We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Anti-bullying week  #choose respect

Last week was anti-bullying week. At Westacre we always take time to discuss what bullying means and devise strategies to combat any form of bullying. We always remind the children that we are a, “telling school, “and any concerns should always be shared. Stamping out bullying starts with treating each other with respect. As a class, the children discussed ways that we can all show respect to others and find ways to make each other feel good about themselves.

We used house assemblies to write and perform anti-bullying poems – some examples are below.


Bullying isn’t always intentional,

But the consequences can be critical.

If someone bullies me while at school,

It would be good to call them a fool.

Al those things that I keep inside,

Those are the things that I hide.

Even though you told me not to tell,

Now at last I yell and yell -

Stop bullying me.



By Eliza and Harriet



The person you called ugly yesterday now covers herself in makeup.

The person you said had big ears now never wears her hair up.

The person you called fat is now starving herself.

The person that you kicked a ball at is now in hospital in pain.

The person you spread rumours about is now going out in public.

The person you were racist to now finds it hard to trust people.

The girl you bullied for a year is now fighting for her life.

It doesn’t cost to be a bully but it does to be a victim.

By Evie and Emily


I went to preschool today and Timmy stole my bear, Joel called me ugly and started to rip out my hair,

Harry told the teacher but she didn’t care, other people tried but then she started to stare.

So then some other students came and started to insult me, it was driving me crazy, couldn’t they see?

I went into the corner and I started to cry, at that moment, I wanted to die.

Timmy came over and gave me back my bear and Joel apologized for pulling on my hair, the other bullying students however, they got off scot-free, they didn’t have to apologize but that was fine with me.

If you see someone being mean, report it to an adult.

by Ellison yr 7




October's value is, Friendship. Below is the presentation used in today's house assemblies to introduce our new value and look at ways of making new friends.
September's value is Belonging, below is a presentation some of the children in year 5 used to do some work around the streghths of belonging and working together.
Picture 1