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Group 1

Group 1




This morning, we were with Mrs Adey in the Studio to cook pizzas. While half cooked, the others drafted their pizza boxes and then created the actual boxes. 




Today was another active day. We started with Orienteering where we split into two groups to complete each activity. In pairs, we used the whole of the school grounds to locate the clues.

Forest School


Then we went outside to work with Mrs Kirkby in forest school. Again, we were split into two groups- one did a scavenger hunt and the other forest school - then swapped over.  


Today was an active day - we started with yoga with Mrs Trevitt, then completed our art work before walking to the Leisure centre to take part in our first session of the week.

When we came back, we played board games - we needed that calm time!



Team building and parachute play

Today’s first activity was working as a team and communicating together. They were split into two groups, one to play with the parachute and work on team communication and the other on team building.




The group spent some time with Mrs Bird then look at photography. They used canva to create some collages using their choice of photographs

Library visit 


This afternoon, the group walked to the library in Droitwich. The team there put on a treasure hunt around the library and then enrolled all those who had applied for membership. Children could then search for a book and borrow up to three! 


Film Making


Group 1s first activity is Film Making.  They have been challenged to create a short film using an inanimate object to show us around Westacre. Some have chosen water bottles, glue sticks or footballs to lead the viewer around school. We are lookimg forward to seeing the end results! 


This afternoon, we  tried weaving for the first time. We had to learn about WEFT (to the left) and WARP threads, then used straws to guide us as we made bracelets. The skills of knotting, weaving and joining threads really challenged us!!