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Design & Technology

The aim of DT at Westacre is to set children on the path to becoming designers, engineers, chefs, architects and so much more. Children learn about how key events and individuals in design and technology have shaped the world we live in and how improvements have been made over time. The most important skills explored in design and technology are creativity and exploration, as it is with an open and ambitious mind, that new creations come into the world.

DT lessons can be sorted into the following categories:


- Design

- Make

- Evaluate

- Technological Knowledge

- Cooking and Nutrition


In Year 5, children will create their own explorers lunch -a healthy sandwich and a nutritious flapjack. They will then go on to explore sewing skills and make an Anglo Saxon pennant. Finally, in Year 5 as part of their 'Tourism' topic, the children will make a wooden structure of a building within Droitwich, which will culminate in a model village of Droitwich.


 In Year 6, Westacre pupils make Greek foods such as their own flatbread and Tzatziki. The children will then make flags in textiles and finally use resistant materials to create a lunchbox.


Our Year 7 pupils make their own trebuchets in woodwork. Then they go on to cook a range of savoury dishes and finally as part of their Enterprise topic 'Blood, sweat and T-shirts' the children will make an embroidery logo.  


We also currently have a cooking club and a product design (woodwork) club running after school, to allow pupils to explore these areas in a smaller group, and potentially find a new passion or inspiration for a future career along the way. 

House cooking competition

Please see the document below for more information about how we support the needs of all learners in DT:

If you want to look into Design and Technology more at home, here are some useful links you may want to follow:

In Year 7, we have a Healthy Living Week. This is a great opportunity to use our food technology and computer aided design skills that have been developed across the years. 

Year 7 Food Technology Spring 2022

Year 5 Pennants

Year 6 cooking -Greek food delivered from Island Greek restaurant in Worcester for the children to try.

Year 7 -trebuchets