We wish all Westacre children and their families a happy and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 4th September!
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Westacre Middle School Careers Strategy Document.

Year 7 Interview success.

Friday 15th March was a chance for all of year 7 to prepare for what life in the job market it is like. They spent the morning considering their dream jobs, achievable jobs and nightmare jobs and began considering the skills and qualifications they would need to achieve them. 


Following this they looked at the wages they could hope to earn in different employment before working out their own individual cost of living- this did leave many children in a state of shock. 


The day was finished with the children having the opportunity to interview each other for a range of different jobs. It was brilliant to see them so articulate in the interview scenarios, both in their roles as the employer and potential employee. The children then gave feedback to each other about how they interviewed, again this was done in an exceptionally mature way.


The follow-up homework gave children the chance to apply for their dream job via a letter of application. Jobs available were: chocolate tester, games designer, dog trainer, Lego master builder and travel blogger. After much debate, a shortlist of candidates was drawn up and they had the opportunity to be interviewed by our Senior Leadership team in school.


The successful applicants were:

Oliver Barker- Lego Master Builder

Grace Rusby- Travel Blogger

Annabel Brannan- Chocolate Taster

Guilherme Rodrigues- Games Designer

Chloe Hodgson- Dog Trainer

Year 7 take first steps on their career paths


It has been a particularly successful and enjoyable week in year 7 with the children having the opportunity to explore a range of different future careers. 


On Wednesday, we went to the Chateau Impney, to the Worcestershire Skills Showcase, where pupils had the opportunities to talk with companies from all different sectors of employment. Each stall was run by a professional and it was great to see so many pupils discussing their futures and trying the activities that were on offer. They had the chance to hammer nails in the construction zone, use robotic arms and virtual reality headsets in the technology zone, and talk to the army about what their futures could hold. 


Thursday was a chance to build on the success with a visit to the NEC and the BIG BANG fair. Pupils saw a range of STEM companies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and were again given the chance to find out more about the wide variety of opportunities there are out there for them.  


Friday was a chance to consider what they had discovered and begin looking at where to go next. Pupils spent time considering their future cost of living- some of them may need to tighten their belts somewhat- along with what wages they may hope to achieve in the jobs they envisage themselves doing. The week was ended with the chance to apply for a dream job through a  letter of application and we look forward to shortlisting the successful candidates to then have interviews with Mrs. Evans. 


The pupils have really shown maturity this week and it is great to see them thinking about their futures at such a relatively young age. Well done Year 7.