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  Primary objective: to help the child identify and develop a healthy sense of self-worth and positive outlook.
Entry criteria: pupils identified by staff (e.g. in pupil strategy meetings)
Exit criteria: improvements observed in self-esteem and new skills applied to other contexts (e.g. playground)


6 weeks, out of class intervention, run by pastoral team.
Based on resources from 'All About Me' manual
Objectives: to explain what self-esteem means, to explore why it is important to develop a sense of self-worth, to identify and practise positive language that can be used to promote a strong sense of self. to support the child to identify their positive atttributes, to discuss strategies that the child can use when times are challenging to them.  


A great way of building our self-esteem and getting to know one another in a small group. We use a number of resources and worksheets from the 'All About Me' manual and we work through them together, opening up the channels for conversation within a safe, comfortable environment.

We have made posters showing our likes and dislikes, we have worked on a group project outlining what our strengths are, who knew we had a budding gymnast, a resident mathematician, a potential future engineer and someone who would like a career in caring for others.

It is wonderful to see the childrens enthusiasm and confidence growing each week.