Prospective parents and children for the September 2018 intake are invited to our school Open Day on Thursday 21st September. The morning session will take place from 10:15 until 11:45 and the evening session from 17:00 until 19:15 (parents and children are welcome at both sessions). The morning session will give you the chance to see a normal day at Westacre while the evening session will be a more hands-on experience with a range of activities and the chance to speak to current pupils, parents, staff and governors. Headteacher talks will take place at 17:15 and 18:00.
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Anti-bullying week

At Westacre we work very hard to combat any incidents of bullying. This week is National Anti-bullying week with the theme of, “Power for Good.” To help put an end to bullying it is essential to talk openly with the children about what bullying means, the effects of bullying and ways to deal with it. Each class has spent time to discussing these issues and ways that everyone can help in putting an end to bullying.

The children have worked in their school houses to create an anti-bullying super hero who can give advice on using the “Power for Good” to help combat bullying. Our final super heroes were fantastic and will be displayed in school.


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Community Garden


Here at Westacre we encourage all children to be active members of the local community and we are excited by a new project we are taking on. Following discussions with the children about the local environment and the local council we have arranged to take responsibility for a piece of community land in Droitwich town centre, (corner of Heritage Way and Nine Foot Way). Mr Smith and Mrs Allerton will be working with a group of children from the ECO council to tidy up the land and make it a more attractive area. It is early days but as you can see from the photos below they have made a good start!

Before we started:
At the Garden Centre:
Work in progress:
Progress so far:

Election Results

Congratulations to our winning three candidates: Kiah Cooley, Sam Price and Tia Cole. We will be introducing our successful candidates to the youth council. Also, a big well done to all the other  candidates who did a fantastic job and contributed some excellent ideas.

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Westacre Election 2016

This week we held our whole school election to select three children to represent Westacre on Droitwich youth council. Over the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to have Councillor Sital Harris and Councillor Richard Morris available to support the school and talk to the children about the roles of local councils. Every child wrote their own individual manifesto about what they would like Droitwich to offer young people. Each child voted for a class candidate, who then addressed the year group before a vote to select a year group representative. There were three candidates from each year group, meaning we had 9 candidates in total on the ballot papers. All the candidates spoke to the whole school before voting commenced. Councillor Harris popped in on the day of the election to congratulate and wish all 9 candidates good luck.

The wining year group representatives were:

Year 5:

Joseph Fisher

Kiah Cooley

Chloe Hart

Year 6:

Sam Price

Grace Pedley

Hope Rose

Year 7:

Bop Foster

Alex Marriot

Tia Cole


See below for copies of the children's manifestos.

Website Review


Two of our pupil voice groups (School Council and Cyber Council) joined together for a very important mission! They worked together to review what they like and dislike about our current website, then did the same with a first design for a brand new website. The children came up with many great ideas, that will be incorporated into the final design of a new website. Watch this space!

Anti-Bullying week


Our Anti-bullying week was a great success. The children were given opportunities in their class to discuss what bullying is, its effects and what to do if they were the victim of or saw incidents of bullying. The children were very articulate and sensitive in their discussions. Although this was a national week of work on anti-bullying, this is something we strive to address and be open about throughout the year here at Westacre. The theme of the week this year was: Make a noise about Bullying. We asked the children to write a poem, song or rap about bullying that we could all learn as part of Westacre making a noise about bullying. There were lots of fabulous entries; well done to everyone and especially to Emela Sabara in 7AU, whose poem we all learnt and performed as a whole school –Westacre definitely made a noise about bullying!

Westacre Middle School Samaritans shoebox appeal


Over the past few weeks school council have been filling boxes with the items that you kindly donated to school. We would like to thank you and the children who filled shoeboxes for this year’s Samaritan's Christmas Shoebox appeal. Thirty eight boxes were filled over half term and will be taken to a local drop off point.  The boxes will soon be checked and packed for onward distribution to Eastern Europe, India and Asia.  These will make a lot of people very very happy at this festive time of year!

Black History Month

Black History Month is a time set aside each year to celebrate the achievements of black men and women, both past and present.


During this month we learn about some of the brave people who have stood up against inequality in an attempt to create a fairer society.

The children were asked to research a figure of their choice, who they thought had contributed to  equality for all.


Lucy Carter Year 7:

“A week like this is important because people need to know that everyone should have the same rights and it’s not always been like that. I did a presentation on Nelson Mandela.”


Maddie Rollit Year 7:

“People shouldn’t be treated differently because of the colour of their skin. I knew some of the things that we talked about, like Rosa Parks, but I didn’t know some people had gone to prison for fighting for equal rights. I did a presentation on Alice Coachman, she was the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal.”


Will Parkes Year 7:

“It’s important to learn about what some people have done to change the world and the way we live. For my homework I did some work on Barack Obama and how important it was to so many people to have the first American Black President.”

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Remembrance Day

As part of our Remembrance commemoration, the whole school gathered in the hall today to observe a two minute silence. Each child had made their own individual poppy which was then used to create a class wreath. School council members placed the wreaths on the school stage as part of our assembly. Emily Allen from year 6 and Martha Frapwell from year 7 both read a poem and Luke Payne, Talia Widdowson and Ellie Moseley shared some of their writing about World War one. We were very proud of the children for creating such a respectful and thoughtful atmosphere.    

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