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Fly Lyrics

Fly - Full Harmony

Fly - Part 1

Fly - Part 2

Droitwich Christmas Light Switch On

When Christmas Comes to Town

When Christmas Comes to Town

Castle Lyrics

Castles - Full Harmonies

Castle - High Part 1

Castles - Middle 1

Castles - Low Part

When two choirs combine

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What a fabulous afternoon! Westacre choir had the pleasure of singing with Chawson First School’s choir. Thank you to the two choirs and the very talented Mrs Jones

The Climb

Full Harmony

The Climb

High Part

The Climb

Low Part

Choir visit to the Cathedral

Droitwich Sings!

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Singing A Drop in the Ocean with other schools in the Droitwich Pyramid

Finding opportunities to sing

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All children were amazing throughout the day.

Singing with an orchestra

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A Drop in the Ocean

Looking forward to singing at Worcester Cathedral tomorrow

I'm Still Standing

I'm Still Standing - High

I'm Still Standing - Middle

I'm Still Standing - Low

Following our successful performance at the Salt Festival, we are looking forward to performing at the St Richard's Festival in Droitwich on Sunday 5th May.

Many thanks to all our choir, their parents/carers and Mrs Jones, who make it possible for them to perform.

Africa - Full Harmony

Africa - High

Africa - Middle

Africa - Low

Roar - Full Harmony

Roar - High

Roar - Middle

Roar - Low

This is Me - High.mp3

This Is Me - Middles.mp3

This Is Me - LOW.mp3

This Is Me - All Parts.mp3