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Group 3 - Miss Stewart

Wyatt E, Harry B, Gyozo M, Genius C, Ava B, Ruby K, Orlaith R, JJ B-H, Lauren H, Lexy P, Penelope H


Our final day was absolutely brilliant. Group 3 began the day with the zip line. 

Every single person, had at least 2 turns (with some bargaining) going down, which made me so proud! Covering such a distance, at a good height was no easy task, but they all did amazingly well. It was lovely that the children had a chance to go individually or alongside a partner. This led to some rock, paper scissors games, lots of giggling and mid-air conversations. 

It was during this activity that one of our members announced that he loved Blackwell so much, that he didn't want to leave. High praise indeed.

We finished our time away with the most challenging activity of all: abseiling. 

Everyone made it to the top of the platform, which was incredible considering how high it was, and most people went down the abseil itself, showing new found skills. Lots of the group wished they could have another go and decided it wasn't as scary as it looked. 

Finally, it was off to lunch and then home. 

It has been a truly amazing 3 days for Group 3 and we have loved every moment of it. Well done team, you were all brilliant! 


Group 3 and 4 have started the day in the pool, playing with different equipment and showing off their swimming skills. 

Today has been full of different activities for Group 3. After a musical wake up call, it was off to breakfast. Then our first session was swimming. Frisbees, balls and pool noodles were all flying through the air, as everyone enjoyed themself in the pool. Even when it seemed to get a little colder, the fun didn’t stop. 

Then it was on to laser tag. We fought valiantly against Group 4, with General Harry at the front. He organised the ranks brilliantly and we were able to keep the opposition back. Special mention to Lauren, who gained great ground and Lexy, who managed to carry out  multiple sneak attacks. 

After lunch, we headed on to the Tree Trek, an obstacle course in the trees, where everyone had a go and some even took on challenges. Orlaith was very entertaining, screaming her way down the small zipwire, Ava was excellent when attempting the metal slide, and Ruby managed to slither through the tunnel in record time. But the most amazing part was Penelope losing her shoe in the high ropes and had to have it thrown back up to her! 

Finally, it was onto the ‘High All Aboard’: a platform that the children have to climb up to and balance on in 3s or 4s. Gyozo, Wyatt and Genius flew up to the top. JJ did amazingly well on her climb and in supporting others. 

It has been yet another amazing day and we’re sad that we only have tomorrow morning left to go. 


The first activity today was ‘Fan Descender’.

Group 3 have had an amazing first day here at Blackwell. We started off with the 'Fan Descender', where the children had to scale a great height using narrow, metal rungs, until they reached a narrow platform. From there, they had to take a step off as a leap of faith. We were so proud of every single one of our group members, who all reached the top and came down in various 'styles' before reaching the floor. Gyozo was very impressive with his climbing skills, Orlaith surprised us all with her very vocal way of descending, and Lexy was a fantastic cheerleader, supporting the whole group. 

Then it was on to the 'Crate Stack' where children had to support each others' lines as 2 member climbed on crates that were stacked below. Wyatt did an excellent job of adding crates at a higher level, and Lauren, JJ, Penelope, Genius and Ava showed excellent team working skills on the stacks.

After lunch, it was off to the indoor climb, where Harry worked amazingly well to get high up the wall, and Ruby looked like a pro. 

We finished off our group activities with archery, where everyone worked really hard to improve their aim and some even managed to hit near the centre of the target and pop balloons. 

What an amazing first day! We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.