Westacre. Other dates to visit us include:

Thursday 4th October- Year 7 parent Literacy Workshop 10:15- 11:00

Friday 16th November- Year 7 parent Numeracy Workshop 11:25- 12:10


I hope all year 7s have enjoyed their summer and come back with the same enthusiasm, energy and motivation they showed so fantastically on transfer day. I also  look forward to meeting as many parents as possible on the 13th Sept. 


Mr Cotton (Head of Year 7)