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Activities Week


Year 7 have spent this week doing a whole range of different activities designed to test them. We spent Monday landscape drawing around Droitwich with some spectacular results. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday completing our Healthy Living days where we made smoothies, enjoyed Forest School, had tennis coaching in the Lido park and tried a whole range of new sports at the leisure centre. Thursday was spent learning new languages, including Thai, German and signing before Friday when we pushed the children to their limits with a walk over the British Camp in the Malvern Hills.


Throughout the week, year 7 could not have been better and it was so wonderful to hear so many positive comments from the general public as we explored and challenged ourselves.


Well done Year 7, you really made us proud.

7FH have some amazing artists in their class. Here are four of the best to show off what we have learnt about The Great British Empire Exhibition.

Although we started our DT project in September, with lockdown it has taken a while to complete our woodwork. We finally have some finished products ready to fire.

The power of pink!

Selected children have been enjoying some time in small groups with their class teacher. They get to write in pink pen to create the magic and develop their learning. 7FH have been working on their creativity for writing.

Forest Schools March 21

Since returning, several groups of our Year 7 children have enjoyed Forest School sessions with Mrs Kirkby. This well they may shelters as well as a swing! Explorers of the future are being made here!

We're off to Pompeii

We may not be able to go on holiday at the moment, but year 7 were taken abroad courtesy of our tour guide Mrs Evans! We were taken up to the top of Mount Vesuvius and through the streets of Pompeii to discover what has been uncovered. This has helped us to picture what the city was like before and after the eruption in 79AD.

Congratulations to Mollie in 7HM for winning the 'Advance Your Wellbeing' Christmas card competition. A career in design is awaiting!

Great to see so many of our pupils supporting Anti-bullying week by sporting some rather bizarre socks today. We look forward to a calm week of celebrating difference and learning how to support others.
Congratulations to Rhys, Abi, Eva and others for their merit certificates. Great to see so many year 7s collecting certificates and displaying the learning values we promote in school.
For Children in Need today 7PC were challenged to 'act their age' whereby they had to find the sum of all their ages (including staff members) and use that number for a challenge. The total of all the ages was 434 which seemed crazy especially as their own class teacher only added 25 to that number!!! After lengthy discussion, the children decided they wanted to draw 434 Pudsey-themed characters to create a collage- the results were amazing! Well done 7PC!
The children in 7BD have been enjoying having some time to read and complete other activities with books.

Ania's Poppies

Ania has been making poppies to sell for Armistice Day to celebrate her birthday. So far she has made a whopping £100. It's lovely to see the talent children have at home and school. Well done. 

1080p.MOV (1).mp4

Still image for this video

7BD's amazing art homework!


Friday Maths Explorers

Congratulations to Erin K 7LM for bringing in and showing us all the work she completed during lockdown, well done Erin!
7LM put on their goggles today and became scientists. Using bunsen burners, they tested how long it would take to boil water during timed intervals.
In their PE lessons, year 7s had the challenge to see who could jump the furthest. 

On Wednesday 16th, we held our annual Treasure hUnt within school to launch our topic of 'Conflict' to the year 7s. There was some incredible artefacts on display this year including a prisoner of war's lung x-ray, an African spear and shield as well as a range of our military paraphernalia. The year 7s were excellent and really showed all the learning values we promote in Westacre.


On Tuesday 8th we had a fantastic day out on the field working through a range of team building games. From shoe towers to parachutes, to goal ball and foot golf, the children certainly showed how well they could work together and support each other. A great start to the term year 7.