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Year 7 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour 9th July 2021

Roll of Honour 11.6.21

Roll of Honour 28.5.21

Roll of Honour 21.5.21

Roll of Honour 14.5.21

Roll of Honour 7.5.21

Roll of Honour 23rd April 2021

Roll of Honour 19th March 2021

Roll of Honour 12th March 2021

Roll of Honour 5.2.21    

  • Evie D for sending in some fantastic PE photos from home (Kitchen Sports!)

•    7FH Kadi for her fabulous artwork
•    7FH Beau for getting back on top of his work
•    7FH Lewis and Oliver C for always being ready to read. 
•    7FH for using pretty colours for their answers. Makes me happy as it’s so much easier to see and mark.
•    7FH – Evie and Ania for consistently good work in their focus tasks.
•    7FH – If superheroes wear capes then Lily surely must have one! Even though she was at hospital, she joined us on our live chat! And managed to complete loads of work.
•    7FH – Beau is another superstar who joined us live from his car on the way to the hospital.
•    7FH – Lovely to see Bailey on our live chat after we thought we’d lost him.
•    7FH – I just love listening to the readers!
•    7FH – Lewis and Harvey for continuing to work together through the day. A great way to encourage, help and motivate each other to get it all done. 
•    7HM- Steph for her amazing science work
•    7HM – Evie, Kaicey, Zach B, Mollie and Eva for always handing in the work and going above and beyond
•    7HM for their amazing engagement in our live sessions – you always give me unexpected answers and I feel that I’m getting to know you more, despite this mad situation we’re in
•    7HM – Lovely character descriptions for their heroes and villains – some are using hyphenated words and applying the SPAG from the week in their work
•    7HM – Zach B for taking a picture of a car and explaining the forces acting on it in detail!
•    7HM – Mathew for going into so much detail with the forces acting on a ball being kicked – even if I’d rather it was a Man Utd player in the image
•    7HM – Kristal for handing in ALL the work for Mrs Ardis AND handing in the science focus task for me! WOW!
•    7BD – Natalia, Ruby Lodge, Annabelle, Jayden and Josh – for consistently producing excellent work in their Workbooks
•    7BD – Libby – for sharing her fantastic story idea
•    7BD – Emily – for being so enthusiastic and smiley Every. Single. Day. 
•    7LM-Libby and Charlotte for their effective descriptive language with heroes and villains-great use of hyphenated words.
•    7LM – Rosie B for sending in annotated pictures of her using force arrows.
•    7LM – Claire, Molly and Erin K for sharing what they did for their Wellbeing Wednesday 
•    7LM Fern, Leona, Erin and Rosie B - consistent good quality of work.
•    7LM - All the live readers-especially Alfie who tries so hard and is improving every day.
•    7PC- Amy R and Lucy C for being self-reflective and making huge improvements
•    7PC-Chloe C, Eva G, Abi P and James for always doing brilliantly with the work and completing it to a high standard
•    7PC- Fliss, for getting her worked handed in successfully.
•    7PC- Peyton for her constant cheeriness, it is so refreshing to see. Also, an amazing piece of Science this week
•    7PC for consistent high levels of engagement and attendance in lives
•    7PC, those of you who have been reading to us, it is one of my favourite parts of the week listening to you
•    7PC- Millie L-R for always being willing to help staff out. 
•    Hayden G for listening to advice about editing and then acting upon it
•    Haydn G and Mary Jane for always looking at and responding to feedback
•    Jack O for his passion about trains, it is great to see someone so passionate about something
•    Year 7s who contributed to the dress to express video- thank you, it was great to watch it back. 

Roll of Honour 29.1.21


7FH – Lily Gilson for giving an excellent book review for Wonder.

7FH – Bailee-May for being honest.

7FH – Finley C for trying out the lava lamp experiment and for always being amazing!

7FH – Oliver C for producing a Powerpoint in computing with a powerful message.

7FH – The G – Just WOW! His amazing trailer brought me to tears!

7FH – Jemima for having another go at her lava lamp when the first one didn’t work well.

7FH – Harvey and Lewis for working together on their Maths.

7FH – Lucas H for fabulous reading even with a little sister trying to hijack.

7HM – Kaicey, Hayden and Steph for their original footwear during the live session

7HM – For their amazing range of answers during the live sessions – I never knew so many people loved water as their favourite drink or that mussels and sea food would feature so prominently in their favourite food!

7HM- Charlotte for asking for help

7HM – Charlotte, Leo and Jamie for responding well to feedback

7HM – Zach Bowen for his socks. RIP minion sock

7HM – Blake for being open to support and taking charge of his learning

7HM – Armands for this amazing reading- 2 books in one day!

7HM – Zac T for completing the gold challenge in Wednesday’s maths task

7HM – Zach.B, Evie, Logan, Daniella, Kristal, El’Nathan, Georgie, Lily, Steph Jack, Zach T, Harry S, Mollie, Leo, Eva and Armands – for taking an AR quiz, plus Mrs Newell!

7HM – Jamie for a powerful speech for his cause.

7LM-Fern Callow, Harry, Lola, Addison-fantastic video trailer-David Attenborough style.

7LM- Alfie, Molly, Abi-always ready to read on live call-lovely expression and comprehension skills

7LM-Libby, Adam, Charlotte, English- Beautiful description of the mountains using powerful adjectives and personification.

7BD – Grace for always completing work to the best of her ability often going above and beyond.

7BD – Daisy for her persistence with technology

7BD – Teigan for the amazing work she has been doing across all lessons. Well done!

7BD – Freddie for working hard and completing double the amount of expected work on Thursday.

7BD – Emily for her general enthusiasm and friendliness this week.

7BD – Jake for making such an effort day-to-day.

Millie and Steph for taking on a challenge and smashing it

Haydn W for making the impossible, possible- didn’t think anyone would get Wedns Gold Maths task without support

Rhys E for working continuously and even having the hob on before 9am

Fliss’s attitude to work for this week- much improved, well done

Amy R for a Maths intervention that made Mr Cotton very happy- she just clicked!

Peyton for always keeping us in the loop and letting us know what is going on.

Rishi for smashing it this week- well done, great to have you back

Rhys B for completing the work each and every day to a brilliant standard

Brennan still going strong and working his socks off

Justin for knowing the right time to ask for help and the right time to give-it-a-go!

Michael- wonderful attitude to his learning this week

The whole of 7PC for boosting their percentages again and for some brilliant Aussie facts and one or two dubious accents.

Roll of Honour 22.1.21


7FH – Eva has earned 10 merits already for her amazing work during lockdown
7FH – Theo for his amazing video
Sports Leaders – for attending their first remote meeting. It’s good to hear they enjoyed the live cricket lesson
7FH – for a great disco! Dancing to Macarena with everyone was so much fun!
7FH – I love hearing all the readers each day. Oliver C especially has great expression.
7FH – Oliver C for completing Bronze, Silver and Gold in the focus task and getting it all correct!
7FH – amazing standard of work from Eva and Rebecca every day in their workbooks.
Great response for the first recipe, lovely to see all the photos
7 HM – ALL THE CLASS  for their debating topic whether pineapple should go on a pizza or not!
7HM – Lilly, always waiting with book to read straight after lunch, marvellous, keep going Lilly your reading is improving every day.
7HM – Daniella, Evie, Zach B, Aleisha, Sophie, Kaicey, Mollie, Charlotte for always putting 110% into their workbooks and responding to feedback. Amazing.
7BD – Bethany for being a teams expert and using email, uploading photos, completing work on documents.
7BD – Drew a fantastic storyboard and excellent video to demonstrate the layers of the Earth.
7BD – Jayden for just working really hard in school. Your work gets better and better Jayden!
7FH – Finley Checketts for a well presented art research.
7FH – Rebecca for always responding quickly to feedback.
7LM – Tyler and Rosie B for always being up early and logging on to Teams straight away
Jayden in 7BD for fascinating and educating me in the difference between a pickle and a gherkin!
7LM – Addison’s amazing art research – I cannot wait to see his own piece next week.
7LM – For sending in photos of their work
7LM – For some very interesting ‘Would you rather?’ questions
7LM-Tyler and Fern for their charity fundraising ideas and presentation
7LM-Rosie Bell- getting all the family involved in PE session-catching and throwing skills
7LM-Fern- Consistently achieving a high standard in her work.
7LM- Adam and Harry-for creating an interesting storyboard for computing.
7PC- Brennan, wow, you have worked brilliantly this week- love the resilience
7PC- Abi for being so polite and friendly in the morning and at the end of the day.
Chloe Cull for showing resilience to access the Maths work- we got there in the end Chloe
James and Nathan for their shared passion and funny opinion about Windows- kept spirits high in 7PC


Roll of Honour 8.1.21


  • Archie-submitting amazing work all week
  • Hayden for working hard on his maths and sending it in by taking a picture
  • 7LM for all logging onto Teams and attending live sessions
  • Tyler for expertly controlling his corn snake
  • 7LM for helping each other out in the use of teams
  • 7HM – Kaicey for being resourcefulness in creating a worksheet for her maths answers.
  • 7HM – Eva, for not only doing the class work but also Mrs Ardis’s work. Brilliant
  • 7FH – Archie for using a Droitwich map to label the French places
  • 7FH – Bentley the dog for waiting patiently for his gingerbread treat and Hector the guinea pig for being incredibly cute!
  • 7FH – Jemima and Lucas H for asking for help and doing well in their Maths video calls.
  • 7HM – Evie, for her resilience in continuing to send Mrs McD her maths work on Wednesday with corrections – must have sent it at least 4 times!
  • 7HM for all being in the live chats on Wednesday! We had some technical issues, so had a smaller group after the first one, but fantastic to see you all.
  • 7BD – Natalia for being very proactive when she isn’t sure how to answer something and using teams exactly how it should be used.
  • 7BD – Annabelle and Natalia for their work in Wednesday’s daily work – it was superb. Mrs Simpson loved it.
  • 7BD – Libby G for contacting via email when she isn’t sure. Going over and above what is expected in terms of communication and remote learning and showing a huge amount of resilience across the week. Having the utmost commitment to learning. Well done Libby, you really have ‘wowed’ this week.
  • 7BD – Drew for always being happy, friendly and helpful on live meetings.
  • 7FH – Jemima for always being the first on Teams to wish us a happy morning. Plus happy birthday for when we were off over Christmas.
  • 7FH – Lexi for her inspiring PE powerpoint expressing how she would use each element in dance. 
  • •    I have been very impressed with how many PE powerpoints have been sent  to me from the whole year group. If you would like to create your own dance and video it, I would love to see it!
  • 7FH – Rebecca for her amazing thoughtful suggestions in CC about how we should help our planet. A future world leader in the making!
  • 7FH – Evie and Eva for their news suggestions for the class. 
  • 7HM – Mollie, fantastic presentation of work within books given. Superstar.
  • 7HM – Steph for her great CC answers
  • 7HM – In generally very strong CC answers and very up-to-date with recent events in the US – very impressive
  • 7HM – Lilly-Ann for overcoming her issues with technology
  • 7HM – Steph for her amazing dragon costume on Wednesday! I want one!
  • 7HM – Leo for his great attitude towards work
  • 7HM – Leo, Harry M., Charlotte and Kaicey for asking for support and staying on the live session to ask and check their understanding
  • Jack O and Danny for sorting out their technical issues
  • Nathan’s massive dog- I really like him
  • 7PC for expert pet handling
  • Rhys Eckley for being a not stop worker
  • Ruby Booth for superb work produced, tuning in early and all done from a tent!
  • Amazing focused tasks handed in- Millie, Rhys E and Nathan- wow
  • The 7PC orchestra
  • Haydn for playing a cornet for maybe the first time ever
  • Jack O and Leo for forming a harmonica band
  • Ruby Booth for her help to others resolving Team issue
  • Jack for finding where live sessions are accessed
  • Rishi for wanting to challenge himself
  • The detail Amy Ross puts into her work- WOW
  • Kayte Jones for the quickest ever response to feedback
  • Everyone for taking on a new challenge and smashing it.





Roll of Honour 18.12.20



  • 7FH- the whole class read 5 times this week- that’s 100%!!!!
  • Generous donations for staff presents- please remember to thank your parents from us
  • Finley K and Bailey for winning the boat challenge
  • Jericho and Ella- dodgeball  ninjas
  • 7BD for being much  more polite and well-mannered this week
  • Drew for his amazing Tempest stage homework
  • Libby for being helpful and considerate to others
  • Natalia for baking cakes
  • Jayden for being helpful all week
  • Tamsin for always being very considerate to others and working hard throughout all lesson in the entire term
  • Freddie for having a great term and working hard
  • The whole of 7PC for achieving their banana challenge
  • Rishi, Ed and Haydn W for smashing the quiz
  • Izzy M and Abi P for amazing Engineering in designing an unsinkable boat that looks good to
  • Millie LR for being amazingly talented
  • Rhys E for teaching Mr Cotton to go fish
  • 7HM for 100% reading this week!
  • Ellie Mai R for giving oliver her pom-pom
  • All the children involved in making gingerbread men- never giving up even when challenges were met!
  • Embracing new crafts
  • Armands, reading 200+ points and over a million words read
  • Henry- being kind and caring on the playground
  • Harry for an amazing rendition of Let it Go- WOW simply WOW
  • Claire for her Tik Tok dances
  • Carter, Archie and Tyler for amazing card skills
  • Alfie for ensuring everyone follows the rules

Roll of Honour 7.12.20


  • Matthew and El’Nathan in 7HM for being the best pair reading
  • 7HM positive attitude to Reading coaches
  • 7HM for embracing reading!
  • Lilly-Ann in 7HM for amazing reading
  • Zach Thomas, Harry S., Matthew, Armands, Evie, Sophie, Morgan, Steph, Aleisha, Charlotte, Daniella, Ellie-Mai, Kaicey, Oliver, Mollie and Hayden for great maths work this week – they are experts are solving Tarsia puzzles!
  • 7HM for learning the poem – special mentions to Armands for his expressive performance and Oliver for reading an extra part last minute as someone was absent
  • 7HM for coping well with a change to routine
  • 7FH – increased reading percentage
  • 7FH – Finley C – for sending his work in from home while he is isolating. We can’t wait to have him back in.
  • 7FH – Bailey – best mathematician
  • 7FH – Rebecca – best reader
  • 7FH – Eva – best spagger
  • 7FH – Isabelle, Oliver C, Kadi, Lily, Theo, Oliver GT, Archie, Rebecca, Finley K, Bailey, Harvey for making good progress from their year 6 test scores.
  • 7HM – Kayden’s group for their great teamwork in rugby and improved attitude to PE
  • Alfie S in 7LM for being a Timestable Rockstar legend
  • 7LM for some great maths battle on Hit the Button
  • 7LM for working well independently on MyMaths looking at algebraic graphs
  • 7LM for amazing acting skills – I can definitely see some future theatre stars!
  • Millie, Peyton, Rhys E and Ruby for their resilience in Rugby, injured but playing on.
  • Ruby for a lovely act of kindness
  • Leo and Danny for one of the best ‘Miranda-offs’ the stage has ever seen
  • Georgia W for clicking with her Maths and English- some amazing results.
  • Haydn G’s amazing ability to act- wave, sprite, Boris he can do it all!
  • Any Ross for her amazing manners and determination
  • FLiss for starting her career as an illustrator
  • 7PC for their resilience and patience in re-recording the poems
  • Mary Jane’s positivity- it is infectious.
  • For always being consistent, respectful, polite, courteous and never speaking out of turn the following children have been chosen:
  1. Bethany
  2. Grace
  3. Jake
  4. Elle-Jane
  5. Natalia
  6. Annabelle
  7. Freya
  • The following children have been chosen by Mrs Simpson:
  1. Jamie- for his success in his reading.
  2. Riley – for sharing a concern in a mature way.

Roll of Honour 27.11.20

  •  7BD- Teigan for her amazing English this week – very persuasive and a Deputy Head’s Award!
  • 7BD- Daisy for cheering Mrs Bird up with cake (she ate it all).
  • 7BD – Millie for really focusing in English lessons this week.
  • 7BD – Josh for being really focused in maths lessons.
  • 7BD – Jake for always being really focused and ready.
  • 7BD – Libby for working hard at maths and seeking perfection from graphs.
  • 7BD – Kayden, Annabelle and Olivia for rising to Mrs Bird’s 4 quadrant challenge.
  • 7PC for an excellent rugby session – everyone tried really hard and kept up with the challenge in the activities.
  • 7PC – Rishi and both Jacks for some excellent kicking skills in rugby. What great power!
  • 7FH – Oliver C for his great postcard
  • 7FH – Evie for sending her work in straight away on teams
  • 7FH – Lucas B for being brilliant in Maths
  • 7FH – Isabelle & Bailey for being our Maths gurus and for doing lots of deep tasks
  • 7FH – for an excellent week – a lovely return after 2 weeks off. I have been so impressed with the work you completed while I was off and how you have continued to work hard.
  • 7FH – Ella for being a helpful hand sanitiser monitor!
  • 7FH – Harvey for having a positive 2 weeks while I was off.
  • 7FH – Taylor for just being lovely.
  • 7FH – our reading scores are terrible for last week but I feel there will be a huge jump next week with the amount of reading ‘among us’ this week.
  • Hayden G for providing superb entertainment
  • Georgia W for smashing algebra and persuasive writing this week
  • Haydn W for the ‘isn’t that an oxymoron’ moment
  • Brennan for being a Maths genius this week
  • Millie for the best PEE ever!
  • Izzy and James for taking their Maths to new heights.
  • Mary Jane for being the best time keeper in the history of the world
  • Blake in 7HM for being resilient in maths
  • Armands for his obsession to finish his book in 7HM
  • Steph in 7HM for being a great friend
  • Matthew, Zach Bowen and Zac Thomas in 7HM for getting onto the deep task
  • Sophie in 7HM for remembering our library slot when Mrs M forgot!
  • Aleisha in 7HM for helping others with their work
  • Ellie-Mai for being resilient in 7HM
  • Lilly-Ann for being fantastic at algebra this week in 7HM
  • Mollie, Morgan, Evie for working hard on their speeches this week in 7HM

Roll of Honour 20.11.20


  • Hayden, Jack, Harry M., Eva, Kaicey, Oliver and Matthew for performing their French conversations in front of the class in 7HM
  • Hayden, Harry S. and Zach B for completing both of their maths arithmetic sheets in 7HM
  • Harry S. for getting 144 out of 144 on the times table test again this week in 7HM!
  • Steph for bringing in sweets for 7HM
  • 7HM for being fantastic mathematicians this week
  • Chloe and Leo for a huge improvement in spellings
  • Red group spellings –all 10 out of 10,
  • Amy Ross for a huge leap in her algebra understanding
  • Jack SM for a positive reaction to his productivity this week
  • James H, Izzy S and Millie LR for mastering algebra
  • Leo for showing such pride in his Maths work this week
  • 7PC’s honesty during anti-bullying week.
  • 7PC for pushing their reading score to new heights
  • Drew enthusiasm and dedication to reading and overall contribution to improving.
  • Jayden working really hard in maths and working so hard to answer questions – it really makes a difference.
  • Grace – some excellent answers this week and looking out for the learning of everyone else.
  • Ruby P – excellent vocabulary and much better productivity – you’ve worked hard on this Ruby!
  • Freddie – working really hard in groups this week.
  • Rile D – some excellent answers in lessons.
  • Daisy – just being really happy all the time
  • Ruby L – always being in school on time and being really good at organising herself.
  • Continued mature approach to RSHE identifying the different process of the body
  • Dylan speaking very kindly to other children and asking if they needed help.
  • Maths –working well in their different arithmetic groups- lots of concentration.

Roll of Honour 13.11.20

  • Lily and Kyle B 7FH for sending Mrs Hennessey her work over Teams at school while Mrs Hennessey was at home. Lovely to see what you’ve been up to.
  • Ania 7FH for her amazing poppies and raising £100 for Armistice Day
  • Millie in 7BD for looking after Mrs Bird’s well-being
  • Libby, Jake, Ruby P, Annabelle, Tamsin and Grace for all sharing their humanities work with 7BD.
  • 7BD for working really hard in maths this week.
  • 7BD Marishka for really pushing herself in maths.
  • 7BD Jamie for coming back in with a positive attitude.
  • 7BD Ruby L for making Mrs Bird laugh with her quick wit and funny jokes.
  • 7BD Natalia for always making the most of her opportunities in school and trying her best.
  • Jack in 7HM for his productivity in maths
  • Charlotte and Ellie-Mai in 7HM for showing resilience when they needed direction in maths but they acted on it and made great progress
  • 7HM for being generally good listeners listening to 13 chairs this week
  • 7HM for their mature conversations about AR and reading this week – I feel I know you better for having them!
  • 7HM maths groups who spent 3 lessons on the deep task from Monday! Impressive mathematicians!
  • 7HM for a mature start to RSHE. I’m impressed with your attitudes.
  • 7HM for their poppy race – shout outs to Harry S and Zac T who ran 40 laps – Harry S tells me he runs 10K with his mum frequently!
  • 7HM for achieving 80% of reading for the week – well done.
  • 7HM for being awesome today 13.11.20.
  • Blake for achieving his reading this week.

Roll of Honour 6.11.20

  • Finley Griffiths 7BD for running the furthest in the challenge.
  • Lots of 7FH did well in their spelling test this week.
  • 7FH for a lovely settled start to the week.
  • Matthew H in 7HM for helping to teach Logan in maths
  • Blake in 7HM for his amazing poem and attitude
  • Sophie, Matthew, Armands and Mollie in 7HM for their amazing poems
  • Jack in 7HM for his great attitude in tweaking his poem
  • Hayden, Matthew, Kaicey, Evie, Charlotte, Armands, Lilly-Anne, Jack and Georgie for performing their poems in front of the class in 7HM
  • El’Nathan in 7HM for consistently reading
  • Armands for reading 141,326 words in Aut 1 in 7HM
  • Lilly-Ann, Eva, Georgie and Krystal for working well together in a group in 7HM
  • Charlotte in 7HM for ‘says’ – she knows what I mean
  • Rosie B in 7LM – For producing an amazing war poem and asking for help when needed
  • Rosey E-W in 7LM – For always having a huge smile and giving 100% effort every lesson
  • 7LM for continuing to foster a love of reading and getting higher reading percentages
  • 7LM for their mature and sensible approach to RSHE
  • Rishi for always being helpful within lessons
  • Rhys for his eagerness to succeed.
  • Kayte Jones for her persuasive arguments
  • Haydn W for having the ability to not take himself too seriously
  • Amy R for her poetic flare
  • Haydn G for showing resilience and resourcefulness by writing a poem from scratch
  • Rhys E and Ruby B for viewing the homework set on Teams in world record time

Roll of Honour 23.10.20

  • Armands Z. in 7HM for being a friend to all
  • 7HM for their amazing stories and being so keen to share their stories with the rest of the class
  • Steph, Sophie and Sam in 7HM for handing out the books without being asked to do so
  • Harry S., Hayden B and Zach B in 7HM for flying through 5 sheets of maths work in 1 lesson!
  • Leo and Charlotte in 7HM for resilience when they found maths questions tricky
  • Lilly-Anne in 7HM for her amazing fraction knowledge completing work independently
  • Oliver S in 7HM for really improving his productivity in English
  • Evie Dean in 7HM for being Evie Dean
  • 7HM : Zachary B, Evie D, Morgan H, Steph LR, Sophie P, Ellie-May R, Georgie S, Zachary T, Mollie W, Leo W, Charlotte W for consistently reading 5 times over the term – BRILLIANT.
  •  AWSOMENESS 7HM have brought all the Biometric letters back. YES
  • Daisy in 7BD for always being ready to help and generally being fabulous.
  • Erin Jones 7LM- fantastic interpretation on what the poem ‘The Menace’ is about-The god of War!
  • Rosie Eckley-Williams- ALWAYS working really hard in every lesson, showing lots of resilience in maths explorers.
  • Isabella Ross- ALWAYS working really hard with a smile on her face- genuinely lovely all round.
  • Molly Pritchard-showing fantastic confidence when performing/reading aloud to the rest of the class.
  • Charlotte Tromans, Harry Cairns-Smith, Erin Jones, Fern Callow 7LB- confidently reading out their fantastic stories.
  • Oliver and Bailey 7FH for working out all of the fractions.
  • Finley K 7FH for his creative poem.
  • Eva and Caitlin 7FH for their amazing horse sketches.
  • Lucas H and Kyle D 7FH for showing vast improvements in the drawing skills.
  • Jericho 7FH for having a more settled week.
  • Evie 7FH for actually having her laces done up!
  • Armands, Sam, Daniella, Callum, Lilly-Anne, Zach T., Matthew, Evie D. and Zach B. for reading out their stories to the class in 7HM.
  • Zach T and Harry S in 7HM for helping others with the Friday maths challenge.
  • All of 7HM for being fantastic listeners, listening to each other’s stories.
  • Jayden in 7BD for excellent teaching in a lesson!
  • Josh 7BD for an amazing piece of English work – it was so good that a photocopy went home!
  • Finley G 7BD for being a mature member of the class and always being ready with the right answer.
  • Freya 7BD – for having a fantastic first week back!
  • Emily 7BD – for making lots of effort in her English work this week.
  • Grace D – for always being a firm but fair member of the class and sharing Mrs Bird’s jokes (but only when she’s actually funny)
  • Drew H – for the outstanding amount of additional maths work that was produced last week even at home and really taking on the spirit of the Friday Maths Explorers
  • Annabelle 7BD for pushing herself to answer more questions in lessons.
  • Haydn W, Izzy S, Nathan W, Millie LR, Ruby B and Mary JP for an amazing poetry recital
  • Rhys E for always being motivated and desperate to get involved
  • Rhys E and Mary Jane for brilliant home learning.
  • Ed B for being amazing expression without speaking
  • 7PC for their amazing horse sketches, Mary Jane and Kayte- WOW!
  • Chloe C for the pride she has in overcoming difficulties- love the attitude
  • Izzy M, Nathan W, Mary-Jane and Millie LR for brilliant poetry comparisons
  • Jack O for being Jack O.
  • Abi P for her positive approach to everything!

Role of Honour 16th October 2020

  • Georgie from 7HM, Georgia in 7PC and Leo in 7PC for going above and beyond recording her reading – fantastic
  • Lilly-Ann from 7HM for being brave from a bad fall on her arm and still creating an amazing piece of writing
  • Bethany C and Olivia F from 7BD for completing every task to the best of their ability in an incredibly neat way.
  • Freddie 7BD for excellent answers in lessons and completing French quickly and to a high standard.
  • Riley D 7BD for always being positive in lessons and being very tolerant and kind.
  • Freya 7BD for just getting on really well on her first few days back.
  • Monday Sports leaders for tidying the cupboard.
  • Thursday Sports leaders for organising the Halloween challenge.
  • Oliver C 7FH for his poetry reading
  • Finley C and Rebecca 7FH for their war poetry picture
  • Thank you to 7FH for the card and gifts
  • Georgie S in 7HM for offering to work and help others without being asked to
  • Blake C for his great work in maths, GR and English
  • Armands Zvaigne in 7HM for always being so positive
  • Harry S and Zack B in 7HM for being incredibly productive in maths completing all the tasks and getting onto the extension
  • Evie Dean in 7HM for always putting her hand up to answer questions
  • Danielle Haynes in 7HM for her amazing answers in English
  • Harry Moore in 7HM for always putting his hand up and having a go
  • All of group 4 spellers in 7HM for getting 10/10 on their spelling test this week
  • Mollie Weston in 7HM for her amazing poetry homework – lovely copied out version of the poem ‘Bodies’ with images
  • Stephanie Lloyd-Rogers in 7HM for great work in English and GR
  • Fern and Lola 7LM in depth discussion writing comparing the two poems
  • 7LM accessing homework on teams-well done
  • 7LM fantastic home reading last week 86% scored
  • Claire and Rosie Bell 7LM working collaboratively on maths explorers
  • All of 7LM for their enthusiasm with the class reading book ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.’
  • Leo, Peyton and Eva for always helping staff
  • Mary-Jane for being the first person to up level her work by visiting Mr Cotton’s help desk
  • Chloe Cull for developing a can-do approach to Maths
  • Brennan, Charlie, Justin, Rhys B and Leo for amazing work with Mrs Allerton in English
  • Jack O for his trebuchet development- they keep getting better
  • Danny for his creative dance routine to the backing track of the open day video
  • Abi P’s Maths- wow you have really impressed me this week.
  • Lucy Core for being able to hold a mature conversation
  • Hayden W and Izzy S, for doing the extension extension in Maths
  • Izzy M for teaching Mr Cotton the difference between anime and Manga as well as how to draw the characters

Roll of Honour 9th October 2020

  • 7BD for being really flexible this week.
  • Tamsin M excellent effort across all subjects and really pushing herself.
  • Libby G for being the bravest girl in 7BD this week.
  • Marishka for creating an excellent well-being colouring page. What amazing artistic skills!
  • Finley G for his amazing MFL skills! He can recite the French alphabet!
  • Rhys E and Nathan in 7PC for excellent confidence when presenting in PE.
  • Riley D for always having great ideas.
  • Freya A for her excellent home learning this week and taking a real interest in our topic.
  • Grace in 7DB for fantastic reasoning within Ethics, how Jesus was portrayed as being angry.
  • El’Nathan for being super helpful
  • Leo White in 7HM for being a red pen feedback warrior!
  • Blake Clark in 7HM for being responsible with his learning journal
  • El’Nathan in 7HM for being driven with his desire to get his silver 6Rs certificate
  • El’Nathan in 7HM for taking the initiative and creating a 10th word for his spelling group using the same rule
  • Lilly-Anne in 7HM for getting 10/10 in spelling
  • Georgie, Zac B and Kristal in 7HM for being masters of adding and subtracting fractions
  • 7HM for being more productive this week in maths and in English
  • 7HM for an amazing discussion about Winston Churchill
  • Riley Dukes for a lovely act of friendship and for being an all round lovely person
  • Millie L-R for constant surprises with her sewing abilities and for her wonderful commitment to her family outside of school
  • Peyton for being generous with her time outside of school
  • Charley W for being a fantastically loyal and supportive friend
  • Rhys B for being a fantastically loyal and supportive friend
  • Lucy C for her patience an kind nature
  • 7LM Erin K for bringing in her home learning folder-super organised work!
  • 7LM Fern C for her realistic accurate sketch of a horse in art
  • All sports leaders-congratulations to all who were selected.
  • 7LM adding mixed fractions-super skills.
  • 7LM Tia S- always giving 100% in maths.
  • 7LM Tyler H-super understanding when annotating poems.
  • 7PC- Yoga, everyone tried really hard to concentrate- Michael T= superstar
  • Evie 7FH for being amazing on the football pitch
  • Eva and Rebecca for their inspirational drawings relating to war poems
  • Isabelle and Archie for their mathematical minds
  • Beau for being understanding
  • Lexi for her witty cupboard comment
  • 7FH for being adaptable for filming
  • Sports leaders for their excitement, Friday’s group for organising equipment
  • Leo for helping others when needed.
  • 7PC for their amazing trench descriptions
  • Hayden W for pure initiative- already mastering Microsoft Teams before it was even taught!

Roll of Honour 2.10.20

  • Blake Clark in 7HM for his amazing work in English. He’s written fantastic paragraphs this week and really pushed himself.

•    Morgan Hurdman in 7HM for her amazing Trench description
•    Armands Z in 7HM for his amazing Trench description
•    7HM are empowering our birthday celebrations 
•    Zach T in 7HM for saying good morning back to Mrs McD in the morning when others ignored her. 
•    Ellie-May and Alleisha in 7HM for waiting patiently by the door to let others pass
•    Zac B and Sam in 7HM for escaping out of the escape room!
•    Steph LR in 7HM for single handedly nearly escaping the room in maths
•    Ellie-May and Eva, Zac T and Armands, Alleisha and Morgan, Sophie and Mollie in 7HM for working so well together to escape the room in maths
•    Jack in 7HM for his enthusiasm in French
•    Oliver in 7HM for this determination to get his bronze certificate 
•    Kadi 7FH for keeping the cupboard tidy
•    Isabelle and Evie 7FH for the excellent over the top descriptions
•    Welcome to Jericho 7FH
•    7PC- Izzy S for being an amazing at Maths and helping others with their work when they were flumuxed 
•    Molly P for putting her hand up and providing some excellent answers!
•    Charlotte T and Harry CS for their emotive and suspenseful trench descriptions.
•    7LM for their amazing drama performances!
•    Erin K and Tia S for their increasing confidence in lessons
•    Emily C-B- excellent answers in Guided Reading
•    Natalia, Teigan, Tamsin, Kacey, Grace, Eliie M for always offering help in lessons
•    7BD for working really hard in Maths
•    James H, Rishi S, Rhys E for always being helpful around the classroom
•    Nathan W for his passion for writing


Roll of Honour 25.9.20


  • Lexi-Le (7FH) for being a supportive partner in helping suggest ideas for his PEE statement.
  • Lexi-Le (7FH) wrote an amazing trench description and helped.
  • Eva M (7FH) amazing work in maths, solving real world problems with clear working out.
  • Lexi-Le, Taylor and Archie (7FH) for some interesting investigative questions in their Friday Maths Explorers.
  • Finley C (7FH) for helping Mrs Hennessey to unbox her new whiteboard, to then help put it away again and carry it downstairs.
  • Thank you to those who have brought in their Sports Leader applications.
  • Bethany (7BD) always working really hard and getting on without any problems.
  • Daisy M (7BD) being very kind to Mrs Bird and making her feel special.
  • Emily C-B (7BD) always being very enthusiastic about everything and generally being a lovely person.
  • Marishka and Kacey (7BD) organising the cupboard for Mrs Bird.
  • Cory W (7BD) showing resilience.
  • Freddie J (7BD) working really hard this week and always ready for a laugh.
  • Kayden R (7BD) excellent answering in English and maths this week.
  • All of 7HM for improving their first trench description paragraph
  • Leo (7HM) for being an amazing speller!
  • Alexus P (7LM) for working extremely hard this week in all lessons
  • Isabella (7LM) for always having the biggest smile no matter what
  • Adam P (7LM) for his trench writing that was very descriptive.
  • Haydn G- (7PC) Art- lacked confidence in sketching yet showed resilience to keep going and did a great job
  • Haydn W (7PC) An amazing sketch of a horse- not an easy skill!
  • Haydn W (7PC) for being a great role model
  • Michael T (7PC) Taking on feedback in English brilliantly
  • 7PC for being outstanding artists and always being flexible
  • Amy R (7PC) for some amazingly detailed science work
  • Nathan W (7PC) for adding the latest sequel to his adventure writing and being brave enough to share it with the class. It was thoroughly enjoyed
  • Jack O (7PC) loved watching the Lego trebuchet develop this week- engineer of the future.
  • 7BD- working well in Maths- superb productivity

Roll of Honour 18.9.20 

  • 7LM Leona Jones- Engaged all the time, enthusiastic in every lesson, asking and answering questions.
  • 7LM Addison Rowe- Productivity in English, enthusiasm with diary writing.
  •  7LM Christian- Jenkins Wilkins- Enthusiastic in maths-maths whizz!
  • 7LM Fern Callow- Guided reading and English-great use of emotive language.
  • 7LM Lewis Holden-Engaged, asking and answering questions. Fantastic effort with diary writing.
  • 7LM Alfie and Archie- fab effort with diary writing.
  • 7HM awesome, settling down in the mornings ready to start
  • 7HM Matthew – responsibility in signing the e-safety form
  • 7HM Armands attitude towards improving his work
  • 7HM – Jamie Lewis for getting on with his GR work before he was asked to
  •   7BD- Teigan P for always helping in lessons
  • 7BD- Drew H for excellent contribution to maths today with the nth term and showing excellent resilience and really thinking about deep responses in feedback.
  • 7BD – Kacey W for helping to tidy the classroom – amazing!
  • 7BD – Joe M for being a wonderful help, very conscientious and just a lovely boy.
  • 7BD – Josh for always putting up his hand in lessons and giving things a go.
  • 7BD – Ruby P for making Mrs Bird laugh and generally being a nice person (if a little chatty sometimes)
  • 7BD – Anabelle and Grace for excellent presentation and always thinking about how they respond to tasks.
  • 7BD Ellie R-B for her resilient approach to everything.
  • 7BD Jayden for being kind to all other pupils.
  • 7BD Jamie R for making an excellent effort in all lessons.
  • 7BD Millie L for her wonderful sense of humour and really trying hard in maths.
  • 7PC Danny J and Jack O for making their own questions up in Maths
  • Everyone who contributed to the Treasure Hunt this week
  • Haydn G for a brilliant start to his diary
  • Peyton for being an expert in pencil sorting
  • Brennan for being able to hold a fantastic conversation
  • Rhys B for an unbelievable work rate
  • Nathan W for always offering a friendly greeting in the morning

Roll of Honour 11.9.20


  • 7LM-Welcome to Leona, Alexus, Christian, amazing start-settled in really well.
  • 7FH – Welcome to Kyle D – great start and lots of productivity. It’s like you’ve always been here!
  • Dillon--readiness in every subject, actively engaged, always asking interesting questions to aid understanding.
  • Archy-outstanding inference skills relating to War Horse (recognising that the front cover could be in black and white because that’s what the horse might see.)
  • All 7LM for a positive, mature start.
  • Impeccable manners Zach and Kristal for opening and waiting at the door 7HM
  • Brennan, Jack, Justin, Michael, Amy, Georgia and Chloe, 7PC, who suffered with smiley faces as we revisited verb tenses in our first Rapid Response.
  • Lexi T for being the first person in the whole school to earn her Bronze merit award
  • 7FH have just been amazing this week. The best start to any year I have had. They’re really settled, follow the new guidelines sensibly, work hard, the list is endless. I hope and I’m sure it continues – it is a pleasure to have you as my class!!
  • Sensible behaviour on the playground and MUGA with the understanding that it is slightly different to normal.
  • Lovely to see how everyone supports each other – lots of cheers in my class when people were selected for different roles.
  • Positive attitude to learning even if it can be a bit manic at times.
  • Much better productivity from 7HM today and great presentation in books
  • Hayden Baxter, Kaicey Robinson, Lilly-Anne Lavender, El’Nathan Mandisoza, Oliver Sinfield and Logan Guest for their amazing roles as Albert, Ted and Albert’s mother hot seating in English.
  • All 7HM for a fantastic start to the year! Keep it up!
  • It has been great to see you all so quickly falling back into routines and listening carefully to Instructions.
  • Rhys B- wow, your answers and responses to WarHorse have been amazing
  • Nathan W and Mary-Jane P- your hotseating as Ted Narracott and his wife was brilliant.
  • Amelia and Stef for some of the most amazing homework I have ever seen
  • Abi P for thinking outside the box and thinking big is better with her homework