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Year 7 Homework

Art homework - due Thursday 8th October


Follow this tutorial at home and take some time to refine your pencil skills when drawing horses. If you don't have a black fine liner, you could just use pencil.  This activity will give you a better start when drawing horses and understanding anatomy/skeletal structures of horses. Don't forget to share your work with your teacher on J2E by taking a photo!


Thursday 17th September 2020


Next week we will be looking at creating descriptions of the trenches from WW1, what it was like to be in them and what the soldiers experienced. Your homework this week is to research images, video clips, articles etc. about what life in the trenches was like.


You will not need to hand in anything or bring research into school yet your work in school will benefit from your additional knowledge and understanding of what terms such as 'over the top' mean.


Good luck!


In Year 7, you will have weekly English homework, homework from another subject and termly Creative Curriculum homework.


English Homework:


Each week, you are expected to read 5 times at home. There is a space in you Learning Journal where you record what you have read, ready for it to be signed by adult at home. Every week,  your TA will check your Learning Journal and keep a record of how many times you have read. 



Spelling lists will be handed out on a Monday, and tested on a Friday. Practising little and often is the best way to learn your spellings. Aim for at least 7 out of 10. 


Other Homework:

This year you will receive a homework from a different subject each week. This could be a research task, pre-learning in preparation for a lesson or a worksheet based piece of work. You will get homework from all subjects next year in high school so this will be ideal preparation for you. 


Creative Curriculum Homework:

Each half term, the children will be given a choice of homework to complete that is linked to the Creative Curriculum topic. 

Autumn Topic: Conflict

Spring Topic: Nature Versus Humanity

Summer Topic: Rise and Fall