We wish all Westacre pupils and families a happy and relaxing half-term week and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Monday 25th February. Parents can book slots at the upcoming Pupil Learning Discussions using the form found in the Newsletters section of the website (via Parents). During half term week, children are challenged to do their 500 word stories as well as entries for the Wellbeing photo competition!
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School Day

A normal day at Westacre Middle School has the following timings:


7:45 am - Breakfast Club opens

8:15 am - Staff on duty on playgrounds

8:25 am - Registration

8:30 am - Guided Reading session

9:00 am - Lesson 1

9:55 am - Break time

10:10 am - Lesson 2

11:05 am - RWI Spelling session

11:20 am - Lesson 3

12:15 pm - Lunch time

13:05 pm - Class Yoga

13:15 pm - Lesson 4

14:05 pm - Lesson 5

14:55 pm - Home time

15:00 pm - After school clubs

16:00 pm - End of clubs

Here are some photos of pupils enjoying some of the learning opportunities at Westacre: