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Welcome to our Librarian page.

Here you will find out what librarians do and how to join our librarian team and any other events we have been involved with.


Celebration of Reading at the Hive, Worcester

Our year 7 librarians had a wonderful day out at the Hive, meeting with other Worcestershire schools who are part of the Worcestershire Children's Book Group.

They had a tour of the Hive, took part in a Book Blitz and other reading activities before meeting the author Jamie Russell.

Chris Evans - Author event.

We were really excited to welcome the author Chris Smith to school on 26 May.

Chris introduced his fantastically funny new book Frankie Best Hates Quests to years 5 & 6 in an event full of epic adventure!

Thank you to our Year 7 librarians were able to help at the event, taking photos and making sure all the books were handed out so they could be signed by Chris.



LIBRARIANS - what we do


One of our librarians has written this description about the role of a librarian.

"As librarians, we come in on our day at break time and lunchtime and sort out the AR books, fiction and non fiction books. 

We also do labelling, stamping and covering of the new books.

Other jobs are to help others find and choose books and to keep the library tidy and organised."


Mrs Burton says

" I am very fortunate to work in a lovely new library with an amazing selection of books, many of them new. The Librarians play a very important role and I could not run the library without them!

A different team of librarians are on duty each day.  Their main role is to sort all the books out and put them away in the correct places so that the library is always ready for pupils to come and find their next book."





Lily - I like stamping the books and helping Mrs Burton.Isla - I put books into the correct place and book covers on new books.
Bella - I like helping people to find books and putting the books away in the right place.Grace - I get to put books away, sort AR books and look at all the new books.
Lauren - I love to stay in the library to meet new people.Rhia - I really like reading and am excited to be helping Mrs Burton in our new library.
Lachlan - I really enjoy reading and it is nice to be the first to see the new books!

Louise - I really like the new library. 

I enjoy putting away all the different types of books.

Leon - I like the new library, books are easier to find and put away. 




LIBRARIANS - how to join our team


Do you think you would like to be a librarian and join our team?


Are you....

Do you also....

  • Reliable.

  • Hardworking.

  • Friendly.

  • Helpful.

  • Sensible.

  • Enthusiastic.

  • Have an interest in books.

  • Enjoy thinking of new ideas for the library.

  • Have good communication skills.

  • Enjoy helping others


Job title: Pupil Librarian

Job purpose: Pupil Librarians help Mrs Burton run the school library.
  • To work in the library as part of a team one day (breaktime and lunchtime) each week.

  • Put away fiction books, non-fiction books and AR books in the correct place.

  • Be enthusiastic about books and reading and to promote the library.

  • Sticking, stamping, labelling and covering of any new books.

  • To help with various other jobs as needed - book fairs, quizzes, displays, choosing new library books and any other jobs to help Mrs Burton!


Do you think you would like to be a librarian?

Mrs Burton needs new librarians each September and occasionally during the year.

Fill in the application form if you would like to join our team.


Librarian - Application Form