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Year 7 Roll of Honour

Year 7 Roll of Honour 17.1.20



In 7LB pupils have been helpful when Mrs Hughes has not known what to do or where to go
Great Tinkerbell Zip wire efforts from 7LB
Great teamwork and cooperation from 7LB
7PC English have had an amazing understanding of essay writing, so marking GCSE papers will not be a problem!
Jarrett for the best word level analysis of a rhetorical question ever written by anyone!
My prefect team for the job they do day in and day out
7RM maths have made me incredibly proud of how they behaved this week
Freya and Will P for always handing out books
7RM maths for their arithmetic knowledge – Tash, Josh and Aaron!
7RM English for great understanding of rhetorical questions
The ladies and gentlemen who have done so much paper cutting for me this week!
7FH Coping with distractions outside of the classroom.
Georgia Howes – finding space in netball.
Harry, Bella & Megan – producing great work in CC to introduce our topic.
Thank you to those sports leaders who have helped to keep the cupboards tidy.
William Miles – great responses to red pen feedback.
Jess – wonderful thoughts in Peter Pan PSHE – really sensitive and thoughtful
Will Ross – excellent Peter Pan artwork
Connor C – really making an effort to fully explore ideas in art and engaging with different artists.
Katie M – being really enthusiastic and positive all the time.
Taylor R – always producing work of a high standard.
Maddison W-L – really settling in well this year and giving 100% in all lessons
Evie L – caring about everyone and being an all-round lovely person.

Year 7 Roll of Honour 29.11.19


Leah B, Erin S, Amelia, B and Abi G for their help selecting work to be added to our ‘proud wall’.
Tobias R in French for being so keen to learn about the French revolution and knowing so much about Napoleon.
Bella Smith and Jess Jelfs for showing gratitude in the form of treats.
Everyone with Mr Cotton at breakfast club- a really enjoyable conversation
The gentlemen in 7DB for beginning to show good choices.
Attitudes shown in cross country this week
Leah Harrison for always being cheery and having a story to tell
Abi Goodyear for her determination to improve her Maths- you are flying
Kayleigh Rich for surprising herself with her Maths mark.
Amelia Burton for her eye- WOW!
Tobias and Daisy E for bringing in their homework
Megan Court for her amazing achievements in Golf
7FH – These crazy bunch of kids all joined in at various points during the bleep test and showed determination and resilience.
George Norton for being a dictionary wizard.
Lexi Bennett for trying new clubs.
Erin for her caring attitude towards members of staff, including Teaching Assistants.
Matthew W for just being Matthew W.
Freya E for her amazing Historical knowledge.
James T for being a wonderful member of 7DB and always doing the right thing.
Evie L for being very tolerant of others and really interested in our ethics topic.
Faith H-H Great participation in lessons.
7DB literacy for working hard this week.
Josh E – amazing productivity.
Lucy W – good contributions in lessons
Will R and Callum – excellent stamina in P.E. combining physical endurance with resilient.
All of you for attitudes to testing this week
Daisy Tibble for a huge jump in her reading 100 score


 Year 7 Roll of Honour 22nd November 2019



FH Maths groups have been superstars this week. Really made me happy!
Year 7 netball team for beating Catshill 7-2.
Kai for helping me out with technology.
Kai for a lovely conversation with PC at cross country
7LB’s amazing attitude towards their chromatography science lesson.
Callum for his fantastic attitude towards maths this week and for working with such determination.
My Science council for being so brave and presenting their work to the whole school during Mondays assembly.
Callum and Tobias for coming for extra input to support their Maths
7PC for showing more understanding, thank you.
PC’s English- figurative language- WOW!
Jacob D for being so appreciative for his education


Nicola P and Amelia B for thinking outside of the box with their DT designs
Jess W for her brilliant Maths work this week.
Kai M worked so hard in French to complete his assessment in one lesson after being absent
Fantastic attitudes from year 7 doing their French assessment
Keira Y for always being so helpful and smiley
7RM for their fantastic work in Humanities – they were amazing at discussing the problems facing William this week
A great ethics lesson for 7DB – amazing
Pippa H – taking a mature attitude with literacy
Finley J – showing a great sense of humour this week
Children listening really well to the advice they have been given
Faye – thinking critically in Ethics and always coming up with good responses.
Josh W – excellent work in literacy 


Year 7 Roll of Honour 18th October 2019


Harvey S, Keira Yates and Will Miles for resilience in French and always having an answer
7RM for good researching of the 3 Kings and for creating imaginative reasoning of what could happen 10 minutes before and after the images shown
Keira Yates for always sharing her ideas in English
Aaron CA and Natasha L for arguing to give the maths homework answers – if only everyone was so keen!
7LB amazing attitude towards our forensics topic in science.
Children who helped Mrs Johnson with the cake sale on Thursday
Alfie C and Lily H for their fantastic art work
Chelsea- Leigh’s superb setting description in English
Lexi S for her fantastic effort with her English homework
Russell and Archie – great passing in hockey
Alfie S – has been on fire in GR and Lit producing excellent work
Lee – really got to grasps with place value
Hannah – great Haka face
Natasha, Jess B, Louie and Amelia for amazing trench descriptions
All that represented the school in  football last night
Those that helped with the cake sale, superb help for a superb cause
Amelia B for wanting to understand complex poetry
Tom Lewis for a fantastic conversation about school life
Jarrett Griffiths for his voice in a sea of silence
Jacob Daniels for his figurative language ‘jokes’
Jess Bodilly (and family) for producing a phenomenal paradox poem
Megan being proud of her achievements in golf
Kayleigh telling me all about her successes in motocross
Daisy Moffatt for being a future red carpet actress
Raffy and Lexi B for being mature about differences of opinion

Year 7 Roll of Honour 4th October 2019


  • Leah, Erin, Hannah for their ‘exceptional’ acting skills during PSHE. Mrs Bennett took on a whole new role.
  • Kai, Alfie and Zac in 7FH for their amazing positive attitude to Art this week.
  • Abi in 7LB for being incredibly helpful all week.
  • Aaron, Jess, Lillie, Maddison Pippa, Miller and Abi in my Spelling set for being super organised and starting their spellings without me asking.
  • Anthony F for his amazing effort with his English homework.
  • Jacob R showing leadership and setting an excellent example to the year 5 children during sports leader afternoon
  • 7PC responding really well to Ethics lessons despite difficult content.
  • Harry Millwood - asking and answering questions
  • Josh Wooley – asking and answering questions
  • Miller – Working hard on vocabulary.
  • Millie Howcroft – always being helpful
  • Haruka Misawa- showing great tolerance and understanding of others
  • 7FH worked incredibly well with the year 9s from DSHS who taught them more body parts and ran activities with them.
  • Freya Evans for full marks in The Tempest assessment
  • All of year 7s for their efforts in the leadership afternoon, as well as the sports leaders for helping sort equipment
  • Kian Taylor for listening to advice given and acting upon it.
  • Alfie Chandler for responsibility and taking ownership over his learning.
  • Jess Bodilly for her pride in her work and using an amazing paradox in her writing.
  • PC’s English group for their amazing grasp of Elizabethan
  • People who went on the author visit- a credit to the school
  • Klaudia for knowing when to ask for advice and really valuing the input.

Year 7 Roll of Honour 20th September 2019



  • Kevin & Lee – best Ninjas in FH Maths
  • Wednesday’s Sports Leaders – dinner ladies wanted to say how polite and organised they were and how well they handled some difficult year 6s
  • James, Sophie, Zach, Harry for their help with the sports hall in Open Evening
  • All pupils who were guides for parents
  • Attitudes during the Year 7 Welcome afternoon
  • Freya Evans for surprising us all her with her brilliant Prospero impression.
  • Theo Stacey for being a superstar baker
  • Haruka for not letting her injured hand slow her down.
  • Alex Recardo for his amazing lateral thinking
  • Daisy Evans for always being available to lend a hand
  • PC’s Maths and English sets for a great start in terms of the attitudes to homework
  • Emily Snookes for a great attitude in Maths
  • Callum Jenkinson for applying knowledge from one lesson to another.
  • Ashleigh Farrel for her excellent portrait photography.
  • Alfie W for his amazing unique ideas in Art.
  • Andrew E for showing fantastic detail in his conflict drawings.
  • Year 7 for moving around the school sensibly during the treasure hunt.
  • Those who brought contributions in for the Treasure hunt.
  • Erin S for being so helpful this week.
  • Those with roles taking them really seriously and responsibly. Asking for how to help. Great role models to others in school
  • 7RM circle time was great – we feel we know Meatball the hamster now we’ve helped to choose his name.
  • Macey-Jane Semini for being Macey-Jane Semini – helping RMc with open evening
  • Will Lowe, Jess Evans, Archie C-W, Hannah Carter and Leah Blake for being culinary geniuses in line with masterchef (Will needs to practise washing up).
  • Raffy Knight for her amazing piece of English homework

Year 7 Roll of Honour 6th September 2019


Evie Livett 7BD for her amazing resilience in Maths show independence and drawing on all her year 5 and 6 knowledge.
Kai in 7FH for his amazing knowledge in science about inventions and inventors.
7LB for making an amazing start to year 7 and for showing so much support for each other during our voting process.
Nicola Pawlak, Aaron Griffiths and Macey Semini for exceptional Scientific skills and determination to succeed.
Proud of how 7FH lined up and went into assembly. Well done to Josh, Bella and Harvey for answering questions in assembly.
Lexi Smith for helping children in 7PC find chairs during circle time- a small thing but small acts of kindness make the world happy place
James Turner for always being chirpy in the mornings and saying hello.
Brandon Bayliss for a great first week and a super attitude to his writing- amazing work and good to see you proud of your achievements.
Louie Horton, Lillie-Rose Willetts and Daisy Tibble for their character descriptions.
Jarrett Griffiths and Mya Cliff for their brilliant contributions in English.
Chloe Randle for a brilliant approach to her Maths work- very impressed already.
Raffy Knight for offering to help and organise things in Mr Cotton’s classroom.
Everyone delivered a speech to attain  a role of responsibility (MP, Computing ambassador etc.)
The very helpful pupils who set up school shop off their own back- great initiative shown
Madison Parker for getting involved in circle time
Finley Jones for being Finley Jones
Jarrett Griffiths for an excellent answer in assembly
Hannah Jordan for her excellence, and bronze medal, in gymnastics.
Picture 1
A huge congratulations to Hannah for achieving a bronze medal with her gymnastics team during the summer holidays. We are so proud of you!