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Public Speaking

This term a selection of students from across the year groups joined our new Public Speaking Club. Our focus this term was to look at each skill we needed in order to start feeling more confident speaking. Skills range from using varying volumes, varying tones of voice and using emphasis to express the most important points that we want to make.


Using games we have also explored using research and inquisition skills to find facts and opinions, then moved onto practise speaking with others. Through debate topics, children explored how to explain an idea clearly, making it interesting, relevant and linking it to existing arguments. Each time they were aiming to interest their listener and to consider how they presented their body language. 


As the club develops further, the children  will be working on oral presentation of their own arguments - with the aim of standing in front of a group and speaking confidently about their passion. New joiners will be able to add to the public speaking toolkit - having a go at breathing techniques, grounding and projection of voice. Eventually all pupils will work either in pairs of individually to compete in delivering their chosen subject to an audience.