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Group 1 - Mr McMullen

Riley S, Will K, Alex T, Faith M, Emilia T, Katie M, Harriet H, Gracie B, Olivia W, Adele W, Ruby B 


Our last day began with the Tree Trek activity. Children were attached to a line and had to make their way through obstacle courses set out in the trees (just like Go Ape!). At the end of the course, children had to zip line their way across to the finish. Once children had been around the course once, they had the opportunity to do it again without using hands and then even blindfolded!

The last activity of the trip was the fan descender. After a lot of peer pressure, Mr McMullen was first to make the climb up to the fan descender and jump off. All children climbed at least half way up the fan descender and bravely jumped up! A fantastic effort! 

Well done to all of the children in group 1 for being so resilient over the week! You should be immensely proud of yourself!


The first activity for the second day was archery. 

After a hearty breakfast, Group 1's first activity was archery. Children learned the optimal technique for shooting an arrow and had a few practice rounds before playing some archery games! Alex was the first in the group to hit gold. In the balloon popping round, both Katie and Ruby managed to pop the balloons for their team! In the final knock out game, children had to score higher than the player in front of them otherwise they would be knocked out! Millie managed to be the last remaining player making her the winner!

Our second activity of the day was Abseiling. Children had to make their way up many flights of stairs to reach the top of the tower. They were then clipped on to two ropes, a safety rope and a rope that controlled the speed of their descent. 

Olivia, Adele, Gracie, Ruby and Millie walked to the top and very bravely leaned back over the drop. Will, Harriet, Katie, Riley, Faith and Alex managed to effortlessly abseil down like they were in the Special Forces!

After lunch, the group headed down to the crate stack activity. Working as a team, the children had to help the two in the middle who were balancing on the crates by belaying and stacking the crates underneath them higher and higher. Well done to Alex and Will who managed to match to what I believe is a Westacre high score of 16 crates! A fantastic effort!

Our final activity of the day was the dual zip line. Children first of all zipped across the field individually and then as a pair! Well done to Gracie for picking up the courage and bravely completing the zip wire!

Children are now looking forward to our evening activity where we will be singing and melting marshmallows around a campfire!


First activity activity today was the indoor climb! 

Monday’s activities

Group 1 have had an exciting first day at Blackwell starting off with the Indoor Climb where children learned how to belay and climb various artificial walls. Later on in the morning, children attempted to reach the top of a telephone pole in the High All Aboard challenge!
After lunch children cooled off with a leisurely swim and then finished off the day with a few games of laser tag in the woods! A very exciting first day for Group 1!