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George Stubbs Art Work

Knife crime awareness assembly

This week, Year 7 had one of our local PCSOs come in and talk to them about knife crime. This is an important topic being discussed in schools across the country this week and some pupils then went to see the anti-violence bee after school (picture sourced from Worcester news), which highlights the size of this issue across England. 

Bouncing Back

Year 7 have started their Bouncing Back sessions this week, looking at resilience and how to change their mindsets and thoughts so that they can alter their feelings into positives rather than negatives. They have looked triggers for when they may feel more negative and are starting to understand how to react to this in a healthy way.

DT - woodwork

This week, year 7 have starting the construction process of their DT work. After spending last half term researching and planning, they have begun choosing materials and solving problems to create their trebuchets and catapults.