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Careers at Westacre

Why do we teach Careers?


At Westacre we aim to inspire our pupils' aspirations and self-belief. It is a shared belief that for a child to work hard and achieve their potential, it needs to be purposeful; Careers can offer this. By developing a knowledge of what their futures hold, it allows the pupils a chance to see the end goal, to understand where they are trying to get to.


With aspirations being a key driver of the school, Careers plays a key part in raising goals and giving the children steps to achieve them. This is done through a range of strategies: Careers theme days, bespoke planning within PSHE and elements being written into planning across all year groups and all curriculum subjects.


For more detail in terms of how Careers is implemented across the curriculum we teach in Westacre, please open the Careers Strategy Document below:



Careers Contact Details in Westacre


Careers Lead Name: Mrs Page


Phone: 01905 772795