We wish all Westacre pupils and families a wonderful summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back on Tuesday 5th September. Prospective parents and children for the September 2018 intake are invited to our school Open Day on Thursday 21st September. The morning session will take place from 10:15 until 11:45 and the evening session from 17:00 until 19:15 (parents and children are welcome at both sessions).
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Meet the Staff

Here is a definitive guide to the staff at Westacre Middle School. 

Staffing Structure March 2017

Picture 1
Picture 2 Mrs Evans (Headteacher)
Picture 3
Picture 1 Mr Barber (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Humphries (Assistant Headteacher & 6HB)
Picture 3 Mrs Doolin (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 1 Mrs Riddleston (Head of Year 5, 5JR & PSHE)
Picture 2 Mrs Murray (Head of Year 6, 6RM & PSHE)
Picture 3 Mr Cotton (Head of Year 7, 7CD & PSHE)
Picture 1 Mrs Radburn (5HR & Science)
Picture 2 Miss Boulton (6BB & Numeracy)
Picture 3 Mr McMullen (Year 7 Link Teacher & PE)
Picture 1 Mr Smith (5TS & Humanities)
Picture 2 Mrs Langston (6HB & SENCO)
Picture 3 Miss Brighton (7LB & Pupil Premium)
Picture 1 Mrs Ardis (Year 5 Link & Music)
Picture 2 Mrs Bird (6LB & Literacy)
Picture 3 Mrs McDiarmid (7RM & French)
Picture 1 Mrs Hennessey (5FH & Girls' PE)
Picture 2 Miss Steenson (6CS & RE)
Picture 3 Mrs Underhill (7AU & Year 7 Computing)
Picture 1 Mrs Bees (7MB Maternity Leave)
Picture 2 Mrs Morgan (7MB & Art / DT)
Picture 3 Mrs Anderson (7MB Maternity Cover)
Picture 1 Mrs MacPherson (SEN Admin Manager)
Picture 2 Mrs Sankey (Data Admin Manager)
Picture 3 Mrs Phillips (Librarian)
Picture 1 Mr Dinsley (Pastoral Support)
Picture 2 Mrs Darby (Pastoral Lead)
Picture 3 Mrs Starkey (Pastoral Support)
Picture 1 Mrs Dowdeswell (Business Manager)
Picture 2 Mrs Scarbrow (Finance & Resources Administrator)
Picture 3 Mrs Ginns (Reception Administrator)
Picture 1 Mrs Burke (Teaching Assistant 5FH)
Picture 2 Mrs McCullough (Teaching Assistant 6RM)
Picture 3 Mrs Allerton (Teaching Assistant 7PC)
Picture 1 Mrs Randell (Teaching Assistant 5HR)
Picture 2 Mrs Hearnshaw (Teaching Assistant Focus Support)
Picture 3 Mrs Bennett (Teaching Assistant 7AU)
Picture 1 Mrs Howells (Teaching Assistant 5JR & PP Admin)
Picture 2 Mrs Howard (Teaching Assistant 6HB)
Picture 3 Mrs Johnston (Teaching Assistant 7LB)
Picture 1 Mrs Eaton (Teaching Assistant 5TS)
Picture 2 Mrs Wood (Teaching Assistant 6BB)
Picture 3 Mrs Hart (Teaching Assistant 7RM)
Picture 1 Mr Thomas (Teacher Cover)
Picture 2 Mrs Newell (Teaching Assistant 6CS)
Picture 3 Mr McNally (Teaching Assistant 7BM)
Picture 1 Mr Hunt (School Caretaker)
Picture 2 Mrs Woodward (Teaching Assistant 6LB)
Picture 3 Mrs Dixon (Maternity Leave)