We are very proud and excited to have been awarded the Naace ICT Mark in recognition of our excellence in the use of educational technology! We are also very proud and excited to have received the Silver School Games Mark award in recognition of our strong PE and Sport provision & have now started planning ahead for next year!
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Meet the Staff

Here is a definitive guide to the staff at Westacre Middle School. 

Picture 1
Picture 2 Mrs Evans (Headteacher)
Picture 3
Picture 1 Mr Barber (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Humphries (Assistant Headteacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Doolin (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 1 Mrs Riddleston (Head of Year 5, 5JR & PSHE)
Picture 2 Mrs Murray (Head of Year 6, 6RM & PSHE)
Picture 3 Mr Cotton (Head of Year 7, 7PC & PSHE)
Picture 1 Mrs Bennett (5LB & Science)
Picture 2 Miss Boulton (6BB & Numeracy)
Picture 3 Mr McMullen (PE & Year 6/7 Link)
Picture 1 Mr Smith (5TS & Humanities)
Picture 2 Miss Knight (6KK & Science)
Picture 3 Miss Brighton (SENCo & Year 7 Link)
Picture 1 Mrs Ardis (Year 5 Link & Music)
Picture 2 Mrs Adey (6RA & Pupil Premium)
Picture 3 Mrs Bird (7BD & LIteracy)
Picture 1 Mrs Hennessey (5FH & Girls' PE)
Picture 2 Miss Steenson (6CS & Gifted and Talented Maths)
Picture 3 Mrs Underhill (7AU & Computing)
Picture 1 Mr Dinsley (5CD & Boys' PE)
Picture 2 Mrs Morgan (Maternity Leave)
Picture 3 Mrs Dixon (7BD & Numeracy Support)
Picture 1 Mrs McDiarmid (MFL, PP KS3 & Y6/7 Link)
Picture 2 Mrs Eaton (Teaching Assistant 6CS)
Picture 3 Mrs Radburn (7RM & Gifted and Talented Literacy)
Picture 1 Mrs Sankey (Data Admin Manager & 5TS TA)
Picture 2 Mrs Newell (Teaching Assistant 6KK)
Picture 3 Mrs Morgan (7RM & Art / DT)
Picture 1 Mrs MacPherson (SEN Admin Manager & 5FH TA)
Picture 2
Picture 3 Mrs Phillips (Librarian)
Picture 1 Mrs Burke (Teaching Assistant 5JR)
Picture 2 Mrs McCullough (Teaching Assistant 6RM)
Picture 3 Mrs Allerton (Teaching Assistant Year 7)
Picture 1 Mrs Howells (Teaching Assistant 5CD & PP Admin)
Picture 2 Mrs Howard (Teaching Assistant 6BB)
Picture 3 Mrs Johnston (Teaching Assistant Year 7)
Picture 1 Mrs Burton (Teaching Assistant 5LB)
Picture 2 Miss Payne (Teaching Assistant 6RA)
Picture 3 Mr Hunt (School Caretaker)
Picture 1 Miss Colledge (Pastoral Support)
Picture 2 Mrs Darby (Pastoral Lead)
Picture 3 Miss Starkey (Pastoral Support)
Picture 1 Mrs Dowdeswell (Business Manager)
Picture 2 Mrs Ginns (Reception Administrator)
Picture 3 Mrs Oliver (Finance & Resources Administrator)