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Year 7

As we approach the final few days of the year please may I take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for your continued support this year and to congratulate our Year 7s on all their achievements during their time with us in Westacre. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year and we know you will continue to thrive at the High School. I look forward to hearing all about your future successes.

BST Success


Our Blood Sweat and T-shirts project surpassed all expectations again this year and the children proved just what budding entrepreneurs they really are. The sale had everything including egg shell candles, baked bean tin lanterns, t-shirt bags and chabby chic signs. 


As part of the project the pupils also got to study the rights of children across the world and understand how fortunate we are in this country. We looked at case studies of children who have been forced into work to feed their families and empathised with their situations.


Overall, the year group managed to make a fantastic total of £600+ which just goes to show the quality and uniqueness of the products they managed to produce.


The winning teams were:


3rd place- HSH- Anise Glackin, Matilda Westwood, Tessa Riley, Russell Seabrook-Anderson, Tom Wylie- £55.26


2nd place- T + C0 -Frankie Walker, Mia Gardner-Smith, Aya Misawa, Cerys Masters- £57.20


1st place- Revamped- Rhainna Dunn, Emily Horton, Emma Jones, Laoni Ryback, Chloe Hart- £92.35


As part of the project, the winning group will also get the opportunity to select the charity they wish to support.

Roll of Honour 4.5.18

  • 7LB Maths- terrific work today with TJ and JA
  • RA Maths set- great resilience in Maths investigations
  • Paige Rowe’s table was brilliant as was Ed, Sophie and Morgan
  • RA English set- some amazing ‘show-not-tell’ sentences. Fantastic vocab choices and phrases- loved reading them.
  • AU as above- really powerful work
  • Those that came out and gave everything with the running yesterday- most gave 100% and supported their peers
  • Brilliant algebra work with AU Maths- well done
  • Lots of resilience and reasoning form Ephraim in his Maths
  • The majority of 7LB for listening well and participating safely to do the shot put in PE
  • Chloe Hart for brilliant development of the shot put technique
  • Millie Rowe for an improvement in Maths this week- has improved and was helping others.
  • Libby Mole for an unbelievable week in Maths, even completing some GCSE level questioning.
  • 7PC for their discussion on gender stereotyping
  • All PC’s classes for just getting on with it when he has had to deal with ‘issues’
  • Rochelle Harris for her resilience
  • Everyone who has gone out of their way to recognise the efforts staff put into an exciting week last week
Have a look at the link to see year 7 coding using Python and the Micro:Bits
Click the link below for the live blog that will be updated each day during the Snowdon residential trip:

Year7 e-safety lesson


This half term the focus for our e-safety lesson is passwords. Year 7 have looked at creating strong passwords and protecting themselves by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. 

We looked at the ‘worst’ passwords that people used: 123456 and password were still there! 


Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Summer term:
It was great to welcome parents in this week to look at the unbelievable Mountain homework the Year 7s have been working on this term. So many people received the certificates which just demonstrated the quality which was seen across the year. 


Big Bang Fair at the NEC


A group of year 7 students went to the NEC on Friday 16th March with the aim of learning all about possibilities in STEM. A great day was had, looking at different opportunities Science Technology Engineering and Maths could bring. A range of immersive and exciting stands, shows and experiences helped them to select future possible careers.


What a Week!


Last week was probably the busiest week we have had in Year 7 for quite some



On Monday 60 pupils went to DSHS to watch a Science Show where balloons were frozen, liquid nitrogen was poured onto a member of staffs arm (not to be tried at home) and we saw the effect of pure oxygen on CocoPops!!!!


On Wednesday we all travelled to the Chateau Impney for a Skills showcase where pupils were able to talk to a variety of professionals ranging from marines to zookeepers to bank managers to chocolate welders. It was great to see the children so engaged in finding out their potential careers.


Thursday brought a live production of Macbeth to Westacre. It was great to see the children following the story and understanding the Elizabethan language that was used throughout.


Friday gave us a lovely end to the week, seeing so many of you attend the Mother's day event held in school. 







Roll of Honour 9.3.18

Year 7 computing


Have a look at the Computing page to see how year 7 have risen to the challenge of Binary coding. 

7PC Basketball

This term Year 7 will be practising their 'lay-ups' and 'alley-oops' in basketball as part of their PE lessons. Following the visit of the Worcester Wolves basketball team earlier in the year, we have seen a rise in the interest surrounding the sport and the MUGA is offering the perfect opportunity to develop skills from passing, shooting and dribbling. 7PC are clearly straight into it as you can see by the pictures. 
This term Year 7 will be working on their Wellbeing with an hour-long Yoga session for each class every week. All the classes have fully embraced this opportunity and even staff have been trying out downward dog and mountain pose!

Roll of Honour 26.1.18

Year 7 created movie trailers in Computing.....view their  movies here!

Roll of Honour 12.1.18

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Spring term:

15.12.17 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour 8.12.17

Roll of Honour 1.12.17



Conflict Topic Homework


We are looking forward to the next batch of topic homework (set to be handed in on the Monday 11th December).  We will be exhibiting the work around school to allow the children to showcase their talents before going around to award certificates for the 'best in show'. 

 Robotic year 7


 Year 7 have been experimenting with the BitBot robots we purchased last year with the help of Droitwich Lions.  They have been creating algorithms to make the robot move and debugging when it didn't work quite as they expected! 


Still image for this video

Year 7s are sew good!

Friday lunchtimes in Mr Cotton's classroom is now dedicated to the Arts since, Alice Stables, Georgia Andrews and Eva Palmer decided to share their talents with others in the school. They have been teaching others to cut materials, how to 'sign on' as well as how to finger-knit. It has been great to see the girls share their passion with other pupils across school. 

Westacre survive Little Shop of Horrors

On Wednesday afternoon (22nd November 2017) the whole of Year 7 got to go and see the dress rehearsal for DSHS's production of Little Shop of Horrors. The children's behaviour was exemplary and just went to prove how entertaining and energetic the performance was. It was a great chance for the children to see the wide range of opportunities available for them at the High school and, from a staff point of view, it was great to see ex-Westacre pupils performing on the stage with such confidence.

Roll of Honour 17.11.17

Roll of Honour 3.11.17

Year 7 Computing


Year 7 have been investigating on-line friendships this week in their e-safety classes. After "meeting" a variety of characters in an "chat-room" they have to make quick decisions as to who their friends would be. They have to think quickly and made their decision based on very few facts - this has then led to a discussion on on-line personas and how truthful they might be. Hopefully this will raise awareness in their behaviour on-line and lead them to be more self-aware.


Year 7 Conflict Homework....round 1


In September, Year 7 were set four pieces of homework relating to their Conflict topic. This week sees the hand in of round 1;  two pieces from the choices available.   The remaining two pieces are due in before Christmas. 

We have seen some amazing work being delivered to School....students really showing a high level of creativity and reflection as well as making the most of their research and presentation skills. 

Well done Year 7! 

Examples of Conflict homework

Year 7 Roll of Honour 13th October 2017

Things we liked this week:

•Emily Evesham for losing the drama

•Lilly Griffiths for showing initiative

•Zac Salsbury for handing in his homework on the same day it was given!

•Edward Deane for being Edward Deane

•Rochelle Harris for the Friday song

•Phoebe W-W for being Phoebe W-W

•Cameron Lock for having a fab week and achieving his targets

•Excellent homework in AU English- very creative newspaper writing

•Phenomenal homework in PC English- even if they act as a slight character assassination of PC!

•Sonny Priddey and Ellie Smith for their continued enthusiasm in a morning!

•Gabe McAlinden for doing 17 laps of cross country in  a PE lesson

•Emily Tandy for being Emily Tandy

•7PC for running to Birmingham and back today.

•LB Maths group for a much better lesson on Thursday- keep it up!

•LB English group for ignoring the distractions during lessons this week

•Tony Griffiths’ horse drawing and improvement in productivity in CC.

•Karol for his exceptional politeness to staff

•Mrs Allerton for going out of her way to provide rewards for reading- make sure she knows you are grateful.

•PC’s Guided Reading group for having opinions and sticking by them.

•Megan Randle and Porcha Bowen for just ‘sorting it’

•7PC Chromatography skills

Year 7 Roll of Honour 6th October 2017

Things that have impressed us this week:

•Amazing homework (Conflict homework) from AU. A lot of effort going in- keep it up.

•Great day(s) at Commandery!- Great questioning/ participation

•Jade Weston for her reaction to forgetting her homework.

•Tony Griffiths and Phoebe Davies in 7LB for there unbelievable questioning and interest in discovering more at the Commandery.

•Eva Palmer for being both Albert and Captain Nicholls at the same time.

•Paige Rowe for participation in Civil War day at school.

•Will Colley- excellent questioning on the trip.

•Matty Nestorowski for achieving his silver.

•7PC for the French mix up! You know what I mean!

•Georgia Layton and Emily Parry for brilliant hockey skills

•Matilda Westwood- excellent homework

•Rhianna Dunn and Chloe Hart for footballing prowess.

•Cameron Lock for trying to turn it around.

•Porcha Bowen for her efforts in PE today

•7PC for their efforts in pushing themselves in cross-country

•Jaden Murray for sharing his photos of the Civil War re-enactments

•Zac Salsbury for realising it is his responsibility to get his homework done.

•Mrs Underhill for organising the Commandery trip.

•Excellent work on newspaper articles completed in PC’s set.

•PC’s English group’s homeworks about Headline writing- WOW!


Year 7 Commandery Trip- 3rd and 4th October 2017


This week the year 7s got the exciting opportunity to see the English Civil War come to life with a trip to the Commandery in Sidbury, Worcester.


Children got the chance to dress as pikemen, cavalry and foot soldiers and learnt about how the solders would have lived during the Battle of Worcester. Some children were also fortunate to experience what it would have been like to have a limb amputated during the time. There was also time to learn a range of different battle formations and discover how to load and fire both muskets and cannons.  


Across the two days the whole of year 7 dd Westacre proud with their behaviour, participation and desire to discover more. Well done to you all!


Year 7 Roll of Honour 29th September 2017

This week we have been impressed with:


•Logan Clark for a gesture of kindness to a year 6 pupil.

•7LB for excellent yoga sessions and the pupils who’ve led them really well.

•Leon for working hard in CC and Science and challenging himself

•Dan Hansen for being Dan Hansen

•Aaron Green for his unbelievable headlines.

•Laoni Ryback for a plethora of different headlines.

•PC’s English group and other classes that allow us to just teach.

•Evocative and mature responses to English- imagining what people might be thinking/ feeling

•Great homework in English- newspapers

•Positive attitude in AU maths when things aren’t always going to plan- great resilience

•7RM, 7LM and 7PC PE who played hockey with Mrs McDiarmid

•Mrs McDiarmid’s maths set for improving their productivity this week.

•7RM- still no slips

•7PC for their ability to block out distractions.

Click below for the Curriculum Jigsaw sent home to parents for the Autumn term:

Year 7 CONFLICT topic homework


Year 7 have been set a homework task that requires them to work on 4 different activities. Two of these are to be handed in after half term (on the first day back) and two before the Christmas holiday, allowing time and effort to be taken with these creative pieces of work. Previous year groups have excelled with their creative and original ideas which were peer assessed at a Homework Showcase.

We look forward to seeing what this year group have to show us, we are sure they will surpass expectations!


Year 7 Roll of Honour 22nd September 2017

This week we have been impressed with:

•Everyone who helped out on Open Evening/Day- real credit to Year 7. Lucy Brown neds a special mention for coming in on her birthday.

•Kaden Reed, Jacob Watson and Jamie Reeve for their fantastic art skills.

•Attitudes to Sports Leaders with Year 5s- we will do similar again.

•Those of you who have already completed a ‘Conflict’ homework

•Those of you who still sought out staff to hand in Maths homework even though we missed it on Thursday.

•Eva Palmer for her chicken stories.

•Everyone who has brought in their letters- you have the chance of cake.

•Laoni Ryback for being Laoni Ryback.

•Jonathon Rodgers, Jordan Kiely, Frankie Walker, Rhianna Dunn, Will Colley and  Verity Thomas for always giving their ideas in English- it would be a quiet class without you!

•7RM behaviour- still no slips! Also all passed DT safety!

•Katie Hodnett and Lymara Lines for their help in 7LB on open evening.

•The children from 7LB who helped Mrs. Johnson- apparently the best group she has ever had help.

•Edward Deane for giving his all to every aspect of school life- perfecting, class work, contributing to theme days.

•Lily Griffiths for working really hard in Maths to catch up after she’d missed a lesson.

•Jade Weston for always smiling, even when she is in the medical area!

•Fantastic help from 7AU for open evening, moving furniture, rearranging rooms etc.

•Pupils helping in the Gym at Open Evening were brilliant.

•Brilliant coaches within the year group, listening to them talk through activities and giving encouragement to the Year 5s was exactly what we are striving to achieve in Year 7.

Year 7 creative computing


After last weeks maturity and enthusiasm taking the computer cases apart to explore inside, this week year 7 are creating interactive presentations with all their information and diagrams on to explain how the computer components work. They will then move on to understanding the internet through an interactive lesson of data sending and receiving ! 


Year 7 making a difference in the community


This week, it was great to see some of last year’s yr7s coming back into school to deliver a donation of money raised in last year’s Blood, Sweat and T-shirts. Daria, Katie, Daisy, Kim and Fran selected Danemere Animal Rescue as their chosen charity to support after making over £100 in the enterprise project run in school . It is clear to see form the photos that they were very happy with their choice which allowed them to get up, close and personal with the animals. We look forward to seeing future success with our current year 7s in the summer term.

 A donation will also be made to Oxfam as part of the project.


Year 7 Roll of Honour 15th September 2017

This week we have been impressed with:

Tia Walker-Roberts and Matty Nestorowski for achieving their bronze award within two weeks of starting the year.
Overall organisation of equipment
Mr Cotton’s English and Maths sets for their Homeworks (only one out of 57 missing).
Porscha Bowen, Alice Stables and Megan Randle for sorting out differences without the drama.
Jaccob Lee’s sit-ups!
Rhianna Dunn’s reading and writing- WOW!
Edward Deane, Emily Horton and Eva Palmer’s dedication to reading
Parents Welcome afternoon- you all worked hard and shared resources- credit to Year 7
Abi Eversham- helpful, polite, trying her best
Bailey Dukes- contributing to discussion and challenging himself with advancing/deep tasks.
Jaden Murray- hard work and positivity in Maths
People holding doors open for others
All year 7s have worked hard creating French activities to teach to year 5 later in the term.
Fantastic discussion in computing, along with fantastic effort and engagement

Year 7 Computing


Term has started with a discussion on e-safety; how and why we need to be safe online. All children will be signing the School e-safety policy as their acceptance of our rules. 


Our first topic is hardware, and understanding how the hardware and software work together. We have taken apart a computer and looked at the various components to understand the individual role they play, giving the children an opportunity to handle the parts and discover how they fit together. 

Year 7 Roll of Honour 8th Sept 2017

This week we have been impressed with:

•The enthusiasm of the Year 7 Prefects

•Emma Jones and Eva Palmer for sorting the school shop order

•Will Colley for being an awesome freestyler- WOW!

•Mia Croft and  Paige Rowe for welcoming a new pupil to the school

•Porcha Bowen for her maturity

•Alice Stables for hitting the ground running

•Everyone who has brought in an item for the Treasure Hunt

•Everyone who has returned their forms on time

•Everyone who has already completed their homework

•Equipment and uniform being spot on

•Tia Walker-Roberts working hard on conjunctions in English

•7LB English group

•7LB being complimented by how they walk around school by Mr Barber

•Manners have been very impressive

•Love the positive attitudes- Young Leaders and the Treasure Hunt was really enjoyed by staff due to your exemplary behaviour.


First week back and hitting the ground running. 

The first week back in Year 7 has been full of enthusiasm with the children demonstrating all the traits that we ask of them: determination, collaborative learning and reflective practice.


The launch of the Young Leaders award has shown a fantastic aptitude to leadership with the children all devising a successful warm-up activity that will be rolled out to the Year 5s in a fortnights time and to our feeder schools in the Summer term. The range of activities and clear thought processes that had gone into the games was again a real positive.


Today we had the official launch of our terms topic (conflict) where the children went on a treasure hunt around the school. A huge thanks goes to all the pupils who provided us with such a wide range of conflict artefacts; we had bullet-proof vests (quipped with real bullet holes), WW2 gas masks, a rifle cleaning kit and a whole host of other exciting objects for the children to discover. Again, their behaviour and attitude was exceptional. 


After this week, the staff cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings, well done to you all.