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Year 7 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour 18.9.20 

  • 7LM Leona Jones- Engaged all the time, enthusiastic in every lesson, asking and answering questions.
  • 7LM Addison Rowe- Productivity in English, enthusiasm with diary writing.
  •  7LM Christian- Jenkins Wilkins- Enthusiastic in maths-maths whizz!
  • 7LM Fern Callow- Guided reading and English-great use of emotive language.
  • 7LM Lewis Holden-Engaged, asking and answering questions. Fantastic effort with diary writing.
  • 7LM Alfie and Archie- fab effort with diary writing.
  • 7HM awesome, settling down in the mornings ready to start
  • 7HM Matthew – responsibility in signing the e-safety form
  • 7HM Armands attitude towards improving his work
  • 7HM – Jamie Lewis for getting on with his GR work before he was asked to
  •   7BD- Teigan P for always helping in lessons
  • 7BD- Drew H for excellent contribution to maths today with the nth term and showing excellent resilience and really thinking about deep responses in feedback.
  • 7BD – Kacey W for helping to tidy the classroom – amazing!
  • 7BD – Joe M for being a wonderful help, very conscientious and just a lovely boy.
  • 7BD – Josh for always putting up his hand in lessons and giving things a go.
  • 7BD – Ruby P for making Mrs Bird laugh and generally being a nice person (if a little chatty sometimes)
  • 7BD – Anabelle and Grace for excellent presentation and always thinking about how they respond to tasks.
  • 7BD Ellie R-B for her resilient approach to everything.
  • 7BD Jayden for being kind to all other pupils.
  • 7BD Jamie R for making an excellent effort in all lessons.
  • 7BD Millie L for her wonderful sense of humour and really trying hard in maths.
  • 7PC Danny J and Jack O for making their own questions up in Maths
  • Everyone who contributed to the Treasure Hunt this week
  • Haydn G for a brilliant start to his diary
  • Peyton for being an expert in pencil sorting
  • Brennan for being able to hold a fantastic conversation
  • Rhys B for an unbelievable work rate
  • Nathan W for always offering a friendly greeting in the morning

Roll of Honour 11.9.20


  • 7LM-Welcome to Leona, Alexus, Christian, amazing start-settled in really well.
  • 7FH – Welcome to Kyle D – great start and lots of productivity. It’s like you’ve always been here!
  • Dillon--readiness in every subject, actively engaged, always asking interesting questions to aid understanding.
  • Archy-outstanding inference skills relating to War Horse (recognising that the front cover could be in black and white because that’s what the horse might see.)
  • All 7LM for a positive, mature start.
  • Impeccable manners Zach and Kristal for opening and waiting at the door 7HM
  • Brennan, Jack, Justin, Michael, Amy, Georgia and Chloe, 7PC, who suffered with smiley faces as we revisited verb tenses in our first Rapid Response.
  • Lexi T for being the first person in the whole school to earn her Bronze merit award
  • 7FH have just been amazing this week. The best start to any year I have had. They’re really settled, follow the new guidelines sensibly, work hard, the list is endless. I hope and I’m sure it continues – it is a pleasure to have you as my class!!
  • Sensible behaviour on the playground and MUGA with the understanding that it is slightly different to normal.
  • Lovely to see how everyone supports each other – lots of cheers in my class when people were selected for different roles.
  • Positive attitude to learning even if it can be a bit manic at times.
  • Much better productivity from 7HM today and great presentation in books
  • Hayden Baxter, Kaicey Robinson, Lilly-Anne Lavender, El’Nathan Mandisoza, Oliver Sinfield and Logan Guest for their amazing roles as Albert, Ted and Albert’s mother hot seating in English.
  • All 7HM for a fantastic start to the year! Keep it up!
  • It has been great to see you all so quickly falling back into routines and listening carefully to Instructions.
  • Rhys B- wow, your answers and responses to WarHorse have been amazing
  • Nathan W and Mary-Jane P- your hotseating as Ted Narracott and his wife was brilliant.
  • Amelia and Stef for some of the most amazing homework I have ever seen
  • Abi P for thinking outside the box and thinking big is better with her homework