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Meet the Staff

Here is a definitive guide to the staff at Westacre Middle School. 

Staffing Structure March 2017

Picture 1
Picture 2 Mrs Evans (Headteacher)
Picture 3
Picture 1 Mr Barber (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Humphries (Assistant Headteacher & 6HB)
Picture 3 Mrs Doolin (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 1 Mrs Riddleston (Head of Year 5, 5JR & PSHE)
Picture 2 Mrs Murray (Head of Year 6, 6RM & PSHE)
Picture 3 Mr Cotton (Head of Year 7, 7CD & PSHE)
Picture 1 Mrs Radburn (5HR & Science)
Picture 2 Miss Boulton (6BB & Numeracy)
Picture 3 Mr McMullen (Year 7 Link Teacher & PE)
Picture 1 Mr Smith (5TS & Humanities)
Picture 2 Mrs Langston (6HB & SENCO)
Picture 3 Miss Brighton (7LB & Pupil Premium)
Picture 1 Mrs Ardis (Year 5 Link & Music)
Picture 2 Mrs Bird (6LB & Literacy)
Picture 3 Mrs McDiarmid (7RM & French)
Picture 1 Mrs Hennessey (5FH & Girls' PE)
Picture 2 Miss Steenson (6CS & RE)
Picture 3 Mrs Underhill (7AU & Year 7 Computing)
Picture 1 Mrs Bees (7MB Maternity Leave)
Picture 2 Mrs Morgan (7MB & Art / DT)
Picture 3 Mrs Anderson (7MB Maternity Cover)
Picture 1 Mrs MacPherson (SEN Admin Manager)
Picture 2 Mrs Sankey (Data Admin Manager)
Picture 3 Mrs Phillips (Librarian)
Picture 1
Picture 2 Mrs Darby (Pastoral Lead)
Picture 3
Picture 1 Mrs Douglas (Pastoral Support)
Picture 2 Mr Dinsley (Pastoral Support)
Picture 3 Mrs Starkey (Pastoral Support)
Picture 1 Mrs Dowdeswell (Business Manager)
Picture 2 Mrs Scarbrow (Finance & Resources Administrator)
Picture 3 Mrs Ginns (Reception Administrator)
Picture 1 Mrs Burke (Teaching Assistant 5FH)
Picture 2 Mrs McCullough (Teaching Assistant 6RM)
Picture 3 Mrs Allerton (Teaching Assistant 7PC)
Picture 1 Mrs George (Teaching Assistant 5HR)
Picture 2 Mrs Hearnshaw (Teaching Assistant Focus Support)
Picture 3 Mrs Bennett (Teaching Assistant 7AU)
Picture 1 Mrs Howells (Teaching Assistant 5JR & PP Admin)
Picture 2 Mrs Howard (Teaching Assistant 6HB)
Picture 3 Mrs Johnston (Teaching Assistant 7LB)
Picture 1 Mrs Eaton (Teaching Assistant 5TS)
Picture 2 Mrs Wood (Teaching Assistant 6BB)
Picture 3 Mrs Hart (Teaching Assistant 7RM)
Picture 1 Mr Thomas (Teacher Cover)
Picture 2 Mrs Newell (Teaching Assistant 6CS)
Picture 3 Mr McNally (Teaching Assistant 7BM)
Picture 1 Mr Hunt (School Caretaker)
Picture 2 Mrs Woodward (Teaching Assistant 6LB)
Picture 3 Mrs Dixon (Maternity Leave)