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Year 7 Careers Day

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#HelloYellow Promoting Mental Health Day

#HelloYellow Promoting Mental Health Day 1

Taekwondo Champions!

Taekwondo Champions! 1

FH English

In English, we have been writing about life in the trenches during World War 1. This group found their classroom had been turned into trenches with images to inspire their word choices. 

Sports Leader Afternoon

A huge thank you goes out to all of our Year 7s for the way they conducted themselves when leading sports activities with the new Year 5s. There are definitely some potential coaches within our year group. 

Guided Reading

We are really lucky to have our own horse expert in Year 7. Mrs Bennett brought in some items linked to the vocabulary we have come across in War Horse. 

Year 7 Visit to Huntingdon Hall to watch The Tempest

Year 7 had the chance to experience live Shakespearean theatre today during a visit to Huntingdon Hall, Worcester to watch The Tempest. The weather on the day truly reflected the performance, yet once we were there the children really enjoyed the show. It was wonderful to see the children understanding the characters and story plot from a difficult text they were only introduced to a fortnight ago. The were laughs, shocks and brilliant sound effects that will live long in the memory.

Conflict Treasure Hunt

Thank you to those families that have allowed us to share their personal items. The children have enjoyed exploring them.